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Supreme fairies and demons

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In the wake of profound silence, Shuro, a visionary bard, embarks on a literary odyssey post-cosmic stillness, unfurling a chapter in the cultivation civilization's intricate tapestry. With an unwavering determination to attain unparalleled enlightenment, Shuro skillfully crafts narratives against the backdrop of a mortal realm's celestial dynasty, the desolation of the underworld's citadel, the ethereal court of the Nine Heavens, the enigmatic sanctuary of the demonic sect, and the ten major celestial professions. In this intricate dance of conflicting forces, prodigies emerge, blurring the line between immortality and demonhood, as potent celestial vocations proliferate, casting the Nine Heavens into a tempest of turmoil. Hailing from remote realms, the young scion Shuro of the Tera Dynasty was once a modest ward of a minor estate, ensnared in a web of deceit that implicated him in an affair with the renowned beauty of the imperial capital. On the precipice of life and death, he stumbles upon a forbidden foundational dark art, a practice dismissed even by the discerning gaze of the Nine Heavens Demon Lord. Thus begins Shuro's saga—forged in the crucible of adversity, his destiny entwined with cosmic conflicts of celestial and demonic forces. As the architect of realms, Shuro breathes life into a world where the sublime and the profane dance in unison, transcending the boundaries of conventional cultivation literature. Welcome to his universe, where the allure of the unknown meets the craftsmanship of a storyteller navigating the vast expanse of the literary cosmos.

Chapter 1 - The Sovereign of Nine Dragons

After the deep autumn, the first snowfall swiftly arrived, a flurry of swan feathers blanketing the Caelius Capital. Children, donned in thick cotton coats, played and frolicked on the frozen surface, while the expansive Rouge River turned into an icy river. The intense cold brought by this snowfall surpassed all previous years. To prevent a snow disaster, the Tera Dynasty's ruler spared no expense, dispatching a hundred carriages to summon immortal practitioners from the Solitary Moon Mountain. In the Caelius Capital, they conducted rituals and cast spells, invoking blessings for the people spanning thousands of miles.

The ensuing event plunged the entire nation into turmoil. The immortals from the Solitary Moon Mountain, after performing their celestial rituals, declared their intention to recruit disciples in the Caelius Capital. These were beings capable of controlling winds and rain, transmuting stones into gold—celestial practitioners with a lifespan equal to that of the heavens! Becoming a disciple meant not only bringing glory to one's ancestors but also elevating the family's status in the Tera Dynasty significantly.

The prospects of becoming disciples of these esteemed celestial practitioners were listed, and ranked based on strength and reputation, with a subsequent ranking on the Jade Rankings. In the Caelius Capital, within the York family's secondary residence, young Shuro, once an inconspicuous scion of the Tera Dynasty, found himself implicated in a scandal with the reputed beauty of the imperial city during a life-and-death crisis. He discovered a forbidden cultivation technique overlooked by the Demon Lord of the Nine Heavens.

The winds howled as snow danced in the courtyard of the Caelius Capital. Moonlight cascaded like water into the Azure Cloud Hall. Finally, the elder at the head of the hall slowly opened his eyes, sparks flickering within. He thundered, "Wretch! Truly despicable! The face of my family's lineage has been utterly disgraced by this young animal!"

With a single yell, the accumulated snow and ice outside the hall retreated three feet. The once-frozen courtyard melted into boiling water, rising as strands of white vapor into the night sky. The middle-aged man on the right side of the hall, with a slight change in expression, approached the elder, arching his hand and smiling, "The master's cultivation is unfathomable, rivaling even the head of the family. A breakthrough into the realm of free-roaming immortals is imminent. I admire you, sir."

As he spoke, the man walked towards the center of the hall, his gaze fixed on the young man whose fate hung in the balance. This young man, named Shuro, fifteen years old today, was previously an obscure illegitimate son of the York family.

"The main residence and the secondary residence have always been united, and harmonious in their relationship. However, this Shuro has jeopardized that unity. I will take this young animal back to the main residence for the family head's judgment."

