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I am their apple

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: VHASYAE
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 319
  • 3.0
  • 💬 3


Arabella was an orphan. She is used being alone in her life, much more that she is always left alone after a while. Due to loneliness, she copes by reading stories; stories away from her painful reality. That is why when she open her eyes and realized that transmigration in books is true all along, she almost cry in happiness— much more it also happened to her. She personally experience it. She transmigrated in her favorite BL book! But all of the rush excitement went down when she realized her situation. How will she survive in this world where she's the only girl to exist?


WAIT. . . Where am I?

"Y-You're so tight, Ara. F*ck, you're making me crazy."

Where I am? Who I am? Why do I feel so hot?

"Mmp!" I whimpered when a pair of hands landed on my chest.

I'm naked? Sh*t. Where am I?

The last thing I remembered was going on a run. Someone was chasing me then. . . Then what? What happened after that?

"Ara. . ." There was one hand that touched my chin and force me to look at him.

My vision is blurry but I can see a lot of figures in front of me. Someone is also hugging me from behind while still humping me.

F*ck. My head hurts, and my body is in heat. I feel like I'm going to explode because of the hot feeling I have.

"Ara. . . Ara. . ." There is also someone whispering into my ears.

I screamed because I felt his huge thing enter and exit inside me. That's when I realized how deep he was f*ck*ng me from behind.

Oh hell. . . Why am I having s*x with strangers?

Someone leaned in and started kissing me; my body was obliged to kiss this person back while I keep on getting f*ck*d from behind.

Everything is so surreal. The pleasure, the dizziness, and the warm hands touching me everywhere. 

For sure, I'm dreaming, right?

"Holy sh*t!" I woke up catching my breath.

I looked at the window that was left open. I can see the sun from the outside. It's finally morning. I looked around and noticed something. Why am I still here? Hell! What's worst? Why are three person lying beside me!?

I looked down on myself and almost shouted when I saw a lot of hiccups. 

I slowly got up and searched for my clothes without making any noise. I hope they didn't hear me, but where the hell are my clothes?!

Ugh! Whatever. 

I just took the big polo shirt that is lying down on the floor and immediately wore it. I sighed in relief because it is touching my knees. I don't need to wear underwear anymore. That's expected; looking at these three people, they're buff and big. Are they doing excercise everyday?

Knock it off, Ara! I need to go out now! What am I going to be in the future if I stay here longer?

I want to go home!

Surprisingly, the three of them are heavy sleepers. I thought it would become hard for me to flee, but now I've already left far away from them.

Surprisingly, the three of them are heavy sleepers. I thought it would become hard for me to flee but now, I already left far away from them.

Dammit! It feels weird having no underwear. But I don't have enough time to search for where the hell did they tossed it anyway.

I go back to the forest where I left a trace yesterday night.

I groaned once again.

What happened yesterday was a mess! Why am I even reincarnated here?

Yes, I'm not originally from this world. Not bad, right? I mean, I thought I was now in heaven after I died from a heart attack; turns out I got reincarnated.

I am fine with being reincarnated here. It's really fine for me. I have read a lot about reincarnation before, and I am really glad to be reincarnated, but it never comes to my mind that I will experience it myself in a place where I don't even have a single knowledge.

Tsk! If only I had dead peacefully, but now I am stuck here.

"There you are."

I froze on the spot. Sh*t sh*t sh*t!

The three guys I left earlier are standing proudly in front of me.

I wanted to shout out. They are the one who need to do the deeds—I mean, do the s*x thing—and not with me! Not me! I mean, why me!?

I wanted to shout out. They are the one who need to do the deeds, I mean do the s*x thing and not with me! Not me! I mean, why me!?

I wanted to tell them this thing. Oh, and I lied about not having a single knowledge about this place.

Just why!? Why did I reincarnate in a BL book!? To all LGBTQ out there, I know I'm addicted reading Boy x Boy book, but I didn't pray to be reincarnated here!

Much more that I'm the only woman living here now. The fu*k is happening to me!


TIME check: 3:09 AM.

One night passed without having time to sleep because I read some manhwas.

Cravings satisfied! I am now done with another BL manhwa!

I sighed deeply while staring out of nowhere. Why do I feel great electricity while reading? Am I just going to be single forever because I chose to be a reader forever?

"What?!" I get suprised when I read the last author's note of the book that I am reading online right now.

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for loving the book [How to Create a Baby?] I have gone this far by your support and adoration. Unfortunately, due to some personal reasons, I cannot continue the book and I am so sorry for the people waiting for the next update. This will be my farewell gift to you guys, sorry again.

"What the?! Is that all!?" I touched my forehead in annoyance.

No ending? What's worst is that the story is in the clim


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