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The Forbidden Sorcery (Wizardry Of Souls)

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Elena, a formidable, powerful sorceress and assassin, is trapped in the body of a frail and blind servant called Cressida. The fate of this two people become twisted due to " hwanhonsool"( the soul of the death return to the living). Elena becomes powerless after her soul was shifted to another body and on the quest to regain her magical abilities encounters a man from a prestigious family, who wants her help and he in turn changes his destiny. The bond between these two becomes stronger and turns to an unbreakable romance. Will the mages be able to stop Elena after she regains her magical strength?

The Soul Shifts

The night is accompanied with rain hammering down in the streets. A woman dressed in a thin veil evades a rabble of guards as she walks through town.

Slipping down the back alleys, she makes her way to a poor family

'You poor thing, child take this and eat' the woman said, caressing the child's head.

The little dirty boy in rags sat up with the help of his mother

"Child, go on," his mother said while feeding him.

"I will bring more meals for you, eat slowly" the woman dressed in a thin veil said. She moved out of the room and slowly raised her eyes to look at 

the strange devilish man in a caged room while shutting the door behind her.

The strange devilish man arrives, with blue-grey skin and charges at the poor woman and her child in rags. Thankfully, a demon slayer called Daniel Donovan appears, the both exchange fists and Daniel Donovan throws him across the room. Somehow conjuring up water powers, he confines it to a prison.

The door slams open in a hurry "Matt" the woman screamed while running in.

"I told you to reach out to me if anything were to happen to him,how could you let things come to this?" Daniel Donovan said.

"He will be fine once he consumes human energy, he will return to normal" the woman said anxiously.

"Your son has run wild, I will retrieve his soul". Donovan said firmly.

"No,no, you were the one who turned my son into a soul shifter, either get him another body or feed him the energy of human souls. Bring back my son! Bring back my son!" The woman said screaming and in the pull of tears.

It turns out this creature is the woman’s son who has lost control.

"If word gets out that I used the forbidden sorcery, we will both be doomed". Daniel said.

"No… please.. no!.. please Matt, stay with me for a bit longer, my son..." The woman says running towards the creature and crying non stop.

The creature tried to exchange his soul with that of the woman, but Daniel Donovan drew out his magic sword and threw it towards him, cutting through his stomach and stopping him immediately.

Daniel eventually plunges this wild soul into the watery depths below. It turns to rock after losing its power.


"Why do soul shifters turn to rock after they've gone wild?" One of the servants asked Daniel Donovan after throwing the stoned body of the creature into a lake.

"A crack forms when the bodies clash with the souls they carry which causes them to lose their energy."Daniel explained further

" This is making the eighth soul shifter that has turned to a rock after going wild" the servant said.

"I guess I should stop shifting souls," Said Daniel Donovan.

Daniel is afterwards summoned to the Royal Palace.

"His majesty has been asking about the new spell you've been trying to master, he demands to see you." Said the servant by the lake.

However, Gang is working on a new spell that allows one’s soul to be transported into another. 

The ancient lightening of the old Chinese and some marbles of water with a sick man, looking feeble and coughing profusely while seated on the throne shows the king's palace as Jang Gang walks in.

"Ough, ough,Ough," the sick king coughed painfully.

"I heard… you have been trying to master a new kind of spell" the king said.

"It's nothing grand, it's just a trick I tried out for fun" Daniel Donovan lied.

" I know I cannot ask to live forever. However, it's a thing of worry to me that I don't have an heir" the king feeble voice came through.

"I wish you quick recovery, your majesty". Daniel added almost immediately.

"I can't do anything with this weak body, but I might have a chance if I get to live in a younger and healthier body," the king continued.

"There's no way for humans to switch bodies" Daniel was wary.

"But you can do it Daniel," the king insisted.

'The ancient wizardry of souls'.

There was silent for a few minutes, then Daniel broke it.

"That's an ancient sorcery that has been forbidden, if the soul clashes with the body it could even turn to an evil spirit and besides how could I change the body of a king to another person"?

The King is aware of this and wants to transport inside Daniel’s soul and have them switch places – just for 7 days. He pointed out how Daniel had transformed a dead man's soul to another body and the man lived for half a year, how much more he the king, who is protected by the skies.

Daniel was still wary,but the will of the King was hard to fight against. Begrudgingly, he agrees to do this. He throws the crystal in his palm into the flood of water in the palace and enacts the magic of the water, smoke and earth. The incants rolled in circles like a burning house and immediately they switched places.

Daniel woke up with the King's body, went right away to the mirror "The king and I have switched bodies" he said and afterwards saw the write-up on the king's table inscribed 'I shall make Isabel mine, and when she bears a child it shall be mine'.

The King’s target was Isabel, Daniel’s beloved. He intends to have her bear a child and hurries off to make love with her, unbeknownst to the poor woman that the real Daniel Donovan is stuck in the wrong body.

Daniel in the weak King's body got furious and in a scream, "no, no, it can't be Isabel, no!" He screamed unable to move with the weak and feeble body of the King.

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The Pet Bird Whistle

20 years later and the child conceived has grown into Stefan Donovan who happens to be at the royal palace overseen by Petrova Theodore.

On the frozen lake in the outskirts of the village, Elena, a female Shadow Assassin is seen having a tense argument with some soldier who came to capture her.

"So you're Elena, the Shadow Assassin who has been going around killing all the mages in the City." Petrova Theodore confronted her.

"They call me Elena, for wherever I go, heads fall on the ground, a beautiful name isn't it? '' she replied boastfully with a cheek up smile.

"Kill her," the head soldier ordered.

Immediately arrows were raised by the soldiers and fired towards Elena who loosen her hat ropes, throw it off and draw out her sword to resist the arrows into the frozen ice.

A magic arrow fired towards Elena by Petrova the head soldier almost threw her off her feet, the enchanting forces of the air held h


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