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At first it's nothing much more than a 'normal' murder when a priest is found dead with his heart ripped out inside his church but the moment more bodies with ripped out hearts start surfacing, they don't have a choice but to conclude one thing; there is a serial killer on the loose. Two women, Detective Blake Tanner and Detective Amari Hunter find themselves thrown together to work on the case. Detective Tanner is used to working alone and having to work alongside her Captain's daughter who just transferred to her department is something she never would have signed up for. Especially not when the woman is entitled and could easily replace her. Amari Hunter doesn't have any problem working with a new partner. Getting along with her isn't something she is against but Detective Tanner's attitude is just not what she can stand especially if they want to catch this killer. Both women are strong leaders but only one can replace the retiring captain which they both want. How far can they both go without killing each other first before they catch their guy?


Surf Khan

Review after half of the novel

Omgggg i m soo impressed by your writing skills 👌 👏 and i like blake's character . Amari has her own significance and the tension between these characters uffff mind blowing 🤯 and i got butterfly in stomach each time I read thembdudhd hdhududvdu jdbduududuu euhcuudjeududu hcudjdhuh dhhddhhd hdhdjdhdh udhdhdudh hxhdhdjudb dulu jdjdbdjdb bxhdbdh jxhdbdhhd hhxhdbdhd hdhdheh dhhd djjdh xjbdhd jchdbd jxhdjb hvv hdhdhd jebeheeh jdbehej djjdhe d djebbd fjejeb cjbdbe jfbdhejj dhebebje hdhebeheh

February 25, 2024

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