The Azure Cloud Hall, vast and spacious, required only twenty steps to traverse from one side to the center. The man's swift and fierce actions, with a flicker of golden crow-like shadows between his fingers, grabbed at the young man's spine!

At that moment, Shuro awoke, lifting his head to witness the approaching claw shadows. Unable to move, he remembered being injured and captured, realizing that the assailant was the person now attacking him.

This evildoer clearly intends to put me in a life-or-death situation!

Shuro raised his head, his eyes no longer confused, but rather, filled with determination and a fierce expression. Sealed acupoints rendered him speechless, unable to move, only able to stare at his assailant with an intense, almost predatory gaze.

In the elder's eyes, a faint surprise appeared. It seemed he hadn't expected such resilience from an illegitimate son.

From the left side of the hall came a delicate shout, "Hold on."

Despite the interruption, the attacker, Pang Guan, continued without pause. A purple light, swift as lightning, shot from the left side of the hall. Pang Guan's face revealed regret as his body turned into an ethereal flame, dodging the purple light and flying backward, reverting to his original form upon landing.

Sevenfold Escape Technique!

On a normal day, Shuro would have marveled, but today, with his life on the line, he could not pay attention to anything else.

The flight landed in front of Shuro, transforming into a tall and beautiful woman. Shuro recognized her—her name was Faithe, one of the third young masters of the York family. According to seniority, Shuro had to address her as an aunt.

"Young Master, what is your intention? At this point, do you still wish to defend this beast?" Pang Guan's triangular eyes flashed with malice, venomously glancing at Faithe's ample bosom, and sneering, "Even if Shuro is a member of the York family, he's nothing more than a beast. Moreover, these words coming from you, Faithe, I'm afraid lack the qualification."

The lady spoke lightly, "Regardless of Shuro's actions, he is still a member of the York family. When did it become your place, a mere servant, to pass judgment on him? Moreover, these words coming from you, Pang Guan, are probably not justified."

Pang Guan chuckled, "Pang once had a shady past, but under the guidance of the Third Young Master, I have reformed long ago. As for Shuro, he is truly despicable and wicked! Even I can't bear to witness his deeds!"

Turning towards the elder at the head of the hall, Pang Guan continued, "Shuro, guilty of obscene acts with the lady, evidence is conclusive. We should strip him of his cultivation and take him back to the main residence for judgment! These are the orders of the family head. Our young master is busy preparing for the old lady's birthday banquet, so he sent me to take care of this matter. I hope the master..."

Before Pang Guan could finish, he was interrupted.

"Shuro, is this true?" The elder waved his hand, unlocking Shuro's acupoints from a distance, asking without expression.

On the right side of the Azure Cloud Hall, the members of the secondary residence focused their gaze on Shuro. If not for this incident, they would have remained unaware of this illegitimate son within their ranks.

The defiant gaze of the young man, his calm composure facing the Sevenfold Escape Technique, impressed them, revealing a bold spirit. Considering Shuro's actions, however, they found some understanding.

In the strictly hierarchical Tera Dynasty, to violate ethical norms and molest a lady of high standing was an act deemed unforgivable!

Moreover, the "lady" in question was the renowned young lady of the York family, highly esteemed in the Caelius Capital, possessing a noble status far beyond ordinary.

Shuro, falsely accused and severely injured, had harbored resentment for an undeserved calamity. The person responsible for framing and defaming him was John, the illustrious third young master of the main residence.

"In the Caelius Capital above the heavens, twelve floors, five cities. Do you know that the name of your Caelius Capital is derived from this poem?"

A strange voice echoed, somewhat untimely. Shuro was puzzled, "Who are you?”

The voice fell silent for a moment as if pondering, "You may address me as the Nine-Dragon Sovereign."

Sovereign of Nine Dragons? Shuro made an effort to recall, but after a while, he gave up. This name was not only unheard and unseen but also peculiarly abstruse, unlike a title used in the Tera Dynasty.

