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Miss Mysterious

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As Ederic's life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of his so-called biological dad and the discovery of his second mother, he finds himself in a new family dynamic. Among all the changes, he becomes infatuated with Aaron, his elder brother, seeking his attention and admiration. This admiration slowly transforms into love, with Ederic's heart blooming for Aaron. However, their relationship is far from smooth sailing. Aaron, initially not accepting of Ederic's arrival, becomes a source of bullying and hostility. Ederic endures his elder brother's torment, longing for his affection and attention. The dynamics between them are complicated, with a mix of love and hate intertwining their interactions. Tragedy strikes when Ederic's mother passes away, leaving him devastated. To overcome his depression and seek a fresh start, he is sent abroad for his studies. Despite the physical distance, his love for Aaron remains strong throughout the years. Their love-hate relationship takes a significant turn on the night of Ederic's 18th birthday when they both lose themselves in the moment. After that fateful night, something changes within Aaron. The hate he once held for Ederic transforms into an obsession, consuming his thoughts and actions. On the other hand, Ederic's love for Aaron also turns into an intense obsession, fueling his desires. The question arises as to whether their obsessions will overpower their love or vice versa. It is a precarious balance, and the line between love and obsession becomes increasingly blurred. As their story unfolds, they must confront the consequences of their emotions and navigate the complexities of their relationship.


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