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The Reincarnation of Glory Witch

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After rising from the dead, Zevana was given an order by the Moon Goddess to free The Land of Amaphera from the cursed magic power of The Dark Shadow. The problem is that Zevana lost all her strength, got swapped in other woman's body, and lost all her memories—can't even remember her name! How will Zevana liberate The Land of Amaphera? How will the search of six bodies of The Land of Amaphera mages hidden by The Dark Shadow succeed? How does Zevana unravel The Land of Amaphera big secret? Zevana's struggle to get her life back, against fate to fight for her love, and to change the prophecy of fate will begin when she rises from the death.

Chapter 1. The Biggest War

The most accursed darkness comes. The accursed darkness that will control the soul, inviting destruction, threatens the land and the holy land.Four hundred years ago, the prophecy was found recorded in the book of the Witches of the Country of Amaphera—a book that recorded the magic, power, torture, and everything that happened to witches in every age. But that ancient book had been abandoned and no one believed.The kingdoms of all clans in Amaphera Country are experiencing developments. They abandoned faith in the ancient scriptures, deeming it impossible for the dark forces to return, instead placing their faith in the enemies of the seven most powerful mages of the Country of Amaphera and the orb of Agyss' power.The seven witches hand-picked by the gods, and their supreme-level Agyss orb power passed down for generations destroyed the dark forces five hundred years ago.Unfortunately, the prediction came true."Maviolus peviatto!"A howl of pain rang out from a Malfos right after a flaming spear pierced his heart. At his standing point, Aslyn the witch with Agyss—a red ball of power walked closer towards a Malfos she had just killed."Curse you, d*mn creature!" Aslyn cursed while kicking lightly the body of a horse with a lion's head and deer horns.“Aslyn, watch behind you!”An exclamation from the front made Aslyn spontaneously look back. Seeing a gigantic figure with two long protruding fangs and sharp big nails trotting closer, Aslyn immediately raised her Agyss—a ball of power—."Lafanta—""Geviosa pellene!"Aslyn jerked back two steps as she felt the force of the wind as well as the shaking of the ground. Above a low flying gryffin carrying Albus directing Agyss blue. Before long, thick, branching roots emerged from under the ground of the four large trees surrounding Aslyn.Thick roots scuttled towards the huge furry and fanged creature, blocking its arm that was about to swing a large ax at Aslyn. Then another branch of thick roots held up the huge creature's legs, arms, hips, and head."Tuvredo andera!" The magic from Albus' Agyss powerball yanked a lot of poisonous leaves out of the fanfare. In an instant each of those leaves turned into sharp boomerangs.All the leaf boomerangs spun at the gigantic figure, injecting poison magic into the pointed tip of the weapon.Groans of pain resounded as the huge creature felt the deadliest poison coursing through its cells. Albus who was still flying with the gryffin creature smirked watching the huge creature in pain.Then Maggni, the mage with red Agyss, suddenly appeared from beside Aslyn. Realizing that the huge creature had not been killed, Maggni extended his Agyss."Puvero allerosa!"The magic that was released from Maggni's red Agyss instantly brought forth a forked root from under the tree. The two root branches then turned into running spears with flames, hurtling swiftly through the brain and heart of the massive creature.Aslyn smiled at Albus and Maggni in thanks.They stepped deeper into the battle arena. Enduring pain and anger in their chests every time they saw the soldiers, citizens, mages, and holy creatures of Amaphera Country lying dead.the fighting doesn't stop. It was already the tenth day since the first attack. Creatures that have been controlled by cursed dark magic are arriving.They attacked Amaphera Country one after another. Every time many attacking creatures die, another army of monstrous creatures comes attacking.Sickness, hunger, threat of danger, fear, all of which beautify the Land of Amaphera.The prediction really came true."Tuvredo andera!""Nevacto viamelle!""Puvero allerosa!""Geviosa pellene!"Various exclamations of magical sentences echoed from the four witches who stepped side by side. They along with the rest of the kingdom's surviving soldiers attack every monstrous creature, recovering some of the dying soldiers.Meanwhile two other magicians flew on their respective gryffins, delivering attacks from the air.Horrible creatures keep coming, some trees come alive and attack, cursed black magic