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SWeet Revenge Of Pain

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Glenn lived a secure and happy life with her family and best friend to keep her company during her teen years. Those days were the happy moments of her youthful life She had grown into a beautiful and intelligent woman following the footsteps of her parents, Alpha Hydes and Luna Joanna of the Wind's Pack, and with the approval of the pack she had chosen to govern the affairs of the pack by becoming an Alpha and becoming a female Alpha as heard but there was a flaw in her, she was not like any other werewolves, she was without a wolf. She followed her ambitious goal even after marrying Gabriel, who claimed to be Glenn’s mate by supporting her future ambitions to prove himself worthy. Now, with the help of her supposed mate and best friend, Clara, everything changed from a sweet reality to a beautiful nightmare when she caught her best friend and mate cheating on her without any remorse instead, they killed her after her parents disowned her to save themselves from shame and disgrace But the Moon Goddess had other plans for her, she was sent back to the land of the living in an Omega's body whose name was Ari, to find out the truth and secrets beneath her death. Although everything had changed when she woke up and there was no need to sort out revenge for her death since the new Alpha of the Vietnam Pack where she was an Omega had done it himself to avenge his mate the revelation behind her death was nothing she could ever think of doing She found out that her mate Alpha Demion was still seriously in love with his dead mate, which was herself. In the tapestry of her life, woven with threads of love, betrayal, and redemption, Glenn emerged as a beacon of strength and fortitude. Her odyssey traversed the realms of mortality and beyond, illuminating the indomitable spirit that defined her very being. And amidst the chaos that surrounded her, she found solace in the embrace of newfound love, heralding a new chapter in the saga of her existence. She fought through the hurdles to win the love of her newfound mate and also fought more to become the Luna of the Vietnam Pack. What would happen next if She is unable to win the favored love of her mate?

Chapter 1

A shiver enveloped my body as my mind flashed through memories of the worst experience of my life.

That night made me realize what actual fear was, I had never imagined that my fate would turn up against me and that what I had feared the most would one day supersede my reality. I had never for once believed in the popular saying that goes "Werewolf's souls last longer than the humans because they have the moon goddess's blessings, how ironic?" I thought to myself.

However, it all began in that creepy wood. The moon had hidden well but the stars were out and it provided light to the ground, the night was cold and tough as the wind blew in an unexpected intense force that could blow away anything in its path.

Gabriel had been holding me captive for weeks but I had managed to escape like before, so I ran as fast as my legs could take me, breathing with my mouth wide open as the air was too harsh for me to take me in through my nostrils. I ran very fast but carefully not to stumble or bump into any tree in the forest while my hands were wrapped protectively around my little bump.

The heavy footfalls on the ground behind me were getting louder as they chased me down with vigor, getting closer with each step they took while I was getting weaker. Growls tore out behind me yet I fought the urge not to turn in and accept my fate but as they say "You can't run away from your fate"

I sighted the cave that I had found earlier in the day while looking for food that I could feast on and then I quickly ran towards it, then hid there, I removed the sweatshirt that had been keeping me and my little pup warm for the time being then picked a slightly small stone, I used the sweatshirt to wrap the stone and threw it a bit far from me to lead them away for the moment.

I tried to calm my heart that I could hear beating very fast and I held my breath till they all passed by at full speed in their werewolf form. The cave was small and I knew that I could get caught if I stayed a little longer after a moment of silence had passed, I checked to make sure that the surroundings were clear before coming out of the hidden cave and started walking quickly to the opposite direction which led to the sea that would take us to the other side of the island

But stopped dead in my tracks when I sighted those familiar blue eyes that had haunted me ever since I found out the truth about him. His black-colored wolf was normal in size for Omegas apart from his eye color which I once thought was soothing to the eyes and appeared to emit an aura of darkness. His blue eyes were still the same color, unlike most werewolves whereby their eyes. color changes whenever they transform from their human body.

"You are quite a hell of a runner," Gabriel said amusingly as he ran towards me at a speed that left me frozen in place, transforming back to his human form. He grabbed a fistful of my hair without even bothering to cover his nakedness, he turned and twisted my hair so hard that I yelled in pain. I held his hands to stop him from twisting my hair any further. My scalp felt like it was tearing apart. I had to scratch his hands and scream out louder

" girl, no one is going to hear you," he said and slapped me hard on my already bruised face, which intensified the throbbing headache. I fell to the ground due to the impact, not realizing when he had freed my hair.

