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About me

Hello everyone, I'm a novelist known as Weishao. Navigating the ocean of words, I use a dedicated touch of the pen to sketch out diverse and colorful story worlds. My creative inspiration stems from a love for life and a profound observation of human nature. Having witnessed the grandeur of nature during my travels and felt the nuanced emotions in the hustle and bustle of the city, these experiences have become the wellspring of my creativity. They enable me to portray the beauty and complexity of the world in my novels. I cherish exploring various literary styles, ranging from reflections on real-life themes to the fantastical realms of science fiction and fantasy. Through my writing, I aim to delve into the boundaries of human nature. My works seek sincere emotions, three-dimensional characters, and I hope readers can find resonance within them, sparking profound contemplation.


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  • Author: WEISHAO
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 202
  • 7.5

A terrifying specter lurks in the streets, and unspeakable creatures cast covetous gazes. The apocalypse rages on, an impending catastrophe spreading like a tidal wave, consuming all life in its path. In the midst of this chaos, Su Chen stumbles upon an extraordinary ability – the power to hack everything. Firearms, battle armor, even colossal artillery and aircraft undergo incredible transformations at his touch. Initially, he believed this power would secure his footing in this post-apocalyptic era, allowing him to lead a carefree life. However, gradually, he becomes aware that in the unfathomable depths of this apocalypse, even more horrifying shadows lie in wait. The dark end is imminent, and with it, the fiery birth of a new civilization. Su Chen must confront the harsh reality of the apocalypse, traverse the terrifying shadows, and unveil the hidden truths buried deep within. Is his ability to hack enough to stand against this endless darkness? Can he find a glimmer of light in the chaos of the apocalypse and lay the foundation for the rebirth of civilization? This is a clash between darkness and light, a post-apocalyptic tale filled with unknowns and thrills. Under the shadow of terror, Su Chen embarks on a desperate adventure, challenging the unpredictable fate that lies ahead. For survival, for hope, he will use his own power to rewrite the destiny of the apocalypse. As the ominous shadows loom, Su Chen will unravel a desperate adventure, confronting the unknown fate that lies ahead. For survival, for hope, he will wield his power to reshape the destiny of the apocalypse. The dark end is drawing near, and simultaneously, the flames of civilization's fury are about to ignite. Su Chen must navigate the grim reality of the apocalypse, venture through the ominous shadows, and uncover the concealed truths lurking in the abyss. Will his ability to manipulate be enough to combat the unending darkness? Can he discover a glimmer of hope in the midst of apocalypse's chaos, becoming the cornerstone for civilization's rebirth? This is a battle between darkness and the flicker of light, a post-apocalyptic narrative teeming with uncertainties and peril. Under the pall of terror, Su Chen embarks on a harrowing journey, defying the capricious fate that awaits. For survival, for the prospect of a brighter future, he will employ his unique power to rewrite the destiny of the apocalypse.


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