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Otherworld Game

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Author: a fox
  • Chapters: 179
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 189
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


Inheriting the legacy of the underworld patriarch, Lu Wu recently found himself in deep distress. Despite bearing the honorary title of "Fu Jun" (Mansion Lord), his ancestral inheritance turned out to be nothing more than an empty accolade. Shockingly, the patriarch not only left Lu Wu with no tangible assets but also faced a complete betrayal from his once-loyal subordinates. These former allies seized control of the territories that rightfully belonged to him, leaving Lu Wu in a state of turmoil. Undeterred by the treachery he faced, Lu Wu decided to utilize the enigmatic artifacts developed by his ancestors for an extraordinary purpose. Driven by the determination to reclaim his lost legacy, he embarked on the creation of a gaming server. This server would serve as a conduit between the realms of the living and the dead, offering mortal players intricately designed main quests, challenging dungeons, captivating storylines, and lifelike NPCs. Empowered by the collective strength of the gaming community, Lu Wu initiated an unconventional conquest, seamlessly blending the supernatural with virtual reality. The unwitting players became his allies in a quest to regain control over the territories usurped by the traitors. As the boundaries between reality and fantasy blurred, Lu Wu's journey unfolded as a captivating odyssey of retribution and redemption. In this enthralling amalgamation of the supernatural and the virtual, join Lu Wu as he forms alliances, confronts formidable foes, and unravels the mysteries of the underworld legacy. The stage is set for an adventure that transcends the boundaries between worlds, as the realms of the living and the dead converge in an exhilarating and unpredictable journey.

The legacy of the ancestral patriarch

"Wait, let me get this straight. You're telling me that my ancestor conquered a territory in the underworld, became one of the twelve Lords of the Underworld, and now that he's dead, I'm supposed to inherit his legacy?" In a park in Jialan City, Lu Wu looked utterly bewildered as he stared at the little girl sitting on a small stool, her expression unusually serious.

"More precisely, you not only inherit the legacy but also need to find a way to avenge your ancestor. After his death, his former subordinates betrayed him, dividing and looting the territory that rightfully belongs to you!" The girl's eyes sparkled with seriousness.

Lu Wu chuckled, "Kid, have you been watching too many fantasy movies? You remind me of my middle school days."

"I'm not joking. Your ancestor was once one of the most powerful beings in the underworld. To continue expanding his realm and unify the entire underworld, he died in the experiment of creating a war artifact. So, you must inherit his will, unite the underworld, and become the Emperor of the Underworld!"

This time, Lu Wu nodded solemnly and reached out to ruffle the girl's head. "How about coming with me? Be my right-hand person. Together, we'll conquer the underworld and then move on to the heavens, becoming the rulers of all three realms!"

Upon hearing this, the little girl suddenly became excited. With flushed cheeks, she nodded vigorously. "Alright! Brother, tell me where you live. I'll contact you once I gather the troops."

With a puzzled expression, Lu Wu responded, "Don't you have any doubts? Don't you want to verify if I believe you?"

"Of course you believe me," Lu Wu reassured her. "In the next few days, I'll call Qin Shihuang to borrow tens of thousands of troops. We'll make our way to the underworld!"

Upon hearing this, the little girl stood up from the small stool. Using her head, she fiercely bumped into Lu Wu's chest. "You deceived me! How could you deceive me!"

Lu Wu quickly pushed the girl away, looking at her with a bewildered expression. "Come with me; I'll take you home."

"Go where?"

"To the underworld!"

Lu Wu sighed, "Child, think twice about it."

Ignoring his advice, the little girl raised her head proudly, her fangs showing as she began to grind them again.

Then, she took out a black object from her pocket and shoved it into Lu Wu's hand. "This is a Yin Talisman. With this, you can travel between the living and the dead."

It was a triangular talisman with a metallic texture, adorned with twisted runes. Lu Wu couldn't help but examine it closely. Before he could ask if she bought it online, the girl grabbed his hand and started chanting.

Suddenly, a dark spot appeared in Lu Wu's vision, rapidly expanding and pulling him in. A sense of weightlessness followed, and in the next moment, he was thrown onto the ground.

The dim sky, churning dark clouds, and a hazy blood moon hanging high—all greeted Lu Wu. The blood-colored rain fell gently, painting the scene in an eerie ambiance.

Realizing he had truly crossed over, Lu Wu turned to look at the little girl. "Everything you said is true?"

The girl proudly announced, "Welcome to North Qi, your ancestor's domain, one of the twelve domains of the underworld!"

This time, Lu Wu truly believed her, "So, I'm the new Lord now? A ruler of the underworld?"

"Yes! You're the new King of North Qi. But before that, you must figure out how to reclaim the lost territory."

