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The Prince Revenge: System

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In a world filled with levels and mythical beasts, a prince thrives to reclaim the kingdom that was once his own and avenge the death of his father no matter what. The prince is faced with all kinds of enemies and monsters but through the help of a peasant maiden, he fights with zeal and the skills of a Japanese swordsman, he never lost his spirit and even after his kingdom was taken from him and he was left with nothing but his sword he still kept his royalty and held his head high in the face of danger and in the face of the evil king, his name is Prince Elliot Alexander the only son of Ivan Alexander the third. would they fail to reclaim the kingdom and avenge the king? will they discover that they are fated to be soulmates and ignite the fire that had been burning low?


In a time where witches and wizards roamed around the face of the earth without any fear or anxiety of being burnt alive, a time where mythical beasts were not just myths but real monsters, a time where vampires and werewolves existed, there was a great war between the two strongest kingdoms in all the land and the war led to the destruction of many small towns and little villages, the war raged on because both kingdoms were evenly matched and their military capabilities was overrun with high level monsters that fought for their kings.

The king of Mytigon which was the weaker kingdom out of the two was beginning to panic because his military force was reducing day after day and he was afraid because of the life of his son who was no more than two years old, the king of Mytigon managed to seek audience with the king of the opposing kingdom which was called Briggs and they talked at length because of the gravity of the matter at hand, how to stop the war that had claimed thousands without causing further bloodshed.

“Ah, if it isn’t the great king of Mytigon; the ravager of all savage beasts… I am honored to have you in my chambers” emperor Constantine said as he welcomed Ivan Alexander the third king of Mytigon into his chambers, the guard left the room and shut the door behind him.

“You sure know how to flatter a person, Constantine… the pleasure is all mine because today I am able to put my foot on the Persian rugs that overrun your beautiful palace” Ivan said to Constantine as he took his seat in the chair that was opposite him, Constantine watched him slowly and cautiously because the meeting was unprepared and so sudden.

“I like exquisite and fancy things, to what do I owe this sudden but welcoming visit?” the emperor went straight to the point, he was never a man for small talk and his curiosity was beyond tipping point.

“I am here to talk about a way to end this war, I have seen the way our conflict has lain towns to waste and how slaves and good military persons have been slaughtered… all because we want to uphold our name, I feel it is time that all of this needless fighting come to an end” Ivan was trying to keep his eyes steady and he stopped his hand from fumbling, he was never scared but when it came to Constantine; Ivan was aware that the emperor was miles ahead of him in the power rank.

“I see, you have come to resolve this issue in a non-violent manner? Lucky for you, I have been pondering on the same thing as well” Constantine spoke slowly, he took his time and he chose his words carefully, even if he was aware that Ivan was lower than him in power level… Constantine was still considering him as a tough opponent if they fought at that moment.

“I am glad that you have thought about this, is there any way that we can sort this out?” Ivan was breathing easier now, his mission would soon be accomplished and peace would reign.

“Well, there is a way that we can sort this out but you have to listen carefully and act according” Ivan nodded his head and Constantine went on with his instructions.

“Few weeks ago I welcomed my first child into this world and I lost her mother just because of such a sacrifice, I went to a shrink to tell me the prophecy about her future and the shrink told me that my daughter is going to be great and even become the first female to rule a kingdom so successfully but there was one problem, my daughter is going to do all of these great things but she is not going to get married because of the sins of her father, the shrink said that all men would be afraid of her might so they will run away from her and I don’t want that to happen” Ivan digested all of this into his mind and he still couldn’t see the problem.

“Why? I don’t see any problem with that since she is still going to be such a wonderful ruler after her father” Ivan was almost shocked out of his bone with the way that the emperor reacted after his statement.

“THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! My daughter is not going to have any heir, after her reign my kingdom would be given to a complete stranger and I do not want that to happen, I know that you have a son that is a little bit older than my daughter so I want your son to marry my daughter when they are of age, if your son gets married to my daughter then the prophecy can be averted and my kingdom and yours would become one and we shall rule over the rest kingdoms and so shall our heirs, this is what I want from you and if it is granted then the war would be over, I would call back my troops and I will lay down my arms and call you the winner” emperor Constantine paused after such a long speech, he drank his wine from the chalice that sat close to him.

“I understand your point but since this is a prophecy from the oracle; I suggest that we don’t tamper with it or try to change the destinies of our children, we don’t know about the consequences that we may bring upon ourselves if we try to avoid fate” Ivan was speaking from a logical standpoint but Constantine was already too emotional to reason anything logically.

“We are the deciders of our own fate, we choose what our destinies would be like from the choices that we make now, choose what you want; peace or war” Constantine was not one to toy with and Ivan agreed to his terms quickly.

“I want peace so I agree to your terms, my son Prince Elliot Alexander will marry your daughter when he is of age” Constantine handed him a feather and an empty piece of paper, as Ivan wrote with the inkless feather; words began to appear on the paper and when he finished the words vanished, it was a forever contract and the pen and paper was to finalize the deal.

“It is done, I shall withdraw my troops as promised and the war shall end with you as the victor, half of the kingdoms under my command shall become yours and as from today we are no longer enemies but in-laws” Constantine shook hands with Ivan and he even offered him some wine which Ivan refused.

“I thank you for being so kind and considerate, I shall be on my way now” Ivan stood up to leave but Constantine still had some words for him.

“Remember our contract and always keep it in mind, the sun shall set soon and if the deal isn’t completed then be prepared for the consequences” the words sent chills into the spine of the king of Mytigon and he never forgot those words.


Prince Elliot Alexander had always been called “Special” ever since he was just a young lad but he was not aware of the reason behind the name, sometimes the boy thought the reason to be his eye colors which was a combination of brown and black {brown left eye, black on the right} but he knew the reason behind his queer eye colors but what puzzled him was the way his father bragged about the prowess of his kingdom and how the kingdom was going to rule over all the others, his father always put Elliot in front of everything and that was understandable because the king lost his wife on the day Elliot was born so it was only fair that the only son should receive showers of spoiling and blessings. Growing up in a royal palace would make anyone lazy because they had servants that would do anything that they wanted within a snap of their fingers but Elliot was a remarkable exception, he was in love with hard work and he loved working in the barns with the stable keepers wher


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