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The King of Dreams

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I hope you love this story and thanks for your support guys. Love# In a stunning twist of fate, Morpheus, the immortal King of Dreams, finds himself captured by a mere mortal in the waking world. Driven by a desperate quest to capture Death itself, this unsuspecting mortal inadvertently seizes the very essence of the Dreaming. Stripped of his divine powers and imprisoned for centuries, Morpheus's absence plunges the world into chaos. Many sleep, never to awaken, while others yearn for the respite of slumber. Can Morpheus escape his captor's clutches and reclaim his rightful place as the ruler of dreams? Will Morpheus triumph, or will the chaos of eternal night prevail?

Chapter 1

The ruler of dreams, Morpheus, approached his throne and reached out to retrieve his helmet from its resting place. "My Lord, you are coming back, aren't you?" His second in command, Lucien, enquired with worry."Why wouldn't I return, Lucien?" Morpheus replied as he placed the helmet on his head. "I don't know. It's just that a being as powerful as you, residing here in your realm, dreams rarely ventures into the waking world. Nightmares, however, seem to flourish there."Morpheus then produced his sand and disappeared into nothingness.Emerging from the shadows, Morpheus stepped forward and spoke in a hushed voice. "Corinthians, my works still exist only in dreams. They shouldn't roam among the living while enjoying the demise of mortals."He stood up, Corinth. "Wasn't this the reason you created me? Why should we limit ourselves to their unconscious minds?"He continued, "There is nothing stopping us from taking whoever or whatever we desire," but as Corinthians' knife slipped from his hand, Morpheus was turning him back to sand. "But there is," said Morpheus.Corinthians pleaded for his life as Morpheus extended his hand, holding a ruby before him, attempting to erase Corinthians from existence. The chants of a disciple echoed in Morpheus' ears: "Here in the Darkness." Morpheus groaned and crumbled into dust, while Corinthians felt relief wash over him, knowing he had survived his punishment.A circle of disciples gathered around Morpheus's unconscious body as it manifested within a hazy realm. With their aim evident in their focused expressions, they had cast a strong binding spell to trap him. As they held onto him, their faces were a mixture of astonishment and dread, and the air erupted with supernatural energy. However, Morpheus remained unaware of their attempts while dozing off, his power temporarily dormant.An aged man named Magnus beckoned his son, Alex, to approach Morpheus, the enigmatic figure before them. Magnus entrusted Alex with a crucial task—to retrieve Morpheus' sand pouch. However, he cautioned his son with a stern voice, emphasizing the utmost importance of not breaking the binding circle that encircled Morpheus.As they cautiously reached out to remove Morpheus' coat, a strange and otherworldly transformation occurred. The fabric of Morpheus' coat morphed into the form of a sleek black raven, deftly stripping away the layers that covered Morpheus.Magnus stepped forward with a determined resolve, his hands reaching out to remove Morpheus' helmet. "For now, we shall allow our guest to regain his strength before we unveil our intentions," he declared. With a careful touch, Magnus removed the helmet, revealing Morpheus' pale and serene face.Acknowledging the importance of their next steps, Magnus and his companions entrusted Morpheus to the watchful eyes of the guards. They left the room, their footsteps echoing in the distance.Morpheus was powerless, trapped by a spell cast by an amateur, with no concern for the damage he had done to Morpheus' realm and to his own. The following morning, the sleepy sickness affected nearly 1 million men, women, and children worldwide, as the absence of Morpheus brought chaos to the Dreaming and mortal realm.In the evening, Magnus heard a knock on his doorstep, went ahead to check but found no one. Surprised to see Corinthians inside his house, Magnus quickly approached him and asked with confusion, "Do I know you?"Corinthians replied, "No, but I know everything about you, Magnus, and the creature you've trapped in your cellar." He revealed that he was here to help with Morpheus' imprisonment.Magus nodded confidently, "So, it's blackmail, is it? A shakedown." Corinthians assured Magus that he was here to help him with Morpheus' imprisonment. They walked down the hallway, and Magnus entered the room where Corinthians had gone, Corinthians closed the door behind immediately Magnus stepped in .Corinthians approached and remarked, "There are advantages to keeping one of the Endless nearby." Confused, Magnus asked, "The Endless?" Corinthians proceeded to explain about the Reaper