How did he appear in my mind? What does he intend to do?

"Up to this moment, you manage to maintain composure. Your courage, indeed, is admirable," the man spoke in a calm tone, his voice mellifluous like a gentle breeze, evoking an imperceptible sense of goodwill. "I harbor no ill intentions toward you. Not only without malice, but I also extend a modest courtesy."

He can hear my thoughts!

Closing his eyes, Shuro once again saw the man. Clad in a gray robe with dragon and crane patterns, the man stood tall with an ancient countenance. Despite appearing to be in his thirties or forties, his temples were already sprinkled with silver, and his eyes revealed profound wisdom and worldly understanding. His aura was indescribable, captivating to the observer—like a towering mountain range, majestic and rugged, prompting an infinite sense of reverence.

Suddenly, a thought emerged, causing Shuro's heart to race.

"Are you from the Immortal Clan of Solitary Moon Mountain?" Shuro asked with anticipation.

The youths of Caelius Capital were all eager, awaiting the commencement of the Immortal Clan's selection, and Shuro was no exception. However, being a peripheral member of the York family, devoid of power and influence, with mediocre talents, he had just embarked on the rudiments of the York family's alchemy and martial arts.

Shuro was well aware that such opportunities were almost impossible for him to obtain. Even so, a thread of hope lingered deep within him.

"No," Nine-Dragon Sovereign replied expressionlessly.

At the mention of the "Immortal Clan," a cold sneer briefly curved his lips before vanishing, as if he disdained even acknowledging it.

Disappointed, Shuro quickly regained his composure. He had grown accustomed to the fact that such opportunities were reserved for the legitimate heirs of the prestigious main branch of the family. As a junior from a secondary residence, his position was only slightly higher than that of an internal guard, unless he possessed exceptional talent.

"However, what the Immortal Clan can offer you, I can offer you as well," Nine-Dragon Sovereign's voice drifted in.

Shuro remained silent, wearing an expression of disbelief.

A hint of contempt flashed in Nine-Dragon Sovereign's eyes, a disdain akin to an eagle looking down on an ant. A cultivator at the Foundation Establishment realm, a mere existence easily extinguishable with a snap of his fingers, was now being equated with the Immortal Clan by these ignorant mortals—a truly ironic situation.

In the past, he would have found this intolerable!

"I am always true to my word. What the Immortal Clan can provide you—be it strength, longevity, or glory—I can provide you and even more. At that time, whether you become the family head of a distinguished clan, a king ruling over the people, or a so-called immortal, all will bow at your feet."

Nine-Dragon Sovereign's voice carried a tempting allure. For a young man trapped in dire circumstances, holding onto hope, the lure of power and influence was irresistible.

A prolonged silence ensued.

After a while, Shuro's voice resounded steadily, "No gain without effort. Why would you help me?"

Nine-Dragon Sovereign was secretly surprised. The youth was in an extremely perilous situation, truly facing a life-and-death crisis. Any assistance would be a lifesaving straw. In such a situation, the young man remained vigilant, resistant to temptation, displaying a resilience beyond his expectations.

He thought this young man was just bold, but his thoughts were far more meticulous than anticipated.

"I don't mind telling you; I've been framed by villains. My physical body has been destroyed, and what you see is just a trace of my divine consciousness."

"At present, I urgently need to nourish my divine consciousness and recondense it into a divine soul. The best place for nurturing the divine consciousness is the Divine Consciousness Sea. Stranded here, and with a connection to you, I intend to borrow your Divine Consciousness Sea."

Shuro listened quietly. Terms like "divine consciousness" and "Divine Consciousness Sea" were new and intriguing to him, but he sensed something amiss.

Not giving Shuro a chance to ponder deeply, Nine-Dragon Sovereign continued, "I won't mistreat you. If you are willing to lend me your Divine Consciousness Sea, I promise, no, I will sign a contract with you. Within three years, I will ensure you become the foremost figure in Caelius Capital. Overcoming the current crisis is simply a trivial matter."

