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Mr Mafia With Sleeping

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Areksa
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Tired of always being used by his father, until finally Dillon broke off his father's financial chain by surrendering his chastity to his best friend. Leo Respati, is the lucky man who got Dillon''s virgin. But Leo wasn't an ordinary guy. He was always responsible for Dillon afterwards. Even Leo promised to always protect Dillon even with his own life. How would Dillon, if he knew Leo was the son of a Mafia? Especially when Leo is responsible for continuing his parents' black business so far. How would Dillon, if he knew Leo was the son of a Mafia? or not

Chapter 1

In this land, has three Vampire kingdoms. Kingdoms with pure blood have three levels, the highest caste is held by the kingdom of Ethian and the kingdom with the second caste is held by the kingdom of Varmount and the third is held by the kingdom of Oakwell.The princess of the kingdom of Varmount has been born, all the people of this kingdom are very proudly waiting for the princess to be born."Congratulations royal queen mother, in the end you have a royal successor."Thousands of people congratulated him, everyone was happy as well as the queen of the Ethian kingdom who gave her busy time to visit the kingdom of Varmounth which was thousands of meters away just to congratulate the royal family of Varmounth who finally had a royal successor."Congratulations to you, Queen Varmounth's mother.""Thank you Karen for taking your busy time to visit my kingdom, Queen Mother Ethian."They party and celebrate the birth of the royal princess. In the middle of a party celebrating the birth of the princess, the Varmounth royal family was attacked by the Oakwell kingdom, a kingdom that always wanted to seize the second throne in the country."quickly take the princess away from the kingdom!!!"The bodyguard scrambled to protect the princess, one of the guards took the princess away from the kingdom he hid the princess in the forest and left her alone, no one knew the whereabouts of the princess.After the war ended, they were required to find the whereabouts of the princess who was taken away by the royal guard who turned out to be not a bodyguard from the kingdomVarmouth"How can you be this stupid. quickly find the princess!!” the king ordered the guards“They might think that the person who brought our daughter was the royal guard. The situation at that time was so critical that anyone could not focus on taking care of the princess.”"We promise to find out the whereabouts of Varmounth's daughter soon."The bodyguards rushed to find the whereabouts of the princess, they all rushed to find her whereabouts but until now, the princess has not been found. The princess is missing!!In another place, a village chief and his wife get the most beautiful gift, they get a beautiful child they found in the forest. They named the beautiful child Alvara, she is a beautiful and kind child, they are very happy and grateful to get this very beautiful gift."I will always take care of this beautiful princess, I will not let her go from me."Seventeen years later...The royal guard of varmounth is still searching for the whereabouts of the princess who mysteriously disappeared."Ethian kingdom, will help the kingdom of Varmounth to find the whereabouts of the princess."“Thank you Queen Mother Ethian.”The two Queen Mothers talk to each other about the search for the princess of the kingdom of Varmounth who mysteriously disappeared“I will also help Queen Varmounth's mother.” Firmly prince David who will be the leader of the kingdom of Ethian."Thank you, Prince David."The Ethian Kingdom, which was the highest caste in the three kingdoms, made the kingdom get many requests for help and became a mainstay for the other two kingdoms. To carry out the search for the missing princess, Prince David is ordered to stay in the village and attend a village school in order to carry out a mission to find the royal princess.Pov Alvara.Me and David, we play together every day. he is my very good little friend. he is always with me."Dav, don't approach Alvara she's a strange girl."Everyone always calls me a weird girl, makes everyone not want to play with me, I'm lonely but David is always with me, he doesn't care what other people say."Why do you still want to play with me? What if they left you because you were playing with me?”"I'm not afraid they will leave me, I will stay with you, Vara."He is a very good friend, my daily life is always spent with him. I am a lazy child, every day during the day I always fall asleep but at night I am very active, very strange."David, have you heard the news about vampires roaming around at night?"I saw David who seemed to be hiding something from me, he was nervous and restless."Why do you look so scared?""Don't talk about him anymore, okay?""why?""Because he is coming."I was shocked and immediately hid behind his body, I tightly gripped his shirt in fear"Don't talk about it anymore, I don't want him to come."We both promised each other never to talk about the blood-sucking creature again.Dayothers at school, as usual I always hide from sports lessons because I'm a girl who is allergic to sunlight. I always hide and steal time to fall asleep."sleepy?" david came to me, he brought some snacks"I'm so tired, I have insomnia and it looks like it will continue."He gave me some snacks that were in his hand"Eat something, I don't want you to get sick.""Thank you, you are very kind."I saw David's sweet smile beautifully painted on his calm face. I was busy finishing my snack and went back to sleep.