Family, which included members such as Desire, Destiny, and Despair. Magnus, seeking reassurance, faced Corinthians and asked, "Which one of them do I have?"With an intense tone, Corinthians replied, "Dream."Agitated, Magnus questioned, "What good is a god who rules over dreams?" He was on the verge of leaving the room when he heard Corinthians mention that Morpheus was more than just a god. Corinthians explained that Morpheus possessed certain items like the Ruby, Pouch of Sands, and Helm, which could grant him aspects of power and prolong his lifespan. However, Morpheus had to remain captive and must never be allowed to escape.Convinced that Morpheus was securely bound within the binding circle, Magus's confidence wavered as Corinthians expressed a different viewpoint. Corinthians advised Magus that the circle alone was insufficient, stating, "You must construct a glass sphere within the circle to contain Morpheus's physical form." Corinthians emphasized the importance of preventing anyone from falling asleep in Morpheus's presence, as it would allow him to escape into their dreams, something Magus certainly wanted to avoid.A smile formed on Magnus's face as he heard the prospect of gaining power and wealth. However, Corinthians added an additional instruction for Magnus: he needed to acquire Forced March Tablets, typically used to keep trench soldiers awake.As Corinthians prepared to depart, Magus couldn't help but inquire, "Why are you helping me, and what is your relationship with him?" Corinthians smiled and replied, "Well, you could say that he shaped me into who I am today, and if he were to ever escape, he could reclaim everything."Sensing a presence in their midst, Corinthians alerted Magnus, though he couldn't see anyone. Curiously, Corinthians stooped down, picked up a stone, and hurled it at a raven nearby. "Well, you'll have to handle her. Her name is Jessamy, and she belongs to Morpheus. Best of luck," Corinthians said before departing.Magnus entered the room where Morpheus was imprisoned, his footsteps echoing in the silence. "Are you awake?" he asked, but Morpheus remained silent, his gaze fixed on Magnus as he paced around. With intense determination, Magnus spoke, "I know who you are, Dream of the Endless."As Morpheus opened his eyes, his gaze met Magnus', who continued his plea, "I captured you according to the laws of magic. But it wasn't you I wanted. I wanted Death to return my son, Randell."Magnus requested that Morpheus grant him the return of his son in exchange for his release. "Is that in your power, King of Dreams?" Magnus asked, searching for an answer in Morpheus' eyes. Morpheus raised his eyes but remained silent, withholding his response."If you can't, what can you give me?" Magnus questioned, his voice filled with anticipation. "If I promise to give you back your things," he continued, expressing his desires. "Power? Immortality? Wealth?" Magnus paused, then asked with a hint of assurance, "Is there nothing you can offer me?"Morpheus remained silent, withholding his response. Understanding that Morpheus was not yet ready to speak, Magnus made a decision. He would make use of Morpheus' vestments until the King of Dreams was willing to engage in the conversation.Magnus exited the room, leaving Alex alone with Morpheus. As Morpheus raised his head, his expression filled with pleading, Alex found himself unable to bear the weight of the pain, sadness, and suffering reflected in Morpheus' face. Overwhelmed by the emotions emanating from the imprisoned deity, Alex swiftly departed the room, seeking solace elsewhere.Day after day, Magnus pleaded for gifts that are not of mankind's to receive nor Morpheus to give, so Morpheus remained silent.And ten years later, though Morpheus' presence remained secret to society, his ruby, sand, and helm brought youth and prosperity to Magnus and his followers, but for the rest of the world, the suffering continued.

Chapter 2

The following evening, after a party at Magnus' house, there were no guards available to watch over Morpheus. Alex volunteered to keep an eye on the captive deity. He ascended the stairs with determination and entered the room where Morpheus was imprisoned.In the darkened chamber, Morpheus sat within the sphere, his head lifted. As Alex approached the door, he called out, breaking the silence. "Hello," he greeted, stepping closer to Morpheus. "It's Alex, the son of Magnus," he introduced himself, hoping to establish a connection with the enigmatic figure before him.Uncertain of Morpheus' ability to communicate or comprehend, Alex expressed his concerns. "You see, I don't know if you can speak or understand me, but I just wanted to ask: Are you alright in there?" As Alex anxiously awaited a response, Morpheus, driven by a mix of annoyance and anger, turned his head towards him.Alex paused, conte


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