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A Tale of Chase and Love 1

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Theresa, a sole heiress of the William family, falls in love with a boy band in S-Korea. Unable to keep her excitement bottled in anymore, she blackmails her butler into getting her tickets for the concert that was to happen soon. Her parents find out but she also blackmails them into letting her go. She boards a plane and is super excited to see her idol perform live. Unexpectedly, the plane crashed 2 hours before her destination. Opening her eyes, she finds herself in a new dimension. A world where people cultivate magic to become immortal. She receives a mission from a dying concubine of the emperor to avenge her death and in the process, she becomes host to three magic pets, and acknowledges a foster father and mother. She goes to magic school to train her magic skills and becomes host to a system that grants wishes. She finds her first love in the magic school and decides to chase him, ignoring warnings from all sides. Even when he turns out to be a traitor, she still chases him to the point of becoming a maid at his palace. They finally get married and she thinks all will be well till she finds him in bed with another woman. He says he married her for benefits and now she's useless. Heartbroken, she gives up the system and returns back to Earth with the price being her memories after the plane crash. Later, her husband realizes his mistake and it is too late when he searches for her. She is no longer in his world. He gives up his beauty, kingship and magic powers in order to come to earth. Ten years later, he finally finds Theresa his wife but she has no memory of him! What will be their fate? Pls take note of part two. (A Tale of Chasing Romance 2) and don't forget to leave a comment, add to your library or send a gift if you like this book. Thanks.

Chapter 1

A young, fair-skinned girl of 17, waves excitedly at her not too happy parents. She is wearing a black crop top and blue denim bum shorts exposing her fair legs that could get even women aroused, to the public. As she walked, her hips swayed causig a pervert, old man to run into others many times.

The culprit pretended not to see any nothing and continued her journey. This beautiful goddess has dark brown hair and is not too tall, but now that she's putting on heels, she looks taller. Pairing her outfit with black sunglasses, she looks so hot. People can't help taking pictures. Who would pass on this chance?

Her name is Theresa Williams, Heiress of the conglomerate, William family, a fan of k-pop music and rpmance dramas. She attends Blue Diva Royal Girl's school; a school meant only for the elites. Theresa is brilliant; though she rarely studies because to her, studying is very boring. She'd rather be a lazy genius. Still, she never ceases being adored by other girls, her manager, and her teachers. Wherever she goes, there must be a little crowd even though she appears on set randomly.

She's also a guest model at the 'Sunset' entertainment agency. A lot of permanent models are very jealous of her. Even some actresses want her dead especially when she acted in the movie 'The black empress of Lord Kish'. In this movie, she was a supportive character, a maid who served the evil emperor.

However, many people valued her much more than the female lead not because of her background but she was beautiful and her acting skills were on a level that the female lead couldn't reach. When the movie was released it hit ten million views in seven hours.

Now, lots of agencies want her to even be a female lead or supportive character in some of their future production but she has turned them down. Money is not her problem. She just models for fun. Life seems to go well for this princess. She lacks nothing.

Every month, her dad sends a lot of money into her account so she could have some 'pocket money'. However, this pocket money cannot even be achieved as a profit in some companies. She's envied by everyone both so-called friends, fans and enemies alike.

She, however, doesn't care. She only enjoys watching with her free time, Korean dramas and listening to Korean music. Her favourite actress is Park Shin ye and her favourite actor is Lee Minho. Every day, she listens to at least two k-pop songs, especially from BTS and Black pink. She loves Lisa and Kim Tae Hyung. From the day she saw him ( Kim Tae Hyung) on tv three years ago, she liked him.

She always dreamed of taking pictures with him, getting his autograph, inviting him for lunch and so many things one can't mention. Whenever her parents or anyone at work and school makes her angry, she is immediately comforted by his picture.

Her best friend Marabelle Santiago is from a middle-class family but Theresa likes it that way. Who said she had to be friends with those hypocritical girls she met at the balls she had attended with her parents? Who said your friend must be rich? Who said wealth, fame and beauty are needed in a friend? Those sayings were tosh to Theresa.

