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The Curse Of The Black Diamond

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Reece Blay a young investigator gets chosen by an ancient jewel known as the black Diamond which leaves him with a curse of him being unattractive to women but leaves him with amazing power as well. Reece finds it difficult with this curse upon him which leaves him heartbroken and saddened most at times. But he comes across Vanessa McAllen who is a supermodel sent by the Outcasts who are out to get the diamond to rule the world. Will he forfeit his happiness for the betterment of mankind? Or would he let love lead the way?Let’s find out in his amazing journey with his team


"Finally, the day has come where I can show these people what I'm made of," said Reece Blay.

At 23, he was recruited into the National Investigation Agency ( NIA) of Ghana. He was the youngest of his kind. His parents were killed in a car accident while returning home from an international conference.

This led to him growing up in an orphanage. Since then, he has been committed to fighting for the truth and justice for others.

He started off as an assistant to a private investigator, who was able to crack one of the toughest cases not even his head investigator could crack. This incident made him famous and got him noticed by the Mr.Norman, the head of the NIA and recruited him. Thus began the journey of a lifetime.

"Can't be late on the first day. I've got to set out early to create a good impression."

Reece set out for the bus station on 4th Avenue, about ten miles from his home, at 4:00 AM. Fortunately, he gets to the bus station early, thereby avoiding the morning crowd. He gets on the first bus to Spintex and arrives at the NIA office thinking he's the first to arrive. To his surprise, everyone was already hard at work.

"Mr.Blay! You're late," said Mr Norman, the head of operations at the NIA.

Mr Norman had been waiting for several minutes to welcome Reece. He ran out of patience during the wait and is now furious with Reece.

"Being in the NIA means no rest or sleep until the truth has been uncovered and justice has been served to our country. You read that in your letter, right?" Mr Norman asked.

"Yes sir, I did but—" He is interrupted by Mr. Norman's strict voice saying, "No excuses. Get to HR on the third floor so that they can allocate you an office. Then get to work."

Reece hurries into the elevator and heads straight for HR. He's directed to his office, which happens to be on the 5th floor.

Here he runs into Miss Elizabeth Amoako, a childhood friend he lost contact with after he was taken to the orphanage.

He had a crush on her back then. Brushing off the thought, Reece stays professional and moves to his office without a word to her.

He feared getting hurt lime he had been in the past anytime he saw her with other guys.

His first assignment at the NIA upon reaching his office is to sort piles of criminal cases into order of importance and submit them to Mr Norman. Not wanting to upset his H.O. again, Reece quickly started work.

Chapter 2: CASE 202

While sorting out the cases, he came across a peculiar case that had the description "Black Diamond."

He thought was a case of illegal cartels smuggling diamonds into the country, little did he know the mystery behind it. This case distracted him from doing his job of sorting case files cause he wanted to know what it was all about and he opened it and started reading.

The case file stated that, the diamond was stolen from the National Museum of Ancient Tradition by a notorious society "The Outcasts" who were creating a lot of headaches for the NIA and their identities were unknown .

Legend has it that many years ago before colonization, the kings and their elders had many troubles in ruling their kingdoms so they consulted the high priest for a solution and after series of chantings by the priest there was a solution.

The gods sent down a black diamond which had immense power that the bearer of the diamond would


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