Upon hearing this, Shuro fell into deeper silence. Seeing his prey lingering on the edge of the trap, not falling in, a hint of fierceness flashed in Nine-Dragon Sovereign's eyes. This was a precarious moment. He only had a strand of divine consciousness, extremely weak and on the verge of dissipating into the world. He claimed to want to use Shuro's Divine Consciousness Sea for cultivation, but in reality, he had only one intention—to cease Shuro's body.

Observing Shuro for a long time, Nine-Dragon Sovereign found that the host of this body unexpectedly possessed a willpower surpassing ordinary youths. In his current weakened state, forcibly seizing the body might not succeed. However, if he could entice Shuro to open his Divine Consciousness Sea without defense, he could easily consume Shuro's soul and take over his body.

"I've been disabled in my Qi Core. How can you make me believe you?" Shuro finally spoke.

A hint of disgust and anger flashed in Nine-Dragon Sovereign's eyes. He felt a sensation akin to spitting blood. He hadn't expected Shuro to be so difficult. Initially surprised at first, he grew calmer as time passed. At this moment, Shuro was still discussing conditions.

"Close your eyes and elevate your thoughts to your brow," Nine-Dragon Sovereign restrained the resentment in his heart. As one of the formidable figures in the Nine Heavens Realm, he had weathered many storms. Facing Shuro, a mere teenage mortal, was nothing to him.

Shuro closed his eyes and followed the instructions, concentrating all his thoughts between his eyebrows.

In the next moment, Shuro's brow felt scorching hot, as if a blazing fire was burning. Unable to suppress it, he let out a loud cry. Something strange occurred.

A fine crack appeared at the center of Shuro's brow, and a white light shot out from the fissure, extending toward the distance.

Shuro saw the two bronze lions at the gate of the York family's secondary residence, the snow-covered Dragon Spring Street in the West District, and the northern suburbs of Caelius Capital. His gaze continued to fly forward, passing through Caelius Capital, crossing countless lands, until he reached a magnificent palace. There, Shuro saw a beautiful girl emerging like a lotus flower from the hot spring.

The girl lay in the steaming jade pool, surrounded by four palace maids. Amidst the mist, with a swan-like neck, ivory-like skin, long and smooth thighs, and a pair of well-rounded jade rabbits on her chest, including the peculiar mark on the peak of her jade maiden peak, everything was vividly displayed in Shuro's sight.

After a while, the girl was about to sit up, and Shuro's heartbeat quickened. As he anticipated the unveiling of her true appearance, Nine-Dragon Sovereign's untimely voice sounded, "Satisfied?".The image disappeared, and Shuro opened his eyes, feeling somewhat regretful.

"This is the Divine Vision technique. When your cultivation reaches a certain realm, you can open the Divine Eye to gaze upon the heavens and the earth. Of course, I'm just letting you experience it prematurely and haven't truly opened your Divine Eye," Nine-Dragon Sovereign explained.

"This ability surpasses the so-called Immortal Clan, doesn't it?","Hmph, the Nine Heavens Dao is supreme. What you cultivate, the Qi Core is just a lower-level Dao. Losing the Qi Core is a great fortune."

"Young man, why hesitate any longer? Once missed, the opportunity may never present itself again." Shuro clenched his fist, though the lingering sense of unease persisted, he had become indifferent. At this juncture, he had nothing left to lose.

"Very well." Shuro closed his eyes. A faint smile emerged on Nine-Dragon Sovereign's lips, gradually spreading across his countenance."Relax your mind, and use your thoughts to guide me from the other side. Let us forge a covenant." Nine-Dragon Sovereign pointed down, addressing Shuro.

Gazing intently at Shuro, Nine-Dragon Sovereign's face revealed a serene and contented expression. As long as he reached the sea of thoughts, he was confident of devouring Shuro's soul.

