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Sold To The Ruthless Alpha King

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Two hybrid princes...One Vampire....And one Slave... Four bodies entangled...Who is her destined mate? ~~~~~~~~ Rockford City was ruled by the Ralph household under king Gregory Rana Ralph. The house of Ralph, home of cold blooded hybrids.... George Aiden Ralph, the Cold blooded Crown Prince with a stone heart. Giovanni Dona Ralph, the sweet and charming Prince, with a heart of gold. Theodora, An orphan sold to pay off her step-mother's gambling debts. What happens when this slave got entangled in the middle of the two Princes? No Mercy....No Weakness...That is the Ralph's motto. What will happen when the two Ralph Princes derails? Can Theodora handle all the problems thrown at her, especially after her true identity was exposed? Every Ralph had to kill their mates and bury their weaknesses, what happens when it was discovered that Theodora wasn't just any slave, but the crown Prince's mate? With so many controversies, how will the Ralph brothers handle the psycho Vampire out to get their City and....Dora...?

Chapter 1

The room was faintly lit and the only source of light was the moon, which was barely reflecting into the room.

Theodora sat on the cold floor and shivered as the cold ground kissed her skin. She tried to break free from the shackles that were holding her to the ground but to no avail.

The chain was thin, but strong. It holds firmly against her body. Pinning her tightly to the wall.

Where was she? How did she land there? She couldn't tell, the last thing she remembered was the whisper of an euphonic voice. "You will belong to me."

Whose voice was that? What does he want with her?

"Hello! Hello!!

"Is anyone there? Can you hear me?

"Help!" Dora was screaming at the top of her lungs.

The room was dark. The ground was cold and the chain was piercing through her.

She struggled to break free from the chains but to no avail.

"Is anyone there? Please help me!"

"It's no use...." A strong baritone voice echoed through the room, making Dora stop struggling. "No one can hear you and no one can save you."

Dora gulped at the voice.

Though it sounded low and mellow, the finality in the voice was evident. Whoever he was...he was sure that no one could come to her rescue.

Is this an abyss?

Dora shuddered at the thought of dying. She didn't want to die, she still had to save her sister.

"Just give up."

The advice was good, but it sounded unpleasant and unacceptable to Dora. How could she give up?

Her wicked stepmother is about to sell her little sister off to an unknown man. What would happen to poor Phina if anything happened to her down here?

Theodora and Josephina are siblings born by the same mother but their mother died when they were little. Their father had to remarry just to have someone to take care of his daughters.

Unbeknownst to him, the woman he married was worse than a snake. This same woman plans to sell little Josephina to a stranger just to pay off her gambling debt.

"I can't give up! I won't give up!" Dora yelled. She would never give up, especially not when her sister's life was at stake.

"Then you'll leave me no choice but to begin your training right here!"

"Training? What training?" Dora was looking from one side to the other as if in search of the voice, but she could see nothing in the dark room.

"You have to serve the Ralph household from now on and we can't have you behave unruly over there, so I have to break you up, then train you."

Hearing the man's explanation. Dora bit her lips in exasperation.

"Break? What does that mean?" She tried to understand what the other meaning of break was apart from being torn to pieces.

She searched her head but there was no answer to that question.

"By break does he mean that he will tear me into tiny pieces and then put me back into place? Is that even possible?" Dora was asking and answering the questions in her head.

She didn't know who the man was and why she would be chosen to serve the Ralph family, nor did she even know who they were.

Who were these people, by the way?

She had never heard of any family by that name before, so she couldn't help but think that she had transmigrated into another world.

"When I break you, I will make sure you don't remember who you were before you came here. You won't know your name or identity. Your mind will only be filled with the thought of serving your master."

Dora became more frightened by the man's explanation. He would make her forget her past, even her name.

Is that even possible? If that happens, what will happen to Phina?

"No! That can't happen!" Dora shook her head and pulled hard at the chain. "I have to go. I have to get out of here.

"Don't be stubborn and make this harder than it already is." Though the man sounded calm, his tone had no pity at all.

"Sir, listen to me sir.... I am a bad choice for the Ralph family, whoever they are. They won't like a clumsy, silly girl like myself."

Dora was desperate. She didn't mind saying bad and hurtful things about herself. As long as it could take her away from here, then she would gladly demean herself.

"That is why I am here to train you." The man sounded evil.

Was he the devil?

"Sir, don't waste your time training a wimp like me, I will only ruin your good reputation." Dora just said whatever came to her mouth.

"No one has ever been able to do that and it definitely won't be you."

The man was confident.

He has trained so many people and brought them to the Ralph household and none of them has ever resisted or relapsed. How could a little witless girl like Dora ruin his long-held reputation?

"Sir, let me go and I'll...."

"You can offer me nothing, girl. Just give up trying." The man didn't even let her speak.