“Dav, do you believe that Vampires are real?”I looked at David who was scared, he didn't want to discuss further about the blood-sucking creature.“why do you look so scared so, have you ever seen it? What does his body look like."I saw him gulping his own spit and his body started to get goosebumps"Can we talk about something other than vampires?""Okay, sorry. After all, we promised each other our silence, right?”"Yes, you are right Vara. Stop talking about it, okay?”I nodded enthusiastically."David!" greeting a beautiful woman, she is my classmate named Clair.I stared at him with the eyes of a killer. David realized my existence that was not happy to see that girl near David."Clair, let's go."I saw David gripping Clair's hand tightly, he took Clair away from me. I'm still annoyed with the girl trying to steal David's attention."I really hate that girl. I don't love him, but I'm afraid that my only friend David will leave me."I'm still annoyed and angry with the girl who is currently talking to my best friend, they look very close.“Stop talking to yourself, you weirdo!”He's Kevin my enemy, he always blows all my friends away and makes them hate me, calling me a freak."irritating!"Coming home from school, the heavy rain made my clothes soaked due to me breaking through the rain to get home. today, I was not picked up by my driver because the car tire was leaking, he asked me to wait at school but because I was tired of waiting I chose to break through the rain.“Miss Vara, why not wait for me to come? Look, your body is wet, what if you get sick later?”I just smirked and ran into the car quickly.Two days I did not go to school, I was required to rest in my room due to fever.“Miss Vara, stop going out at night. you could get a worse disease.”Even though I was sick, I still walked leisurely at night. because I really like the night. The night brings me peace and eternal peace.I came out of my room wearing a gray jacket with white stripes.“Miss Vara wants to go again?”"Yes, I want to meet David. I really miss him."Although the last time I saw him with a cynical and angry look because he was close to a girl named Clair.“But, rumors say that last night, there was a Vampire running around and preying on its victims alive. He s*ck*d up the victim's blood."I was surprised and increasingly curious about the blood-sucking creature."May I see the newspaper?"I received the newspaper in my maid's hand, my eyes widened in shock! I saw the name of Kevin who died in his room. Found fangs on his neck, the vampire s*ck*d all of Kevin's blood!! I was really surprised that the blood-sucking creature was a deadly cruel creature."Who is this vampire, have you heard of it?"I saw the maid who shook her head noisily she looked scared."Okay, I'll still go now."I met my little friend, David. I kept knocking on his door but there was no answer“David!! May I push your door?”I saw the hinge of the door moving down, I was surprised to see how it was now.His body was very pale, his eyes were very black and there were bloodstains on some of his clothes."Who did this to you? What's wrong with you!"I didn't hear any answer from him, so I started to examine his body. I saw that there were fang marks on his neck. I jumped in surprise."What's with your neck?"I touched his neck with my fingers, I saw him gripping my shoulder tightly, he looked in pain.“Var, get out of here right now. Go as far, fast!!”I furrowed my forehead in confusion"where to? Where are you going?”"stay away from them, stay away from them all."I didn't understand what my little friend was talking about, I just kept quiet and hugged him tightly, I wasn't afraid he would bite my neck. I just want to give him a tight hug, I know he must be very frustrated right now.“go away from the villagers, go as far as you can.”I hugged David even tighter, I could feel his very cold body."Hold on, I'll bring some medicine for you. I will definitely save you from the fate that will turn your soul into a Vampire.”"David?"I was surprised to hear that greeting, I immediately blocked Clair's body from seeing the whereabouts of the man I love“Get out of the way, you b*st*rd!”"Not!! I won't let you treat him badly."clair grinned she folded her arms right across her chest looking at me with a sarcastic grin“rough treatment? Do you think who has stuck fangs in his neck? You b*tch!”I saw David walking towards Clair he was in the arms of that annoying girl"f*ck!"I was so annoyed to be among them, I ran home. after coming back, i can't see anything, it's very dark.

Chapter 2

I couldn't predict everything, dad locked me in a bunker with my hands tied and my feet tied with rope. He took me hostage"Why did daddy do this to me?"I cried, looked at my father who looked at me sharply. Then, I saw my hands and feet tied with ropes, this was really cruel, a father could tie his daughter up like this."I won't hear your cries, it's all for your good."Kind?! Being in a narrow place with your feet and hands tied like this? Isn't this more appropriate to be called the torture that a father does to his daughter, it's really cruel. Has the father always had a psychopathic soul, committing violence without any reason?“Why, dad did this to me? What wrong have I done?”I just cried and kept staring at the roof in this stuffy bunk that really made me tight and wanted to escape from this confinement, slowly my eyes closed and I fell into a deep sleep, I fell asleep for a very long time and made my body weaker. Until I felt a stone thrown at my body, I felt sick and sore when


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