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Evangeline was an ordinary preschool teacher who loved children and longed to have some of her own. She was married to Jason, whom she had met back in college, and they had been inseparable ever since. The only thing missing from their lives was the child they both yearned for. Despite numerous visits to doctors, Evangeline had no luck conceiving. The unfulfilled desire for a baby weighed heavily on her, and to make matters worse, she discovered that her lifelong best friend, Xylia, was trying to steal Jason away from her. Evangeline’s world was turned upside down by Xylia's betrayal, but just as she had begun to lose hope, she found out she was pregnant. Her life seemed to be coming together at last. However, one night, the tension with Xylia reached a boiling point. Evangeline decided to confront her and put an end to the madness. The confrontation escalated, and in a tragic twist, Evangeline ended up in a horrific car accident, losing her life. In the strange afterworld, Evangeline woke up next to the road as an angel, confused and disoriented, trying to piece together what had happened. She was soon discovered by a young girl who called her Hallow. However, life as an angel was not as peaceful as she might have hoped. Evangeline learned that Xylia had also died and had become a fallen angel. Consumed by jealousy and anger, Xylia is determined to find Evangeline in the spirit world and exact her revenge. Evangeline’s desire to return to her body grew stronger, but she soon discovered that Xylia had a sinister plan. If Xylia could reach Evangeline's body first, she could take over her life. Now, it was a desperate battle between the two: Evangeline, who wanted to reclaim her life and protect her unborn child, and Xylia, who sought to usurp Evangeline’s place and fulfill her twisted ambitions. The struggle between them was fierce, as they navigated the spirit world’s challenges and dangers. Evangeline had to gather her strength and courage to outsmart Xylia and ensure she could return to the real world, where her husband and future child awaited. In this ethereal realm, Evangeline’s resilience and determination were put to the ultimate test as she fought not only for her own life but for the future she had always dreamed of.

Chapter 1

The wind howled fiercely, whipping through the air as heavy raindrops pelted down on Evangeline's car. The relentless downpour obscured her vision, blending with the tears streaming down her face. The betrayal from her supposed best friend, Xylia, shattered her heart, leaving her feeling raw and exposed. The trust she had once placed in Xylia now lay in shattered fragments. A bitter realization washed over Evangeline - Xylia had never truly been a friend, but rather a cunning manipulator, using their friendship as a means to reach her husband, Jason. The weight of this revelation intensified her pain, transforming her silent tears into gut-wrenching sobs.

 Evangeline's husband had warned her about Xylia's instability, deeming her a madwoman. The events of the night only confirmed his suspicions. Xylia had not only betrayed her but had also attempted to take her life, leaving a throbbing bruise on her head as a painful reminder. It was because of Xylia that she and Jason had argued, their relationship strained by the deceit. Regret washed over Evangeline as she acknowledged that she should have believed her husband's reassurances that there was nothing between him and Xylia.

 Struggling to maintain control of her emotions, Evangeline desperately tried to wipe away her tears with one hand while gripping the steering wheel with the other. She knew she had to call Jason, to mend the wounds and apologize for their unresolved issues. The ache in her heart grew, fueled by the love she still held for her husband and the pain of their recent fights. Reaching for her phone, which lay on the seat beside her, she was startled by the blaring sound of a truck's horn. Her gaze shot up, meeting a blinding white light that engulfed her surroundings. Panic surged through her as she instinctively slammed on the brakes, but the rain-soaked road offered no traction. The car skidded uncontrollably towards the colossal truck, a collision seemingly inevitable.

Evangeline's Point of View 

In the early dawn, Evangeline sat on the window bench in their living room. She couldn’t sleep, plagued by the same recurring dream. Despite her efforts to understand its meaning, she had no luck. To calm her heart before the day began and she had to go to work, she decided to read from her Bible. It always brought her peace. She wouldn’t call herself a devout Christian, but she believed in God and recognized Him as her savior. She had witnessed His miracles in her life.

 As she read, the sunlight danced upon her through the window. Soon, she was no longer alone; she felt two warm arms wrap around her shoulders. “I thought I’d find you here,” said Jason. His touch was warm, making Evangeline relax. She felt his breath on her neck as he leaned in to kiss her there. “I couldn’t sleep,” said Evangeline, closing her Bible. She rose from the window bench and turned around in his embrace. She was met with his warm smile and sleepy features—his tousled dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes looking down at her. Even after seven years, her husband still made her knees weak. She loved him deeply and knew she always would.

