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"Unleashing My Ability to Hack into Cutting-edge Tech"

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: WEISHAO
  • Chapters: 41
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 202
  • 7.5
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A terrifying specter lurks in the streets, and unspeakable creatures cast covetous gazes. The apocalypse rages on, an impending catastrophe spreading like a tidal wave, consuming all life in its path. In the midst of this chaos, Su Chen stumbles upon an extraordinary ability – the power to hack everything. Firearms, battle armor, even colossal artillery and aircraft undergo incredible transformations at his touch. Initially, he believed this power would secure his footing in this post-apocalyptic era, allowing him to lead a carefree life. However, gradually, he becomes aware that in the unfathomable depths of this apocalypse, even more horrifying shadows lie in wait. The dark end is imminent, and with it, the fiery birth of a new civilization. Su Chen must confront the harsh reality of the apocalypse, traverse the terrifying shadows, and unveil the hidden truths buried deep within. Is his ability to hack enough to stand against this endless darkness? Can he find a glimmer of light in the chaos of the apocalypse and lay the foundation for the rebirth of civilization? This is a clash between darkness and light, a post-apocalyptic tale filled with unknowns and thrills. Under the shadow of terror, Su Chen embarks on a desperate adventure, challenging the unpredictable fate that lies ahead. For survival, for hope, he will use his own power to rewrite the destiny of the apocalypse. As the ominous shadows loom, Su Chen will unravel a desperate adventure, confronting the unknown fate that lies ahead. For survival, for hope, he will wield his power to reshape the destiny of the apocalypse. The dark end is drawing near, and simultaneously, the flames of civilization's fury are about to ignite. Su Chen must navigate the grim reality of the apocalypse, venture through the ominous shadows, and uncover the concealed truths lurking in the abyss. Will his ability to manipulate be enough to combat the unending darkness? Can he discover a glimmer of hope in the midst of apocalypse's chaos, becoming the cornerstone for civilization's rebirth? This is a battle between darkness and the flicker of light, a post-apocalyptic narrative teeming with uncertainties and peril. Under the pall of terror, Su Chen embarks on a harrowing journey, defying the capricious fate that awaits. For survival, for the prospect of a brighter future, he will employ his unique power to rewrite the destiny of the apocalypse.

Chapter 1

I sat the reborn individual to death?

May 3, 177th year of the Federation.

Huaxia Region. Yuanliao City.

Su Chen was suddenly startled, lifting his head from the desk, looking around in confusion and panic.

The surroundings were entirely unfamiliar. A spacious yet simply furnished bedroom, papers spread out on the desk, and a neutral pen.

Could it be... time travel?

Yes, he had been in a car accident...

Su Chen felt a wave of dizziness, picking up a small mirror to examine his face.

Around the age of twenty-five or twenty-six, reasonably good-looking, though a bit pale. However, it wasn't the same face as Su Chen's original one.

Suppressing the panic within, Su Chen furrowed his brows, trying to recall all memories related to this person.

Fragmented memories surged into his mind. A local resident, returning from an out-of-town university to work for a local state-owned enterprise...

Though memories were fragmented and lacked many details, and Su Chen's perspective seemed that of a bystander, he could roughly piece them together. In this world, there were not many countries; humanity was unified under a federal system. Yet, there was little difference in technology, cultural levels, and the 21st century Su Chen had known.

The original owner of this body was also named Su Chen, leading an ordinary life until this morning...

This morning, instead of going to work, he... took out a high-interest loan?

In the afternoon, he broke up with his girlfriend who had been insisting on buying a car and a bag?

Turned around and called his ex-girlfriend, whom he hadn't seen in many years, in North America, saying "I love you"?

After taking out a high-interest loan and breaking up with his girlfriend, he didn't go home but rented a luxury car and a presidential suite in the city center?

What kind of bewildering actions were these?

Su Chen's mouth twitched; he felt like he had taken over the life of a madman.

With his head lowered, Su Chen noticed the first line written on the paper on the table.

【I've been reborn! I've really been reborn!】

This is...

Su Chen's pupils slightly contracted as he picked up the paper for a closer look.

The contents were written in a list-like manner, resembling a memo or an execution checklist, yet the contents were shocking.

【1. Reborn, enjoy life before the disaster comes.】

【2. Stockpile a small but necessary amount of supplies.】

【3. Prepare weapons, knives... preferably get a gun!】

【4. Far East Building auction on May 4th, must quickly seize the Arnouval Ring!】

【5. Three days later, disaster will strike, a great disaster, great terror. This time, I must survive! I must survive!】

Beneath the paper was a quiet invitation to the auction. Su Chen picked up the black invitation, but there were no memories associated with it in his mind.

