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Bloody Comeback Of My Alpha Mate

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"He's coming to this world again." A voice echoes, sending a shiver down my spine as I tilt my head and see an object waning in thin air spookily. Whoosh. My body muscles contract as it waves and smiles at me before completely moving out of sight. "Clarissa." A hand touches my right shoulder from behind. I turn to see Alpha Thompson, causing my lips to shiver and my body to shudder. "You don't have to worry about him." Alpha Thompson reassures, smirking. "He's gone and gone forever. All he has left are empty threats." Wondering how he knows about this seems needless, and instinctively, I know the ghost that appears to me had been killed by Alpha Thompson, who happens to be my own father. "You killed... him?" I stutter, and he replies with a cunning smirk across his lips. "I'm sure you won't want to live anymore when..." I begin to say, closing my eyelids but still inspecting him. "... when he's back. To torture you."

Chapter 1 - Whispers Of Retribution

"Dad, tomorrow is the day we say our goodbyes." I murmur as a melancholic whisper emanates from the leaves. A clandestine figure glides through the bushes, leaving behind an aura of puzzlement. Holding Dad's jaw with care, a mixture of sweetness and sorrow colors my smile."You caught that, huh?" Dad interrupts, pulling my hand away from his jaw. Shifting his posture, he shoots me a stern glare when he realizes I'm not correcting myself."No joke, Dad. Tomorrow is the day we lay you to rest. It's happening today, and I'll miss you." I acknowledge."Dad, hold on." I plead, reaching out to touch his chin, but he dodges my attempt. A sharp pang hits my throat, and as I nearly slump, an unseen strength keeps me balanced. My familiar ghostly visitor, claiming to love me, is present here. "He's meeting his end today." The voice echoes mysteriously. "Ensure it's his secret fate, shared only with him. If anyone else hears this, they too will be destined to be a part of this."My heart races as I approach Dad, desperate to apologize and prevent him from revealing my plan for him to any other person. "Dad, it was just a joke." I plead, pouting my lips. "Please, forgive me.""You weren't joking. Smith needs to know about this. Are you mentally deranged?" Dad retorts, his concern superseded by a stern tone. "Dad, I'm just 17, an underage werewolf," I explain. "Not deranged, just underage.""What relevance does that have?" He fumes, sliding back as I subtly take a few steps forward to be closer to him. "An expert keeper indeed." I chuckle softly as the door creaks open. Smith, the Beta, stands there, ignorant of the looming plan and secret that the ghost intends on keeping from him to spare him from becoming a victim as well. I jiggle the doorknob and suddenly let out a piercing shriek, causing the firm hand on the door to drop. Smith escapes. Even Dad, startled, is now on the bare floor, crawling cautiously."You're aware I can end you right now?" I warn Dad, blood oozing from my eyes. It's not the usual red; it's a distinct green color. "The Green Witch family." Dad remarks, evoking memories of Linda, who encouraged me to join a witch's meeting for protection and learn the ways of the craft."Not a witch." I clarify. "It's quite a sight to witness an Alpha on the ground due to his daughter's authoritative statements.""That's not the issue, girl." He retorts, rubbing his eyes. "I sensed you're not part of this pack, nor are you in this pack.""If I'm not in this pack, then who's doing the talking?" I bark, though deep down, I acknowledge his accuracy."You're two fold. A werepire. Your vampire spirit resides in the ghost world while you're here in your wolf form in the human world." Smith explains, reading from a sheet of paper. "Having known this, finding a mate in this world will be challenging. Die.""No." Dad quickly intervenes. "That can't happen. We'll find a solution. Her late mother was a vampire and a witch, but look at me, I'm just a werewolf. We still got mated. In a way, I believe what you're saying, Smith."I sigh. "Where did you get the information from, though?" Alpha Thompson, my Dad, inquires of his Beta."From the moon goddess, Alpha." He replies. "You can only contact the moon goddess if you have never killed a Blue Wolf.""Who are blue wolves?" I coldly ask."Alphas of packs become blue wolves if they have up to one hundred warriors in their pack house. Those with fewer are called Green Wolves." Smith explains."Or Green Witches?" My brain clicks. "Did you mean 'Green Witches?' Huh?""No. Do you know anything about Witches?" Smith asks, questioning."No." I retort. "Can you leave, please? I have something to tell my Dad.""No, don't leave, Smith. She wants to..." Dad demonstrates, drawing his hand towards his neck and then sideways. Smith gasps, catching on, and it later turns into a smirk."That can't be possible." Smith smiles."Since you don't understand how it goes." Dad replies. "Pass her by and help me up. I need to get into the pack house now.""Why are you an Alpha?" Smith questions. "When you get scared by little stuff like this?""Why are you a great Beta when you can't help an Alpha when he needs it the most?" Dad retorts, his tone sharp."Clarissa, please don't