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My Love From The Mortuary

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Author: Leto
  • Chapters: 17
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Emily is of Reth descent, she is responsible for protecting moonstone after her father when he will 22 years old. But she knows nothing about it. Aldwin is a man from the afterworld because he is dead. Aldwin died in an accident and he was very excited before he died. So whether Aldwin is not alive or not dead, he becomes a monster. Because of this negative energy in Aldwin, he becomes addicted to gaining power and being the strongest. Which is why he needed the Moonstone that Emily has. And to gain Moonstone power Aldwin has to get Emily's love. Then, with the arrival of Aldwin in Emily's life, she gradually fell in love with Aldwin. But Aldwin leaves Emily on their wedding day. Why did Aldwin leave Emily on their wedding day? Will Emily forgive him or hate him and want to take revenge on him? Or will her hatred and vengeance for Aldwin be a hindrance to Eda and Emir's love after 22 years? Will Eda and Emir be able to protect their love from all the evil forces in the world?

The boy

"I'm a monster," said Aldwin.

"What are you saying, Aldwin? Am I kidding you? What am I asking?" Emir asked angrily.

Aldwin was furious. He had been trying to convince Emir for an hour, but the boy had promised not to listen to him today. "Why do you keep talking nonsense?" Emir said. "These weird, fabricated stories. How can you say something like that?"

Aldwin had known Emir for a year. Emir had saved his family, the only family he had left. Emir lived with his sister and brother-in-law, but he often came to see Aldwin. However, Aldwin had never revealed his true identity to Emir. He had told him that he stayed away from his family, and that they thought he had died in an accident. Recently, Emir had rescued Aldwin from wolves, but he still didn't realize that Aldwin was not human. Aldwin had been attacked many times in the past year, as Emir knew. So this time, Emir insisted on knowing everything about him. Why were there repeated attempts on his life? Why did his family think he was dead? What had happened to make him leave his girlfriend on their wedding day?

After answering Emir's questions, Aldwin said, "I am the Monster. Emily's father was of the Reth clan, and their descendants are the protectors of the Monster. It was Emily's father's responsibility for so long, but after 22 years, the responsibility falls to Emily. It was my responsibility to make sure that Emily loved me so that I could get the Moonstone from her. With the strength of the Moonstone, my Nation can be the strongest in the world."

Emir was annoyed. "I have to go home early today," he said before Aldwin could finish.

"Fine, go," Aldwin said.

Aldwin knew that Emir didn't believe him. Who would believe such a strange story.

On the other hand, Emily tells Eda the story of her and Aldwin's love. Today, Emily's mind is so troubled that sharing their story with Eda might help her feel better. Emily remembers Aldwin fondly and wonders why she's feeling so bad today.

"What's wrong with me, today,"mily thought to herself. Just then, Eda called, bringing her back to reality.

"Sister, can you tell me what's bothering you? Why did Aldwin leave you?" Eda asked, concerned.

Eda has a beautiful life, with opportunities to study and wear nice clothes. Emily doesn't let many people get close to her, but Eda is an exception. Everyone calls Emily a vampire, but in the past few years, Eda has learned that she's a woman who appears tough on the outside but cries herself to sleep every night, longing for her lost love. She seeks revenge and power, aided by the Moonstone.

When Aldwin arrived, Emily was only sixteen years old. One winter night, she noticed the curtains of her window shaking at two o'clock in the morning. Despite the lack of air in the room, the window curtains moved. Emily frowned, feeling uncomfortable for several days. She felt like someone was following her, maybe an invisible person. Emily paid attention to her assignment. She is pursuing Honors in English from a private institution. Emily's childhood was not like everyone else's. The relationship between her parents was very bitter, and unnecessary quarrels and abusive language were part of their daily routine. Emily had to bear all the suffering and would often retreat to the porch of her house, where she would listen to music on her headphones. At one point, Emily's mother asked for a divorce, which Mr. Reol granted without delay. Although Mr. Reol believed that a relationship that cannot be built should not be dragged on, he couldn't help but think about Emily when making the decision.

Now that Emily is grown up, the lack of a mother does not seem to have much of an effect on her. After completing her assignment, Emily shut down her laptop, knowing that she had a class at her university the next day. Midnight had passed as she typed away, and now she needed to sleep for at least two or three hours. However, despite drinking a cup of strong coffee, Emily found it difficult to fall asleep. In fact, the opposite happened, and she dozed off after drinking the coffee.

The next morning, Emily woke up feeling tired, with her hair tied up haphazardly. She peeked into her father's room and saw that he was sleeping, making strange noises with his nose. Emily couldn't help but smile at the thought of how funny it sounded. She then headed towards the kitchen, where she poured hot water into the oven. The south window was open, and as Emily stood in front of it, she felt as though someone was standing behind her, breathing on her neck. She closed her eyes and waited for the warmth of the breath to subside before turning around, but there was no one there. The water for the coffee had started boiling. She quickly poured some into a mug, added milk, coffee, and sugar, and went to her room. Closing the door, she got into bed and noticed that one side of her neck was numb. There was no redness or abnormality on her skin. So, what could be the reason for this? She thought about the incident that had happened in the kitchen.

It seemed like she had emotionally "run out of gas." As soon as she finished her coffee, she fell asleep. Turning off the lights, she quickly dozed off.

At six in the morning, the alarm clock started ringing. Emily woke up and sat up. She quickly noticed a mug of coffee under the bed with several dead ants floating in it. The ants were marching in a disciplined manner out of the old cupboard. Emily got up and left to freshen up. She didn't have time to waste on the ants as she had to be in class by 8 a.m.

Sitting quietly on the bench by the window, Emily enjoyed watching the foggy nature outside. Some children were burning something by the side of the road. She wanted to join them.