He didn't know how he obtained it.

Fragmented memories had gaps, even for recent memories.

But the information here was already sufficient.

The reason why this Su Chen in this world had made such bizarre moves today was probably that he was a reborn individual, coming back from a future three days or even further ahead, anticipating a significant change, perhaps an apocalypse or something else. The contents of this list were the preparations made by the reborn individual.

Even through the paper, Su Chen could feel the joy and excitement of this reborn individual who was getting another chance.

Thinking about this, Su Chen couldn't help but find it strange.

Because this reborn individual had just settled in, and Su Chen had come over and taken over his life.

Indeed, he had truly been reborn, but his arrival had interrupted the subsequent time-traveling of the original Su Chen.

No, I didn't want to time travel! I was doing well on my side, if not for the car accident...

A brief whimsical thought passed, and Su Chen's heart sank slightly.

Although Su Chen had luckily come back to life once, his situation was not favorable.

A great disaster, a great threat. And it's better to have a gun.

Although Su Chen didn't know what the disaster was, or how it would manifest, these few pieces of information were enough to indicate something.

In his previous life, Su Chen was just an ordinary white-collar worker. Even if you delved deeper, he was at most a semi-elite, how could he cope with a major disaster that required guns?

Su Chen tried hard to recall, wanting to find memories about the rebirth.

Unfortunately, those memories seemed to have disappeared along with the reborn Su Chen, whom he had taken over.

The only clue was the information recorded on this paper.


This wasn't a clue; it was the method or even the "legacy" left by the reborn Su Chen, who had been taken over.

As a reborn individual, the first thing he wanted to do was to find a way to survive.

Stockpiling supplies, preparing weapons were standard methods. Only this Arnouval Ring...


Must seize it quickly...

The six words "Arnouval Ring" on the paper were even circled several times.

This thing must be the key for the reborn individual to deal with the impending disaster!

It seemed like he had to go to this auction.

Su Chen took a deep breath. Although he still had a slightly unrealistic feeling about crossing over, he was always a pragmatist, half an elite wasn't just empty talk. Regardless, accept it first, and then prepare.

Su Chen, who had died once, deeply understood the terror of death; he didn't want to die again.

At this moment, the doorbell of the luxurious presidential suite he lived in suddenly rang.

Su Chen frowned slightly, crossed the living room, and came to the door, asking, "Who is it?"

A coquettish female voice came from outside, "Sir, your dinner is here."

This reborn individual sure knows how to enjoy life, calling dinner to a presidential suite even after borrowing money?

Speaking of which, I'm a bit hungry.

In his mind, Su Chen whispered a sentence, opened the door, but there was no food cart or food outside. There was only a hot girl looking at him coyly, pulling down the thin gauze-like fabric on one side of her shoulder, revealing a glimpse of a delicate shoulder.

Su Chen didn't react at first, asking in confusion, "Where's dinner?"

"I am your dinner, sir. You called for me..."

The girl didn't stick to the door like a bone, instead, she approached the room while seductively casting her eyes.

Su Chen instantly understood.

This seemed to be part of that "enjoy life" point in the reborn individual's list.

Having just crossed over and experienced death, and now facing an unknown crisis called the "great disaster" tomorrow, Su Chen really wasn't in the mood or interest to enjoy life in the manner of hiring companions. Moreover, he needed to save some money for tomorrow's auction. So Su Chen closed the door decisively, "I'm not interested."

Outside the door, the girl for hire looked at the tightly closed door, her expression somewhat confused and dazed.

What's going on?

He called me over, and with just a sentence of disinterest, it's over?

She looked at

the luxurious presidential suite in front of her, bit her lip, although a bit unwilling, she turned and left. Facing someone who could afford to stay here, she didn't dare say much. Perhaps, he really lost interest...

Meanwhile, Su Chen had turned back to the bedroom, preparing to go online first and learn about this world's federal system, any signs of the impending disaster, and other related information before tomorrow's auction.

Chapter 2

Auction Event

Su Chen's gains on the Internet were meager; the world had deviated from its course since the Middle Ages, gradually unifying under the rule of independent regions, with a federal government above them. In other aspects, such as culture, technology, and the world Su Chen once lived in, there were almost no discrepancies.

Little relevant information regarding the significant disaster recorded by the reborn individual could be found. It seemed that there were no clues before its outbreak.

The only thing that caught Su Chen's attention was during his search for oddities. He noticed that many people around the world claimed to have superpowers. A young man from the African region turned into a fire-spewing boy overnight, and a robust man from the Russian Union region had abundant, bear-like fur... The closest incident occurred in Su Chen's distant Liaoyuan City, where a sixty-seven-year-old man single-handedly blocked an SUV c


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