Once again, an ominous premonition arose from the depths of Shuro's heart. Suddenly, a gentle breeze arrived, bringing with it shadows of memories. In these fragmented scenes, a silver-haired figure emerged from a sea of corpses, surrounded by broken cities and piles of white bones. The silver-haired figure, Nine-Dragon Sovereign, lifted his head, displaying a sinister and ruthless visage unlike the one Shuro had previously witnessed.

In an instant, Shuro's heart leaped to his throat! Swiftly raising his head, Shuro saw the Nine-Dragon Sovereign with a smiling face. His smile exuded a chilling aura, and his eyes were devoid of the previous warmth.

"Snap!" In the final step, Nine-Dragon Sovereign crossed the gap and stepped onto the sea of thoughts. Shuro's expression turned increasingly grim; he wasn't a fool and understood that he had been deceived.

"Haha, persistent little rascal. Your will may be as resolute as iron, but it's futile against me. Unfortunately, your temperament suits my cultivation. In the past, I might have shown some leniency."

"In youth, one often experiences frivolity and indulgence. Oh, how I suddenly miss the exuberance of youth. I now claim your life, and everything you missed shall be acquired by me, including your enchanting sister-in-law. Since everyone believes you dishonored her, I shall take advantage of the situation. Haha!"

"From now on, the name Shuro will become the envy of men throughout the entire Tera Dynasty."

Arrogant laughter resounded, followed by a wave of power that made Shuro's soul shudder, like a volcano erupting or a bloodthirsty mouth about to devour him.

Feeling himself being swallowed by an alien force, on the brink of disappearing from this world, Shuro realized the depth of his reluctance and discontent.

Reluctant to lose the youthful years that had not yet begun.

Discontented with a life that started and ended in mediocrity.

"NO!" Shuro roared.

His consciousness had already blurred, yet an unknown force emerged, momentarily breaking free from the strange force's restraint. In this moment, he saved the last vestige of his consciousness! A white light descended from the "heavens," transforming into a winged behemoth with a fierce glare, roaring towards Nine-Dragon Sovereign.

"What is this!" Nine-Dragon Sovereign was taken aback, then his teeth creaked and creaked. Disbelief surfaced on his face. "How is this possible?! How could this brat possess the Celestial Mark talisman? It was not in his memories!"

"Even sages and saints cannot kill me! To think I'd be defeated by such a mundane youth who knows nothing of cultivation!"

"Time and fate!"

Although Nine-Dragon Sovereign was a vile character, he was also an unparalleled figure in the world. He could take matters lightly. In his prime, even ten thousand of these Celestial Mark talismans would not have withstood a flick of his finger. However, now reduced to a strand of consciousness, he was utterly powerless.

Glancing at Shuro, who teetered on the verge of falling into the sea of thoughts, Nine-Dragon Sovereign felt a surge of excitement.

"It's not over yet! I am not defeated! A young person with an unyielding will and the fortune to survive great adversity, coupled with my three thousand mystical arts... Haha, marvelous, marvelous! As long as I don't die, one day you will be discovered by them."

Three laughter bursts echoed as Nine-Dragon Sovereign embraced the descending white dragon, roaring as he leaped into the sea of thoughts. Like snowflakes falling into boiling water, they melted in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 2 - Nine Deaths to Reborn Technique

The resonant chime echoed in the air as the copper coin slipped from the grasp of Shuro's neck, splitting into two distinct pieces. Its obverse bore the character "CHEN," while the reverse showcased an intricate pattern.

As Shuro's fingertips grazed the copper coin, the residual warmth lingered. He widened his eyes, momentarily lost in thought. It was this very coin that saved him in the final moment.

"Tynche Continental..." His gaze shifted to the "CHEN" character on the coin's front, and unfamiliar memories flowed through Shuro's mind—memories inherited from Nine-Dragon Sovereign. Tynche Continental, the legendary land formed at the tail of the sea after the first fall of the stars, had accumulated over ten thousand years, creating an endless expanse of land.

It was the most mystical place in the Nine Heavens, abundant in spiritual energy, enjoying unparalleled advantages for countless millennia without any loss.


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