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Tale of Santuaria: Sunrise and Moonlight

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Katana already has the material things all her life but she's not happy all along because she felt a lack of something uneasy within her. However, on her 18th birthday, she was greeted by an unexpected guest—creatures, she had only seen once in her life, creatures she didn't even know existed in the real world, and she was even more surprised when her father was most likely one of these unusual creatures. In that dawn, her life began to change. Changes that she never expected. Her life is puzzled and riddled with questions as mysteries about who she is. As time passed by, she decided to travel into a world that would answer all her questions, a world where her kind existed, a world she had never imagined existed. The world is full of strange creatures—the world of magic that they called Santuaria. However, she soon realizes that she not only wants to know her true identity but also wants to protect the entire Santuaria from anyone who wants to destroy it. She is willing to go to any dimension and battle to protect Santuaria, even if it means putting her life in danger. Will she be able to unravel the mysteries of her own existence and, if she's the Moonlight, will she be able to find the Sunrise?


“YOU ARE STUPID!” ten men were there and a man with a massive physique and green skin color yelled at an old man working as a vendor in the town.

“Please don't take my earnings.” The old man wept and pleaded with the man, eventually getting down on his knees. These men are known as Bandits. Every day, they forcibly take the money of the people who sell here in town.

“Hey, you old geezer! Give us your earnings today if you don't want to get hurt!” he yelled, but the old man wouldn't give up his money.

“I'm sorry, but my grandson needs medicine, and I have to get it.” The old man kept crying, I felt pity for him at the same time admiration because it didn't matter that he was hurt just to buy medicine for his grandson.

“I don't care about your grandson so give me the money if you don't want to get hurt” the man yelled again with a kick to the old man and he was about to hit the old man, which is why I tumbled down from the tree where I was.

“Goyo, how's your physical condition? It's great that you're able to move now.” I asked firmly but in a calm manner. He looked at me with an expression of great terror, but it vanished after a time and was replaced by rage.

“You? Go after her! And wait, who is Goyo? My name is Goryo and I'm not Goyo!” he yelled at me aggressively, but I didn't run away out of fear because it was an extra exercise.

I did not run from the dagger when I sensed it coming; I grasped it. I took it in my hands, closed my eyes, and flung it at the source of the bandit's dagger. As I did so, I heard a loud groan.

I leaned down and furiously turned to see as two more rushed at me and were ready to strike me. Because of what I did, it was much more frustrating. I turned to face the two, stepped on the one to my left, kicked the one to my right in the jaw, and they both passed out. “Three down,” I whispered with joy.

Three more rushed in, so I struck one in the stomach to make it scream and punched the other in the nose to make it bleed as soon as they both arrived. I dodged a blow from the bandit just as he was about to attack me by backing up, turning furiously to face him, and tumblingly kicking him in the face till he vomited blood and passed out. “Six Down,” with only four remaining, I muttered to myself one more before turning to face Goryo.

“Why are you just standing? Attack her!” he yelled indignantly. I couldn't blame them if their knees were quivering with terror; the four were swept up by the intensity of the fear they felt, so their bodies were practically broken when they first faced me.

They instantly retreated after I grinned and took a step closer to them. “Oh! Your disciples seem scared, Goyo?” still moving, I questioned them without showing any emotion as they just started to back away.

I stopped walking a few meters away and shook my head because I was becoming exhausted. I also made noises with my fingers, which made the bandits even more frightened.

“I told you to go after that girl, right? Why do you just stand there?!” when Goro yelled that, he almost caused a vein in his neck to burst, and I know that deep down he is terrified but can only act bravely since it is all he has.

“I don't want to end up like the six of our comrades who are unconscious and whose bodies are unquestionably broken, Goryo!” It and its three companions vanished in front of me in the flash of an eye.

I laughed in the back of my mind because of what they did. “Choose. Are you going to leave or stay here? However, you'll end up like others who are now unconscious, and I'm certain that it will take a long time for them to recover.” I said to him while I was going to approach him, he suddenly took off running like a monster was after him.

“Thank you so much, lady; without you, I doubt I could afford to buy medicine for my grandson.” The old man said happily, I came to it and helped it stand up.

“It's alright, I just did the right thing.” I turned my back on him and was ready to go when he suddenly spoke up.