Only last week was she able to pressure her chauffeur into processing the documents she needed for her travel to Korea and give her a fake identity and age. All because of one thing- The concert!

BTS, her favourite k-pop band had a concert coming up tonight and she did not want to miss it as she had done for the past three years.

For sure, when her parents found out about it, they nearly beat her up but she vowed with the heirloom not to do this again. After lots of persuading, they still insisted she take a private jet, but she refused. She wanted to mingle with others in the first class.

She did not plan to take her friend with her since she (Marabelle) did not like Korea or their music nor their dramas. But she liked the ancient Chinese fantasy dramas because she gets to admire handsome pies as she calls them.

She already booked a top-class hotel close to the concert location, so all she carried was her small bag and a magazine with her idol, Kim Tae Hyung's face at the front cover. 

"Idol! Here I come!" she exclaimed.


Theresa smiled as she looked at the magazine in her hands. Her idol Kim Tae Hyung! she was going to see him after so long. It's so wonderful!

Paul Reyes, one of her dad's shadow bodyguard, is behind her dressed like he is going for an important business trip and his face is covered with a hat and large sunglasses. He has red curly hair that reaches his shoulders.

He normally likes to keep it loose and hanging but today it is hidden inside the hat tied in a bun. His visible pale brown lips when paired with the chiselled jawline made him look mysterious and handsome. He was sent to protect her secretly.

Some people, both male, and female were staring at Theresa who did not care. She's used to all this. She's a child of mixed parents and so her beauty is kind of special.

People could not help but want to get close to her, however, the deadly look sent by Paul Reyes, made them think otherwise. They still wanted their heads intact. Their minds told them that this guy behind the beauty is dangerous. They then minded their own business.

Theresa kept smiling as she continued admiring Kim Tae Hyung's picture. Suddenly there was an alarm that blasted loudly into everyone's ears which got many worried.

"What's going on? Don't tell me this thing's gonna crash" said a  20 old youth who had been playing games ever since the plane took off from the airport. Everyone's fear was confirmed when the heard the captain's voice from the speaker.

"This is the captain. Brace for impact,"

This was a brief message. However, this message from the captain sent panic into everyone's heart. The hostesses brought out life jackets and handed them to the 70 people in the first-class section. They also helped the ignorant ones to put it on.

"Fasten your seat belts and brace for impact," said a hostess who already had a jacket on. 20 ladies were weeping even in the brace for impact position. There were no kids in the first-class section.

An old man became very troubled knowing that the plane would crash. He was shivering great his hands shook and his legs knocked against each other. You could also say that he had peed in his pants. This old man did not want to obey the captain's order to brace for impact.

"I don't wanna die. I want to live. I want to see my son one more time" he shouted. His teeth kept shattering and sweat fell down his face in beads.

"ENOUGH" an irritated hostess barked at him.

"Old man, obey the order and brace for impact. The plane's going to crash no matter what we do or how well you jump about," she added, making the man cry. Other passengers looked at her in disgust and returned to their brace for impact positions.

"Irene, stop that!" said a small-voiced hostess. She walked to the man and sat beside him patting his back.

"Grandpa, please calm down. The captain and his assistant are doing their very best. Do not worry; you will see your son not only once but every day. Just obey the order. See, look at the others they're obeying. Come on grandpa, calm down. Brace for impact. If you don't obey, you might not see your son again." she intoned in a pacifying manner.

Hearing her sweet angel-like voice, the man stopped panicking and became calm. He then braced for impact. Seeing that she was successful in her mission, the hostess sighed and got up. She turned to look at the heartless hostess who was frowning and walked away.

Theresa, however, did nothing. She looked at the fallen magazine atop her feet while in the brace for impact position.

"Why? I don't wanna die yet. Why? I'm so close to seeing him. Why?" she muttered. Though she was teary-eyed, she did not let a tear fall. She recalled the argument she had with her parents about yesterevening.