hurt him. Can he come towards me?" Beta Thompson silently implores, his eyes monitoring my lips. A sour taste fills my mouth, coupled with a sudden shift in the way my eyes function. A strange gasp emerges from within me, causing Thompson to jump up and flee towards the pack house. However, with a sudden crack from tilting my head, I pull him back in front of me."Where are you going?" I chuckle, observing the two of them shivering on the ground. "It's confirmed that not only did Alpha Thompson kill a Blue Wolf, but you, Smith, also did. This marks the end of your pack."Thompson rolls on the ground, swiftly standing up with force, his gaze burning with anger."What did you say?" He demands."This pack has come to an end." I repeat, gradually returning to my human form."A pack of more than two hundred warriors?" Dad questions, struggling to stand. "What have we done?""Guilty folks." My mouth twists as I curse at them from inside to out.With a loud shriek, Thompson charges towards me in a threatening manner. Unable to shift immediately, I hit the ground, but a hand pulls me out from under Thompson, and I slide away. As he tries to reach for me again, his hand breaks inside, and he drops to the ground, only to rise by himself and then drop again.My Ghostly Friend is in action."I regret having you as a daughter." Dad says, exhaling sharply. "Look at how a Beta is bleeding. See, look at your nose. You've wasted your d*mn energy."I expect my ghost friend to embrace me, as he always has, but there's no sign of him. I lower myself to the ground, bowing my head. Sniffling, I hear a voice."Stand up. And let us go."I stand up immediately, realizing it's Dad beckoning to me. It's late in the night, and all nearby stalls have closed. Dad is holding a weak wolf in his hands."Any of your omegas died?" I inquire, still in the process of standing well."No. Smith. Didn't you hurt Smith with your d*mn power?" Dad questions. "Come up, you idiot! He must not die, or else, you'll die.""I don't care whether he dies." I shrug. "After all, I, myself, am killing you tonight.""Follow me right behind, b*st*rd." Dad curses, dropping Thompson to the ground. "Wanna fight with me, right?""And whoever wins will rule the pack. Deal?" I chuckle inwardly, ready to fight with clenched fists."I know you think you can win me, but I know more than you do." Dad smirks. With his hands raised, a large sword materializes. He points it at me almost immediately."Can you overcome this sword?" He poses a challenge, and I tilt my head backward slightly to avoid the sword entering my eyes or slicing my throat. My eyes glisten as I see a name plastered on the sword."Alexander." I read inside of me and gulp down saliva."And who do you think Alex is?" Dad chuckles. I won't get scared, maybe he has some sort of paranormal power to hear my mind. He's kind of stupid, I'll get to know his secrets soon."I didn't think of that." I say. Silently peering into the darkness of the night in the forest behind and in front of us, a figure approaches. It must be my Ghost Friend. My energy won't be enough to fight Dad, as my vampire being advises me to withdraw once I consume my energy. If that's my ghost friend, then I'm good to attack. Hair standing on end, a wave of heat streaming across my heart, my wolf takes control of my body. I snap Dad's neck, and we both zoom to the nearest tree. I grip his chin as if it's my prey, knocking my head against his. His wolf starts to take control gradually, staring wickedly at me as if he wants to devour me. I withdraw and drop to the ground as he transforms into his wolf, his clothes vanishing into thin air. He takes the sword with him and attempts to strike me with it, but I cunningly slide out of the way. The sword hits the ground unevenly and becomes blunt. He sighs even in his wolf form but throws the sword at me, clapping his claws together with his back bending and his large jaw dropping and rising in preparation for the fight.Taking the tip of the sword into my mouth, it starts to choke me. Little do I know that Dad sent it to me, intending to render me powerless so he can kill me, and no one will know he's been murdering anyone all this while. Even if my ghost friend doesn't kill Dad for murdering him, I will, myself, as Dad has never denied the fact that he murdered an innocent Blue Wolf.

Chapter 2 - Run Or Perish

The pack's new name, inspired by the fearless aura of my Ghost Friend, is now "Captured And Caged.""Hey Thompson!" A sudden interruption halts his howling. His wolf reacts instantly, tension evident as veins strain beneath his skin. Growling, he makes squelching movements, eyes shifting between me and the one signaling. After three intense glances, he becomes silent, gradually descending to the ground, shifting back into his human form with a slow, deliberate motion."Hello Clarissa." A guy greets, waving as he approaches, feet seemingly moving through the air. "Hello." I whisper, watching him move like a spirit. Meanwhile, Dad transforms back into the normal Alpha Thompson, though he stays on the cold ground."It's Alex." He pouts, smiling, and beckons with his palms for me to come over. Without hesitation, I approach him. Suddenly, I recall the name "Alexander" encrypted on the sword Dad threw at me


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