The werewolves that were off my trail were all back and they surrounded me and Gabriel in a circle as they narrated how I had misled them with the cloth that I threw away

"You are one hell of a bitch, Glenn." He said with malicious intent and I had to wrap my weak hands again around my tummy protectively, shielding it from any sudden attack that he might have planned but he looked at me with hatred burning in his eyes and spat on my face with a disgusted look

He shrugged his shoulder when one of his minions tried to cover him up with a bathrobe since he was the only one who was stark naked and walked out of the circle one step at a time

He transformed into his wolf form "Take her back to her room, I need to take a breather," was the last thing I heard from his mouth before I lost consciousness.



I jerked up immediately and shivered furiously, gnashing my teeth from the extremely cold water splashed forcefully on me which made my clothes drenched and the size of my slightly big tummy more visible.

I tried to raise my hand to wipe off my face but was restricted by something. It took me a while to regain my line of sight and when I did, I swirly looked down to realize that I was tied to a chair in a sitting position.

"Wake up beauty," Gabriel said as he walked into the prison which had been turned into my room, looking neat and charming as ever with his hair gelled to the back as he noisily dragged the only empty chair in the dungeon that had been placed at the entrance of the prison room before his arrival while the prison guard who had splashed the icy water on me, walked out of the prison holding a black bucket in his hand.

My parents had disowned me to save their hard-built reputation ever since I had been accused of cheating on my mate and carrying a bastard in my womb. Whereas no one knew it was vice versa, I had caught Gabriel, my fiance, and Clara, my childhood best friend sleeping together after having a romantic dinner but no one believed my side of the story, it was two words against one.

And speaking of the devil, Clara walked in majestically, wearing a tight, blue, fitted, short gown that hugged her at the right places and showing off her voluptuous figure as she stood next to Gabriel with a sly smile on her face. My eyes were clouded in jealousy as she rubbed Gabriel's chest seductively and Gabriel, who was seated a bit far away from me, responded to her advances by licking and kissing her knuckles.

Clara bent down a bit and whispered something into his ear but I could not concentrate on whatever she wanted to say as my eyelids fluttered due to the excessive stress that I had been through for the past weeks. However, Gabriel stood up and suddenly closed the gap between us then slapped me on my left cheek, I spat out blood due to how hard the slap was but he didn't stop there

He slapped me continuously across the face, was it out of fun or would I say annoyance? And due to its effect, it chased every fiber of weakness away from my body, and every cell in my body ignited a fire. I spitted on his face and thrashed violently on the chair as my wolf struggled to come out for the first time

I opened my mouth wide to scream out the pain that I was feeling at that moment but what came out was unexpected. Loud growls tore out from my mouth and filled the underground prison, sending shivers down the spine of whoever could hear it. I was so engrossed in my pain that I didn't notice when Clara had left but what I did notice was that she was no longer in the room because all my attention was focused on Gabriel who was still frozen in place and surprised by my action for a split second before taking a few steps back, away from me for his safety.

The rope that was used to tie me down had already loosened as soon as I felt my bones cracking and breaking one after the other by some miracle but the process was so painful that I fell sideways to the floor, clawing on the dirt floor as my breath quickened. My clothes were torn into pieces with each stretch it went through, my claws were long, sharp, and black. My body was a bit more hairy than usual.

The tibia and the fibula which were the bones in my lower legs that were expected to provide stability and support to the rest of the body seemed to be combining into one. My toes seemed to be smaller in size, and the process of transformation was more excruciatingly painful than I had fantasized, it felt like I was being burnt alive in a furnace that the devil made.

Chapter 2

I had always wanted my wolf ever since I was sixteen which was the normal age range for transformation but it never came forth until this very moment, I was so pissed off and happy at the same time unlike Clara, who had gotten her wolf at the age of eighteen, her parents had helped her learn every stage of the transformation. I could still remember how overwhelmed her parents were that they had to celebrate it. My parents had also contributed to their celebration but their eyes gleamed in jealousy at them and disappointment at me no matter how hard they had tried to conceal it.

The memory washed away as the pain of transformation increased and before I could even fully transform, I felt a prick on my skin, someone jabbed a syringe with a whitish liquid into my stomach making me divert my attention to the person, my eyes gleam red in anger when I saw who it was.

"I'm going to kill you, Clara!" I swore and growled out loudly enough for the guards stationed o


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