Since she was adamant and wouldn't stay still, the man couldn't help but begin her training right there on the ship. After all, he couldn't let her ruin the sleep of the King and highnesses who were sleeping in the coach.

Determined to break her before the ship arrives in Rockford City, The man, Eleanor, begins Dora's training.

He unlocked the chains and Dora tried to run, but her legs were pricked by unseen thorns as soon as she moved.

"Ah!" She cried out in pain as the iron cut into her skin.

"I told you. Give up on escaping." As soon as the voice dropped, Dora was pulled by an unseen hand and she found herself floating in the air.

Her hands were chained but this time she wasn't sitting on the cold floor, she was floating.

She felt a soft hand go under her and her dress was immediately torn out. The hand touched her private part and shaved off every hair down there.

She was lowered down and the hand shaved her under arms

As soon as that was done, she felt cold water rain down on her from nowhere. She shivered from the cold air that was suddenly released into the room.

"What is your name?!"

It was still the same voice that had been speaking to her, but the voice was cold and eerie at the moment. So cold that she shuddered from fright.

The cold air and water was nothing compared to the man's cold and commanding voice.

"Dora." She managed to say through her chattering teeth.


Dora felt a whip cut through her skin and she hissed loudly.

"What is your name?" The voice asked again.

Dora pursed her lips and refused to speak. She was afraid of saying another wrong answer.

"Speak!" The whip cut through her several times again.

Dora cried out in pain as the whip kept biting into her skin.

"Theodora!" She screamed in pain. "My name is Theodora!"

Dora said her name in full. Maybe that would save her, but no, the whip came at her again and this time, more painful than it was before.

"Wrong! From now on, you are Eloise."

Dora trembled from the cold and pain. Her whole body hurt from being tortured all day, so it took a while before the name sank into her head.

"What is your name?!" Eleanor asked, but before he could hit her again Dora screamed her response.


"Who is Eloise?" The man asked again.

Dora felt her energy slowly drain away. She didn't know the answer to that and she wouldn't dare to say anything because she didn't know who this Eloise was and why they wanted her to become her.

"Speak!" The whip pierced Dora's skin again.

"I don't know, please, I don't know....." Dora wailed.

"You are not allowed to cry if your master doesn't permit it!" Another round of whipping rained down on Dora for crying.

She pursed her lips tightly to stop herself from crying further and no matter how hard the man hit her she tried not to cry.

Tears cascaded down her cheek but she made no sound.

As soon as the man was satisfied with the result, he smirked. "You are Eloise, a slave of the Ralph household and your duty is to serve your master with your life, body and soul."

Dora nodded in agreement. She had no strength to speak. She accepts whatever identity they give her as long as this man stops inflicting so much pain on her.

"Say your pledge!"

Dora was clueless about this pledge. She didn't know what he meant. She was about to ask him what the pledge was, but as soon as the whip kissed her body again, she said whatever came to her mouth.

"I am Eloise, I am a slave of the Ralph household....." Dora paused to catch a movie breath. She was panting heavily as she spoke ".....I will serve my master with my life, body and soul."

"Good. Now, who is your god?

Dora could barely see a thing. The man's voice was ringing from a far distance but she was trying her best to listen, to avoid being beaten to death.

"Who is your God?!"

"I..I..." Dora didn't know what to say.

The whip hit her hard again, making her body jerk forward.

"George Aiden Ralph! Say it! Who is your god?!"

Dora's eyes were closing up. She could barely see but she managed to say the word before passing out.

"George Aiden Ralph Lord and God."

Eleanor shook his head and hissed as he watched her pale face. The light in the basement came on, brightening the room.

Eleanor passed the whip and keys to a woman beside him. His face wrinkled with disgust as he wiped his hand clean of Dora's blood.

He placed the stamp of the Ralph household on her wrist to complete the ritual, then he left her.

His job was done.

Eleanor took one last look at Dora, then he shook his head. "So weak," he spat. "I wonder why the young master wants her."

Chapter 2

The Royal house of Ralph was made of pure blooded vampires until the old Ralph's hunger for power made them stumble upon the secret of being the strongest werewolf on Earth.

The old Ralph, Germaine Deon became the first ever hybrid that lived, thus making the Ralph household invincible. The Ralph household was feared and worshipped in Rochford City.

The city was dominated by vampires hence being hybrid added to the power that the Ralph family already wielded.

Every Vampire possess supernatural powers, but the vampires in Ralph household had several powers.

They were blessed by the gods.

They were the strongest Vampires and the only hybrids in the kingdom.

The Ralph male were never allowed to have a weakness and the wolf's mating bond brings about weakness and vulnerability which is why they must never find their mates.

They must kill their mates.

"Good morning, master Aiden." A woman with gold blonde hair open


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