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Brother, I'm Yours

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As Ederic's life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of his so-called biological dad and the discovery of his second mother, he finds himself in a new family dynamic. Among all the changes, he becomes infatuated with Aaron, his elder brother, seeking his attention and admiration. This admiration slowly transforms into love, with Ederic's heart blooming for Aaron. However, their relationship is far from smooth sailing. Aaron, initially not accepting of Ederic's arrival, becomes a source of bullying and hostility. Ederic endures his elder brother's torment, longing for his affection and attention. The dynamics between them are complicated, with a mix of love and hate intertwining their interactions. Tragedy strikes when Ederic's mother passes away, leaving him devastated. To overcome his depression and seek a fresh start, he is sent abroad for his studies. Despite the physical distance, his love for Aaron remains strong throughout the years. Their love-hate relationship takes a significant turn on the night of Ederic's 18th birthday when they both lose themselves in the moment. After that fateful night, something changes within Aaron. The hate he once held for Ederic transforms into an obsession, consuming his thoughts and actions. On the other hand, Ederic's love for Aaron also turns into an intense obsession, fueling his desires. The question arises as to whether their obsessions will overpower their love or vice versa. It is a precarious balance, and the line between love and obsession becomes increasingly blurred. As their story unfolds, they must confront the consequences of their emotions and navigate the complexities of their relationship.

Chapter 1

As Aaron entered the house, his excitement filled the grand hallway. However, his joy was interrupted when he encountered unfamiliar faces standing in the centre of the hall. Mr Alit, Aaron's father, remained silent but visibly tense. A young boy, two or three years younger than Aaron, timidly hid behind a lady who stood opposite his mother. Oblivious to the situation, the young boy went about his routine after returning from school.

"Mum..." Aaron's face lit up with his trademark dimpled smile. The young boy stole a glance, peeking from behind his mother, at the boy embracing his mother with affection. Aaron's smile possessed a captivating charm that could enthral anyone in his vicinity. It was the most beautiful smile the young boy had ever witnessed as if his entire universe had unfolded before him.

Aaron leapt into his mother's arms, enveloping her in a tight embrace. "What's happening here? Who are they?" he asked his mother with a perplexed tone. His mother flinched, a fleeting hurt causing her face to pale within seconds. Mr Alit approached Aaron, a playful and cheerful individual of merely 17 years old who was still processing the situation around him. Normally, such things wouldn't bother him unless his mind deemed them worthy of attention.

"She is your stepmother, and he is your little brother, Ederic," Mr Alit revealed the identities of the unfamiliar faces, causing anger to wash over Aaron's face.

How could he suddenly have a stepmother and a little brother? Aaron was unwilling to accept this new reality. He looked at them again, but this time his gaze held not confusion but rather hatred. His eyes were filled with disdain.

"Ederic, come and say hello to your big brother. From now on, we're all family," Mr Alit extended his hand toward Ederic, who continued to hide behind his mother, reluctant to adapt to a new environment and unfamiliar people at the age of 14. Ederic hesitated, clutching tightly onto his mother's sleeve, refusing to let go. Aaron was already furious. His father had abruptly brought a random woman and a boy three years his junior into their home, proclaiming that they would be their family in the future. It all seemed absurd.

When Mr Alit touched Aaron's shoulder, he shrugged him off. "I don't have a stepmother or a little brother. If you want... you can keep them for yourself," he spoke with a rude tone, then turned and walked away from them. Mrs Alit grew concerned about her short-tempered son. He had been smiling happily, displaying his adorable dimples, but now his expression had turned cold, accompanied by harsh words.

As Aaron walked away, the younger boy, about to extend his hand, quickly pulled it back, his face reflecting sadness. He continued to watch Aaron's figure disappear into his room, located on the first floor near the staircase. Mrs Alit knelt in front of the young boy and reached out her hand, mustering a gentle smile despite being consumed by deep grief.

"Come here, son," Mrs Alit called out to the young boy. He felt confused and apprehensive about these new people. Having lived in a secluded place, it was challenging for him to comprehend the sudden changes happening around him. It was an unexpected decision indeed.

"Go there, honey," his mother encouraged him. Ederic approached Mrs Alit, who affectionately ran her fingers through his soft, silky hair and smiled warmly. Ederic, too, responded with his famous boxy smile, radiating cuteness like a little tiger cub.

"From now on, this will be your new home," Mrs Alit stated, and Ederic looked around in awe. There stood a person with elegant poise, wearing a professional smile. He had introduced himself as Ederic's father just yesterday, and now they had been abruptly relocated here, with his mother, to become their future family. Life could change drastically overnight, and it had indeed happened in Ederic's life. They say life is full of mysteries and miracles, but no one mentioned that it could also become our worst nightmare, the kind we try to forget even in death. Nevertheless, Ederic mustered a smile and responded, "Okay, ma'am."

"Call me Mom from now on," Mrs Alit gently ruffled his hair, surprising Mr Alit, who expected her to be angry with him for suddenly bringing a woman with a 14-year-old child and introducing her to their family.

Ederic looked at his mom, perplexed. She smiled reassuringly, and Ederic nodded cutely.

"Then you two get along... I'm going to the office," Mr Alit smiled, satisfied, but he sensed that as soon as he stepped out of the house, the atmosphere would inevitably change.

Years had passed since he made that drunken mistake, but he never imagined it would result in the birth of such a sweet little boy. Life always surprises us with new things, and perhaps this was one of them. He needed to calm himself as well. He hurriedly walked out of the house, heaving a deep sigh as he gazed at the blue sky. He felt grateful for providing a home for the orphan girl who had raised his son for over 14 years without seeking any favours. She had even deliberately hidden herself from him, or perhaps he had failed to find her.

"You don't need to feel awkward here. Consider it your home," Mrs Alit reassured Ederic's mom, who was nervous beyond measure. She had initially declined Mr Alit's invitation to return to his house, but now she found herself in this awkward situation with his wife.

"I'm sorry for being a third wheel in your life, Mrs Alit. I didn't do it intentionally," Ederic's mom bowed and apologized, feeling her chest tighten. Her breathing grew uneven, and she tried to conceal her pale face by bowing before Mrs Alit.

"No need to bow. And please, don't be formal... you can call me sister from now on," Mrs Alit offered, her gaze filled with genuine sympathy for the lonely woman standing before her. She appeared so young, too young to raise a child alone at her age. Perhaps her forgiving nature was because she possessed a tender heart that could pardon everyone.

"But..." Ederic's mom hesitated.

"Ederic, go and play with your big brother. Your mom and I need to have a conversation," Mrs Alit guided him toward the stairs, giving him permission to go upstairs. The young boy happily nodded and walked toward the staircase, excited about the prospect of playing with his newfound older brother.

Chapter 2

Ederic made his way to the first floor, where he noticed two women casting an admiring gaze at the child. Excitement surged through him as he longed to spend some time alone with Aaron. With just one look, he had already fallen for Aaron's captivating dimpled smile, though the little one remained unaware of what was about to unfold.

However, Ederic's infatuation with Aaron's charming smile was about to turn into a heartbreaking disappointment. Mrs. Alit and Ederic's mother exited the hall, and Mrs. Alit escorted Ederic's mother to her room. The situation felt slightly awkward, but Ederic didn't want to exacerbate it further.

Ederic stood outside the room for five minutes, hesitating to knock on the door. Earlier, he had overheard Aaron shouting at his father and storming off to his room in anger. The more Ederic contemplated, the more his heart fluttered.

"H-hyung..." he called out, but there was no respo


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