“What is your name, young lady?” his question took me aback for a second. Maybe he was wondering about who I was because I was new here.

“Katana,” I gave the old man a brief reply without looking back, and went on my way.


I was lying in the tree with my eyes closed when I felt strange and uneasy, so I sat down.

“I have a feeling something bad is going to happen, Kahser.” He walked to the branch where I was after I stated that.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way; I simply sense danger, so I close my eyes hard to find out where it is.

The Queen and King are riding in a carriage. Men in black robes were waiting.

“Sh*t! Kahser!” after recognizing the impending peril, I curse. I'm not sure how I did it; perhaps it's one of my new abilities to sense danger.

“Why? What's the problem?” when Kahser asked, I told him what I saw when I closed my eyes, and we promptly jumped from the tree. Kahser transformed into a lion and took me to the danger zone.

How unlucky, argh! What I don't want is when my sleep is interrupted, so make sure those in black are truly prepared for me!

When we arrived, the King and Queen's knights had all died, leaving just the King and Queen. They hug each other while surrounded by armed people dressed in black.

“Raawr Raawr!” we instantly had their attention after Kahser roared.

I jumped off from Kahser's back and grabbed what I assumed was a soldier's weapon. When I turned to see Kahser attacking the people in black one by one, I took decisive action.

I dashed to the King and Queen's front, kicking everybody who tried to assault them. since of this scumbag's forceful shoving, my sword swung away from where I was standing. I couldn't see his face since his entire body was draped in black cloth, and only his eyes were visible.

“How is that? You have no weapon.” After hearing what he said, I chuckled.

Is he sure he can handle me? I can bury him where he stands with or without a sword.

I went down and kicked him in the wrist as he was ready to attack me with his sword. When he dropped his sword, I hit him in the nose, both jaws, and finally the stomach, knocking him unconscious.

Someone even charged at me, so I punched and kicked them, which annoyed me because, as I previously stated, they were all dead to me for disrupting my slumber. They say ‘you may joke with a drunk but not with someone who has just woken up’ but I advised you to joke with both a drunk and a recently awakened person, but not with someone whose sleep has been disrupted.

There was just one remaining after a few hours, and he was still injured; Kahser was ready to seize it when he pushed Kahser, prompting him to escape. Tsk! Maybe he'll report to his boss. Will I, of course, allow it to happen? So I took the dagger from within the high boots I was wearing and estimated what I was going to hit.

“Bullsaye,” I said coldly after my dagger hit the fugitive in the head. Maybe he believed I'd just let him go.

“Thank you so much for saving us.” Before I speak, the King thanked me, and I nodded.

“You're welcome but I didn't save you.” I coldly responded, the King and Queen were surprised by what I said.

“If that's the case, what can you call what you did, young lady?” the Queen asked, her face shocked.

“That's because they disturb my sleep.” I'm merely saying it bluntly. When I looked at Kahser, I noticed him approaching where we were.

“Nonetheless, we appreciate your thoughtfulness; what is your aimed reward?” I scowled. It's almost as if I'm getting paid for it!

I merely shook my head and sighed. “Thank you is enough for me.” After saying that, I turned around and was ready to get behind Kahser when the Queen spoke out.

“What's your name, Lady?” she asked, and I sighed before responding with my full name without looking at them.

“Katana Luna Silvyria,” as soon as I said that, I leaped on Kahser's back, and he took off running.

Who thinks I can save the King and Queen in one fell swoop? Oh well, as long as my name is Katana Luna Silvyria, nothing is impossible.

~To Be Continued...

Chapter 1

Katana's POV


I smirked when I saw who had called me. I'm currently at the location where racer is frequently held, and I'm one of the participants. I got out of my sports car and approached the people who were waiting for me.

“You will join?” Jelo's question to me? Jerick? Urgh what the f*ck is his name again? Oh! I remember it's Jericho and he's one of the participants in racer.

“When did Katana not join?” Milyana asked sarcastically, I rolled my eyes when they laughed. You are mistaken if you think those are my friends because they are made of plastic, the only reason they talk to me and approach me is because I'm rich and the Silvyrias are one of the wealthiest in this country, so if I'm nobody, those are definitely my haters.

“Are you just going to talk?” I was bored to ask them, and they frowned as a result of my inquiry. They have to get used to my aptitude to be hot-headed and short-tempered. T


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