Thinking about what the girl mentioned earlier—how the territory was seized by those who betrayed his ancestor—Lu Wu's expression turned stern. "That's a must. Those scoundrels who betrayed my ancestor must be punished. So, did my ancestor leave behind any peerless techniques or treasures?"

The girl shook her head, "Not really. After your ancestor's death, they betrayed him, and besides this house, you have nothing."

Lu Wu clenched his fists in frustration. "Then, I'll just use a hammer to reclaim my ancestor's territory!"

The girl disagreed, "No, you still have me!"

Surprised, Lu Wu asked, "Are you strong?"

The girl pointed to the visibly burned and almost abandoned palace. "I fought a ghost once, and I almost got eaten. It was terrifying!"

Lu Wu sighed; his inherited legacy turned out to be a combat-deficient Loli. He wondered how she managed in the underworld.

Seeing his disappointed expression, the girl took out a ring from her pocket. "Your grandfather died in the final stages of creating the War Artifact. I helped him complete the last step, so you have this artifact."

Taking the blue-glowing, hollow ring, Lu Wu asked, "Is this thing powerful?"

The girl nodded vigorously, "Very powerful! With this artifact, you can create immortal soldiers using the omnipresent Yin energy. As long as souls exist, their bodies can be replaced at any time, achieving near-immortality."

However, there was a condition: they needed to control a sufficient number of souls to command countless immortal soldiers. Lu Wu was curious and asked

, "Where do we find a bunch of souls?"

To his surprise, the girl seemed stunned, and tears welled up in her eyes. "Why didn't I think of that? Without souls, this artifact seems useless!"

Rubbing the girl's head comfortingly, Lu Wu was about to offer some words of consolation when a sudden inspiration struck him. "By the way, are you also the developer of this artifact?"

The girl nodded, puzzled. Lu Wu then suggested, "Can you add a function to the artifact?"

She looked at him questioningly. Lu Wu took out the Yin Talisman and shook it in front of her. "Incorporate the function of this item."

"It's not difficult, but what's the use?" The girl wiped away her tears.

"Do you know what I do in real life?" Lu Wu asked.

The girl pulled out a small book from her pocket, reading aloud, "Lu Wu, 23 years old, the 365th descendant of North Qi King, three years into entrepreneurship, still a loser, runs a small gaming website with almost zero traffic, still single..."

Lu Wu quickly stopped her reading. "You know, I work in the gaming industry. Can we enrich the functionality of this artifact, for example, to allow ordinary people from the living world to enter the underworld through a gaming experience? They can become our immortal soldiers. If the game becomes popular, we can have countless warriors!"

The girl's eyes lit up, "Great idea! And if their bodies die, we can easily reconstruct new bodies, just like resurrection in a game!"

Lu Wu was surprised at how quickly she grasped the essence of the idea. "Have you played games before?"

"Ha, I'm a veteran World of Warcraft player, you know! Been playing for over 300 years!" The girl proudly declared.

Lu Wu was speechless; he hadn't expected the girl to be so old.

"But this is a big project. We need a complete gaming system, including quests, a store, dungeons, professions, and more," Lu Wu expressed his concern.

"I'll take care of that. The War Artifact's purpose is not just to create immortal soldiers; it can also condense various things using Yin energy and soul power. It can be used to craft all sorts of game equipment and store items in the marketplace," the girl confidently replied.

"What is soul power?" Lu Wu inquired.

"Soul power is the first criterion to measure the strength of an underworld creature. It's equivalent to the spiritual power in the bodies of practitioners. When an underworld creature dies, its soul power disperses. It's a higher-level existence than Yin energy," she explained.

Lu Wu brightened up, "Can we allow players to extract and absorb the soul power of other underworld creatures when they kill them? If we can do that, players can level up in the game!"

"No problem!" The girl patted her chest confidently.

"However, it would be best if we could take a cut when players kill monsters. Because soul power can accelerate your cultivation speed, and it can also be used to rebuild the North Qi King's palace. The main purpose is to serve as rewards for task assignments," Lu Wu proposed.

The girl agreed, "How about 30%?"

They both chuckled, striking a deal.

Setting Up a Server

"Say it and do it. After determining the direction, Beili (Little Lolita) led Lu Wu into the ruins of the North Qi King's Palace. Beside a charred pillar, she opened a hidden door, revealing a passage leading underground.

Entering, Lu Wu realized that it was incredibly vast below, resembling an underground palace. The place was filled with various peculiar instruments, resembling a laboratory. With Little Lolita's explanation, Lu Wu understood that this was the place where ancestors developed artifacts, and Beili was the only assistant involved in the entire development of this artifact.

Stepping into the laboratory, Little Lolita's expression became extremely serious. After making Lu Wu wait for a moment, she changed into a full-body metal suit, received the war ring from Lu Wu, and started moving around various instruments.

During this time, Beili inspected the ring thoroughly with tools such as hammers, electric drills, b


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