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  • Author: Miniscent
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Glenn lived a secure and happy life with her family and best friend to keep her company during her teen years. Those days were the happy moments of her youthful life She had grown into a beautiful and intelligent woman following the footsteps of her parents, Alpha Hydes and Luna Joanna of the Wind's Pack, and with the approval of the pack she had chosen to govern the affairs of the pack by becoming an Alpha and becoming a female Alpha as heard but there was a flaw in her, she was not like any other werewolves, she was without a wolf. She followed her ambitious goal even after marrying Gabriel, who claimed to be Glenn’s mate by supporting her future ambitions to prove himself worthy. Now, with the help of her supposed mate and best friend, Clara, everything changed from a sweet reality to a beautiful nightmare when she caught her best friend and mate cheating on her without any remorse instead, they killed her after her parents disowned her to save themselves from shame and disgrace But the Moon Goddess had other plans for her, she was sent back to the land of the living in an Omega's body whose name was Ari, to find out the truth and secrets beneath her death. Although everything had changed when she woke up and there was no need to sort out revenge for her death since the new Alpha of the Vietnam Pack where she was an Omega had done it himself to avenge his mate the revelation behind her death was nothing she could ever think of doing She found out that her mate Alpha Demion was still seriously in love with his dead mate, which was herself. In the tapestry of her life, woven with threads of love, betrayal, and redemption, Glenn emerged as a beacon of strength and fortitude. Her odyssey traversed the realms of mortality and beyond, illuminating the indomitable spirit that defined her very being. And amidst the chaos that surrounded her, she found solace in the embrace of newfound love, heralding a new chapter in the saga of her existence. She fought through the hurdles to win the love of her newfound mate and also fought more to become the Luna of the Vietnam Pack. What would happen next if She is unable to win the favored love of her mate?


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