Suddenly, a woman's voice startled her. It was Jennifer, who sat down next to Emily and asked what was happening outside.

"Nothing much," Emily replied, "just some kids sitting by a beautiful fire."

Jennifer didn't seem interested and asked, "What's so significant about a goat's head?"

Emily smiled and said, "There is beauty in everything."

But Jennifer replied coldly, "After a few days, your eyes will find beauty even in ghosts."

Emily fell silent, wondering whether she should share last night's incident with Jennifer. Finally, in a low voice, she said,

"Well Jennifer, are there any ghosts on earth? Do you believe in them?" Emily asked."Well Jennifer, are there any ghosts on earth? Do you believe in them?" Emily asked.

"The matter is complicated. You may not want to believe in them, but sometimes you have to," Jennifer replied.

"Well, have you ever felt like there's someone in the room with you? Someone standing behind you, breathing?" Emily asked again.

Jennifer looked surprised and said, "What are you talking about?" Emily proceeded to tell the story of the night when she felt a presence in her house. Jennifer raised her eyebrows and said, "If I were you, I'd be scared to death."

"It was late at night, and I had locked my house before leaving for the university. Before getting on the rickshaw, I looked out the window of my house and saw someone standing behind the curtain. When I looked again, they were gone," Emily explained, putting her head on Jennifer's shoulder.

"For several days now, it feels like someone is following me. I can sense their presence. Sometimes they come very close, and I can feel the warmth of their breath."

Jennifer pulled Emily's cheek and said,

"It's better not to see them. What do you want to do now? Have you told uncle about this?"

"No, I haven't."

"What is the benefit of telling the father?,laughed and blew up.

"He doesn't believe in this at all," she said, looking down. Jennifer whispered in a low voice,

"Be careful. There is no truth to these ghosts. I saw in a movie how quickly their necks give way."

Emily giggled and continued to laugh, but Jennifer cautioned her weakly,

"Don't laugh." Emily pressed her face and said,"Ok."

After class, Emily returned home. The maid would come to Emily's house after one in the afternoon. Emily opened the window and then turned on the geyser before going into the bathroom. After finishing her shower and adjusting the water temperature, the light in the bathroom went out. Emily thought someone was behind her and closed her eyes in fear. Suddenly, she felt the touch of a cold hand from behind and her body began to tremble. Emily quickly left the bathroom, naked and wet. She stayed locked in her room for the rest of the day, not leaving without a special need. Within these four walls, she created her own world, choosing to keep herself captive. Emily knew it couldn't be someone from outside the house turning off the bathroom light. Mr. Reol was in his office and she was alone in the house.

Later that night, at nine o'clock, Emily woke up to close the window. There was a tree behind the east window, and she noticed someone standing under it. Although she couldn't see his face clearly, his eyes were fixed on Emily's window. Emily wondered why someone would stand under the mahogany tree at this time of night. Fearing the worst, she closed the window. It seemed that one unusual thing was happening after another. What if the same thing happened again tonight.

At that time, a sound of a metallic object falling from the corridor had startled Emily, who found herself in a dark corridor. Therefore, Emily had opened the torch on her phone. As she arrived at the midpoint of the corridor, she had seen a person standing in front of her. Emily had asked in a tremulous voice, "Who are you?" but no reply had been forthcoming. She had repeated her inquiry, "Who are you?"

Suddenly, a gust of wind had begun to blow from nowhere. The figure standing in front of Emily had started moving toward her at a gradual pace. Emily had taken two steps back, and her eyes had welled up with fear. In a narrow voice, she had asked, "What do you want? Why are you following me?"

As the figure had neared Emily, the wind had intensified. Her phone had fallen from her grasp and had turned off. The room light had burst with a deafening noise. The entire house had become dark, and Emily's back had been against the wall. As the figure had come closer, Emily had lost consciousness.

When Emily had regained consciousness, she had found herself lying in bed with a severe headache. She had slowly sat up, holding her head. The entire house had been dark, except for the candles burning in her room. Emily had realized she was very thirsty; her throat had become parched. As she had gotten out of bed, she had noticed a glass of water on the floor beside her. Without thinking, Emily had finished the whole glass of water in one gulp. Many questions had been swirling in her head when she had heard a sound, as if someone had come and sat in the corner of her bed. Emily's heart had started racing.

She had somehow managed to open her eyes and had seen a boy sitting in the corner of her bed with his head bowed. Emily had flinched, and her entire body had started trembling. She had asked in a quavering voice, "Who are you? How did you get into the house?"

The boy raised his head and looked at Emily. He had been her peer, with unusually fair skin and brown eyes. His black shirt had fit him quite well, but he had not looked like a Bangladeshi. Emily had asked again,

"Why aren't you speaking? Who are you? What are you doing in my room?"

The boy replied,

"I'm Aldwin Emos.

Aldwin mock Emily

"Emily is staring incredibly. No words are coming out of her mouth as she hears the boy's heavy voice. As soon as it is heard, electricity plays in her body. Emily asks,

"How did you get into the house?"

Aldwin leans a little closer to Emily and sits down, whispering,

"I don't need any permission to go anywhere. I can go anywhere I want."

The silence is broken by the barking of a few dogs under the house. Aldwin puts his hand on hers, which feels as cold as ice. Emily is familiar with this touch but quickly removes his hand, saying in a frightened voice,

"Stay where you are. Don't come near."

With a mysterious smile, Aldwin says,


He gets out of bed and walks towards the corridor. Emily realizes her hand is numb and wonders if Aldwin is intangible. Whose presence does Emily sense? The dogs are no longer barking.

Emily starts looking for her mobile in the bed, but


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