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Western Crust

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Diike
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12
  • 5.0
  • 💬 1


Taking place in the fictional continent of Elmeda amidst an ongoing war between humans and elves, the story follows the journey of young King Percival of the elven tribe. One stormy evening, he mysteriously finds himself in a human village, under the care of Lyda. With no recollection of how he arrived there, Lyda wholeheartedly shelters him in her basement, keeping him hidden from her family. As they develop an infatuation for each other, readers are taken on a journey of discovery into the love story between a human lieutenant's daughter and an elven king as they struggle to find their place in a world plagued by conflict between their respective races.

Chapter 1

On that snowy evening, chaos reigned in the camp as reports came in that the entire force of Nelda had moved camp, causing a commotion among the elven soldiers stationed there. According to reports, the enemy was advancing closer to the wastelands, prompting everyone to scramble and prepare for battle. Despite their armor, the few human soldiers in the camp were freezing in the unruly snowfall. A call went out that King Eric was returning with reinforcements, and everyone rushed to the north lake where a large crowd had gathered on the icy shores.As the King's boat reached the harbor, soldiers jostled for position to get a glimpse of their leader. Fifty-two boats followed behind, more than expected, and soldiers worked quickly to draw them up to the shore. Amidst the jubilation, the King said nothing, seeming detached from the festivities. He remained quiet as he made his way through the crowd to his camping tent when he spotted his mother on a hill to his left. He wasted no time in greeting her, sensing her concern for him. The smile on his face was a rare sight, one he had not shown in years, and Lyda was overjoyed to see it. She couldn't help but remember the enchanting memories she shared with Percival's father, a memory she had tried to forget. But it was impossible to ignore the past, especially when it involved the first elf she ever saw and the only male she had truly fallen for. Indeed, Percival was his father's son.Twenty-five years ago, on a tempestuous evening that seemed as if the gods themselves were against the elves' defeat, Lydas’s father was off to war and all she had was her sister. The wind that night had an unwavering focus on their humble abode, relentlessly attempting to cleave it in two. As a result, the roof began to leak, allowing the rain to seep inside. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Lyda and her sister Hazel remained steadfast and resolute, blocking every gap caused by the wind with empty buckets. However, the storm continued to worsen, causing even more damage to the roof as water began to leak inside from every single hole. As the rainwater rapidly filled Lyda's bucket, she had to bring it down to empty it into another. Suddenly, a heavy thunderclap resounded, causing Lyda to panic and accidentally empty the bucket on her sister. Hazel was understandably furious at her sister's mistake and began to yell at her. Lyda quickly apologized, placing the blame on the wind, but Hazel was already fed up with the situation. Soon after that, Hazel suddenly uttered to Lyda, "You know what Lyda, I can't do this anymore." Surprised, Lyda asked, "Why? We can't just let the rain tear our house in two." Hazel then responded with a sense of resignation, "We can't help it Lyda. Can't you see that everyone else is doing just fine except for us? Maybe the gods have cursed us. I can't keep on with this."Lyda was at a loss for words as her sister walked outside. She knew there was nothing she could do to stop her, and the only thing she could manage was to call out her sister's name, "Hazel." As if Hazel was right, shortly after she had left, a deafening thunderclap struck their home, causing Lyda to scream and run outside in fear. Although she wanted to join her sister at Anne's house, her curiosity was piqued by a figure lying on the floor of the room where the thunder had struck. As she approached the figure, Lyda realized that the storm had lessened its negative impact on their house. All the candles inside had been extinguished, so she could not see the person clearly. However, the lightning strikes illuminated the room enough for her to discern that the figure was a man in shiny armor with long blonde hair and pointy ears. Lyda was astonished as she muttered to herself, "An elf, he is an elf."

Chapter 2

Elmeda, the largest continent ever witnessed on the earth's crust, is situated in the western hemisphere. The continent is demarcated into three major regions - Nelda, Lonia, and Noxus. These regions were once occupied by elves and animals, until the arrival of humans. Though humans lacked the extraordinary abilities of the elves, they quickly became the dominant species and claimed over 60% of the continent. The elves were unable to endure the human invasion any longer and launched a war, which had tragic consequences for them. Despite the fact that the elves had sharper senses and were more agile and robust than humans, they still shared the one weakness that plagues all living beings - mortality. This Achilles heel was one that humans frequently exploited, enabling them to triumph over any adversary they encountered. Meanwhile, Lyda's father was among the capable men from their wooden village who had been deployed to wage war and crush the elves once and for a


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