 “Did you have that dream again?” Jason asked, knowing her too well. She took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I did. If only I knew what it meant.”

 In the dream, she found herself in a dark cave, holding a beautiful toddler. A man, shrouded in a long coat, approached her, his features barely visible. He told her to follow him, and she always did, until they stood before a pool of water in the cave. The man told her that she and the baby should go through the water, which he called the water of life. Each time, she woke up just as she entered the water.

 “Babes, what do you say we go make ourselves a good cup of coffee?” Jason’s voice drew her back to reality. She looked up at him and started to smile. “That sounds like a good idea.”Every morning before they went to work, Evangeline and her husband loved to make breakfast together. It was their special ritual before they parted ways for the day. When Evangeline first met Jason, they were both still in college. She was studying to become a teacher, while Jason was preparing to take over his father’s business, the Willington Corporation. Back then, Jason had shoulder-length hair and played in a band. He was a spoiled rich boy, but Evangeline grounded him, teaching him how to cook and clean after himself, showing him things he had never done before. Somehow, they were a perfect fit. One year at Christmas, after dating for a year, Jason proposed to her. It was the best present Evangeline could have asked for, and after a year-long engagement, they got married. They had been together ever since.

 After they finished preparing breakfast, they sat at the kitchen island to enjoy their meal. Jason broke the silence between them. “Remember, we have that family dinner tonight.”

 Evangeline took a spoonful of eggs into her mouth. She hated family dinners at the Willington’s'. They never accepted her as a family member, and their struggle to conceive

made things worse. Jason’s other two siblings had children. His sister had two beautiful daughters but, due to her wild nature, was divorced and had a new boyfriend every other month. His younger brother had two kids, a daughter, and a son, but his marriage was on shaky ground, with frequent fights, drinking, and smoking. Jason was the only one without kids, making Evangeline feel constantly under scrutiny, with everyone waiting for them to start a family.

 “What time is the dinner?” Evangeline asked, swallowing hard.

 “At seven o’clock, but we don’t have to stay long,” Jason said while cutting into his steak. Evangeline couldn’t blame her husband; he often felt like an outsider too. He was the only one who took the Willington business seriously, working hard to keep the company going.

Evangeline took a sip from her coffee and then realized she still had to visit her mother that week. “Just remind me that I have to visit my mother this week,” she said. Ever since her father died, her mother had been alone. Thanks to Jason, her mother had a home to live in. Evangeline would have been lost without her husband’s help. Her teacher's salary was modest, and she couldn’t support her mother on her own. After her father died, she was the one left to care for her mother. Even though she had a brother, he didn’t count for much in this regard. Her brother prioritized his wife, kids, and wealth, leaving Evangeline as the sole caretaker for their mother.

 “Why don’t you stop by this afternoon?” Jason suggested. Evangeline finished her plate and replied, “I’ll see. I promised to help a friend at school.” She leaned in to give her husband a kiss on the cheek, then took her plate and mug to the sink to wash them. After she finished, she went to take a shower and started to get dressed. Time was running out, and she needed to say goodbye to her husband. It was a 54-minute drive to the school where she worked, and she didn’t like being late.

 As she dressed, she thought about how much Jason had done for her family. His support had been invaluable, and she was grateful for his generosity and love. She quickly gathered her things and went to find Jason. “I’m heading out now,” she said, giving him a warm hug. “Have a great day at work.”

“You too,” he replied, hugging her back. “Drive safely and don’t stress too much about tonight.”

With a final smile, Evangeline headed out the door, ready to face the day ahead.

Chapter 2

Unexpected dizziness

 Jason's Point of View

After Evangeline left, it wasn't long before Jason also took off. The headquarters of Willington Corporation was in the city of New Jersey, and Jason had a lot to do today. He had an important meeting with a potential business partner. Jason made his way to his car, got in, started the engine, and drove off. As he drove, he couldn't help but worry about his wife. He wished his father could give Evangeline a little more slack. She was a good person who had been nothing but kind to his family, never saying anything negative about them.

 Their struggle to conceive had been hard enough. They had tried various medical interventions, including intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), both of which had failed. Even trying


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