that is impermeable unwittingly attacks the soldiers.The soldiers' Agyss wasn't as strong as the six witches' Agyss. More and more, cursed black magics secretly penetrated their hearts and devoured their souls.Narvi, the witch with the blue and red Agyss holding up the protective ice wall, called out, "The situation is critical! Where is Zevana?! Why didn't he come here?!""I don't know!" Aslyn who was ten meters away from Narvi answered. "He disappeared after killing a Morphine!"Narvi groaned in annoyance, watching her Agyss flicker. The sign of the strength level has decreased."The dark power is in my hand… the dark power is in my hand…"Narvi raised her head to see the source of the echoing sound. A few meters not far from their presence, a silhouetted figure moved forward with a purple-black mist surrounding it. The fog turned off everything that stepped on and passed.The six witches were stunned to know who had come.The Black Shadow, the destroyer of the Country of Amaphera.-----Zevana groaned as he tried to get up from a fallen position. Note the longitudinal burn on the calf. Heat radiated from the burn, making it difficult for Zevana's legs to move.Zevana's pair of gray eyes turned to look to the left. Morphine creatures, three dwarves who become one body with horns on each head, are dead. Zevana tried to remember: a few minutes ago he had a fight with this morphine creature.Zevana had no trouble defeating this morphine creature, to be honest. But a long iron necklace reminded Zevana of her mother—the woman died right before her eyes. The morphine iron necklace broke his concentration."Your injuries aren't too bad.""Ah!" Zevana flinched when his burns felt hotter. He saw a man sitting on his knees and placing Agyss over his wound. "You… who are you?"The stranger didn't answer. He still looks focused with Agyss who emits a light mist of wound healing magic onto Zevana's burns."Hold on a minute, this is going to hurt—""ARGH!" Zevana's moaning voice immediately came out even though the foreign man's sentence had not finished speaking. "You surprise—ah!""You're not strong enough to take the pain," the man snapped, sounding a tone of quiet mockery. "And yet you are the strongest white magician of Amaphera Country.""I can stand the pain, I'm just shocked! What medicine did you give exactly?" Zevana replied feeling irritated.The foreign man in front of Zevana curved a grin. Zevana's burn treatment lasted only fifteen seconds. Slowly the magic that came out of the man's red Agyss tightened Zevana's skin again.Zevana looked at his calf. There are no burn scars. His skin had closed as before."The wound has disappeared, but maybe the pain still remains," said the man who was already looking at Zevana. Sharp and devoid of any emotion.Although feeling doubtful, Zevana said, "Thank you. You haven't answered my question."The man stood up from his sitting position. "Which one?"Zevana also stood up. But suddenly his body almost fell backwards. The man just stared at her disinterestedly. Luckily Zevana's reflexes were good enough to hold his body so he didn't really fall."I told you the pain may still remain. Move slowly," said the stranger."I didn't save you," the man replied firmly. "I saved the Country of Amaphera."Zevana still doesn't understand. Before he could say another question, the man suddenly made his move. The sound of a beast growling came out as the man's pair of eyes became red."I have to go back. I don't—"Zevana's words immediately stopped because the foreign man suddenly changed. A tall and large gray wolf. Zevana was alarmed, took a few steps back while gripping his Agyss."You're a werewolf?" Zevana's tone was low, full of emphasis and hatred.The large gray wolf in front of Zevana turned his head, then said, "My name is Frans. Climb into my body. The Country of Amaphera needs you, the White Witch."

Chapter 2. Betrayal from Werewolves Clan

As the silhouettes stepped towards the six witches' point of presence, the purple-black mists made the living things around it wither. Turns off in seconds. The forest that had almost died lifeless, was now getting pitch black.The trees instantly bent because their branches were lifeless. The roots seemed to stiffen, the creatures howled in pain as their souls were forcibly ripped out.Signs like this… the six witches could already tell who was coming."The Black Shadow," whispered Narvi, looking worriedly at the silhouette hidden by the dense fog.Aslyn growled in annoyance. She extended her red Agyss towards the silhouetted figure."Mavesto Ila—ah!" Aslyn was instantly knocked aside, hitting the trunk of a large, dead tree."Aslyn!" Narvi and Maggni shouted in unison.Aslyn groaned holding her chest. The mist magic attack that suddenly shot fast seemed to stab his chest. As


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