They really did not want her to go, but she thought she had outsmarted them by swearing with the heirloom. The heirloom is the golden ring that has been passed on to appointed heirs for generations of the Williams family.

Her father gave her this ring at six, confirming her as the heir of the Williams family. That ring is in Theresa's red purse. She clutched it tightly between her legs, hearing the cries of those ladies who refused comfort.

" I don't wanna die"

"Captain please do something"

"Hostess are we gonna die?"

"Heavens do something" These were their various words as they wept.

The man sitting beside Theresa was a middle-aged man who had long hair of which the right part of his head had been shaved. He paired this bad-boy hairstyle with a red suit and silver earrings. This man was praying.

Beads of sweat rolled down his face, but he did not bother to wipe them off. The situation at hand is very serious. Who knows whether heavens might take pity on him and spare his life?

"I have killed 75 people including 7 infants and 10 unborn babies. I have r*p*d 48 women ever since I turned 13. I have burned or buried 44 people alive. I also slept with 12 men. I have been a thief from the time I turned 8. I have even r*p*d both my parents at 16.I pounded two newborns to death in a mortar. I have also drunk the blood of 29 grannies." he confessed out loud. Heavens, please just one chance. Give me one chance and I'll be a good man from now on. I'll not kill casually again, but i promise to offer you all the spoils if i ever relapse again. Spare me heavens. Spare me."

It stunned Theresa and others. So all along, she'd been sitting with such a gross murderer and rapist! He must be the reason this plane of GoodLuck suddenly wanted to crash. This man must be cast out of the plane now. This was also the thoughts of others, but then who would volunteer? They still wanted their heads. Right when Theresa raised her head to say something, the captain's voice came again through the speakers.

"This is the captain. Brace for impact. This is the final warning." said the captain.

Theresa felt defeated and returned to the brace for impact position. It was at this moment that they felt something hit the plane, cutting off one of the plane's wings. The bodyguard, Paul, whom her dad had sent to monitor her, placed a necklace in her hands.

Seeing the necklace, Theresa gasped and raised her head so she could look behind her. She saw that it was Paul. What was this guy doing here? So her parents sent him? Those parents of hers! They're too protective!

He nodded at her with a smile and told her to brace for impact. She obeyed and clutched the necklace tighter in her hand.

"Mother! Father! Please don't cry if I can't survive this crash. Forgive this unfilial and unruly child of yours. Kim Tae Hyung, my dearest idol, I wish you could attend my funeral." she finally muttered in a whisper before she blacked out because of an unknown gas that had come from nowhere. Strangely, it affected only her.

Before the plane turned upside down, a bright light appeared and s*ck*d Theresa inside leaving only the necklace Paul gave to her on the chair. Since they were all bracing for impact, no one except Paul saw this. He quickly picked up the necklace which emitted light.

It was at this moment that the captain finally lost any control of the plane and the plane took a fast nosedive, crashing into the sea with force creating powerful waves. Finally, it exploded killing the two pilots,8 hostesses and 279 passengers on board.

As for Paul Reyes, whether he survives will be known in the future.

Chapter 2

Theresa opened her eyes abruptly because of the cold. She quickly sat up and rubbed her eyes, finding to her surprise, that she was in an unfamiliar room.

" Where is this place? Why is this place so cold?" she thought as she surveyed where she was.

As a lover of ancient Chinese and Korean dramas, she could say she must be in a Chinese person's house. Did that person save her? How could his house be so cold with no air conditioners?

She searched her pockets for her phone but couldn't find it. Anyway, she must find a way out of this room. At least, she's got to thank her saviour(s) and maybe with their phone, she could contact her parents again.

She wondered if any of the passengers on board survived. What also baffled her was that there was no scratch on her skin.

"This is weird. I need to leave here" she thought.

When she tried to stand, she felt in the legs, excruciating pain she has never felt before!



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