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The chosen one

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Raerae
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 28
  • 3.0
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Alessandra is an orphan who was taken from her family and places in a orphanage where she is titled a monster because of her high magical powers but one day this man appears and takes her from the orphanage to a school for supernaturals where she will find friends and love together they will go on adventures to many places they will learn about themselves and learn of the powers they will learn to work together as a team to conquer dangers no one has ever seen. When the evil witch that stole her from her family gets word that she has been found she stop and nothing to try and stop the prophecy from happening.


Alessandra is a fifteen year old girl that lives in the orphanage on the edge of town the headmistress wasn’t nice to her ever since she was little she was considered a monster the other kids picked on her as they grew older She noticed a different between her and the other kids when she was three one of the kids knocked her tray of food out of her hand and she got mad but she was staring at the tray and her magic flung the kid across the room but because everyone hated her they told the headmistress she threw him saying he was trying to be nice and help her that’s when the beatings started over the years they got worse as her powers grew when she turned fifteen things had calmed down the day before her sixteenth birthday she had went into work at the café in downtown the women that owned the café was the only person in the town that was nice to her she had given her some books to help her understand who and what she was but before she could read any of them the headmistress of the orphanage found them and went crazy and started beating on her the women from the Café appeared with a man and the next thing she knew the headmistress was flung off of her and the man started healing her while the women yelled at the headmistress I thought I was hallucinating from the pain but because they was both using magic but when the man reached her ribs she screamed in pain and blacked out.

Chapter 1

I woke but kept my eyes closed I didn’t want to get up just yet as I was comfy in my comfortable bed and the blanket was fluffy and soft…wait this isn’t my bed my eyes slowly opened adjusting the the light I sit up slowly expecting to feel pain but there was none which confused me I slowly placed my feet on the plush white carpet I wriggled my toes and smiles.

I slowly stood up on shaky legs and begin wondering around the room was massive with a king sized bed between two floor to ceiling windows there was another window on the left wall with a seating area under it with pillows and a black throw blanket with stars on it on the right wall was two two doors one led to a bathroom it had a bathtub against the far wall and a shower beside it the floor was titled instead of carpet the toilet was against the left wall and I quickly relieved my bladder I looked in the floor length mirror and my mouth fell open there was someone completely different looking back at me this girl had lo


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