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Reborn of the Demon King and Moon Goddess

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There have been stories on how the moon goddess, the goddess of the wolves has provided mates for her servants and creates love in them. But don't you all think she might want to know how it feels? This is the love story of the Demon King and the Moon Goddess. Their love story isn't surely a happy one but it's a story of sacrifice, love, hatred, betrayal, power and desire. An Excerpt: "Did you make this?" Seraphina asked, admiring the necklace. It was beautiful. "Yes, I did. It's pretty, right." He replied to her, proud of his work. He had postponed making the necklace for her but had to do it within a short period of time. He was glad it looked good on her. "Yes, I love it." Seraphina ran her hands over it. The pearl was a rare one and she loved the design he made on it. He was really skilled to have been able to do this. "Don't take it off. It's my gift to you." Seraphina nodded in excitement. "I won't." "Just don't take it off. Ever! And if you want to, make sure you don't toss it away. I will demand it the next time we meet." Kylian was serious in his expression and with his words. "Will we meet again?" Seraphina was confused at his words. Is he planning something? "Don't you want us to meet again?" He asked with a smirk and ran his hands on the necklace. He brought his hands down and looked up at her. "We will meet again." He assured her. "Okay, I won't lose it. I will give it back to you the same way you gave it to me when we meet again." She promised him, excited that they were going to meet again. Note: You would never regret reading and following this story. It will be worth your time.

Chapter 01: Who is he?

The Reborn of the Demon King and Moon Goddess 1The layer covering atmosphere had an aura of brightness as the light flickered through it and reached the surface of the earth, making it a bit scorching. The sun finding its way from the horizon to the summit of the sky pierced its lucid sunlight to the people which made their faces plastered with an eerie glow, squinted eyes and glittered demeanor. But despite the hot sun grazing on them, they all held an excited face for the war that just ended. "Oh dear, are you okay? Hope you weren't hurt?" Queen Elizabeth moved closer to her son and held him tightly. She has disagreed that her ten year old son follows his father to the war but what more can she do? The boy wasn't an ordinary one and not someone she can hold back. "Mom, please. I'm good." The boy replied, waving her hands away from him. "I'm just worried about you. Do you know how restless I was when you left?" Queen Elizabeth scolded him for his unemotional reply to her."I'm sorry mom but I insisted on going. Stop worrying about me, okay." The boy grinned widely. "You should attend to your husband. I will be in my room." He announced and walked away."Wait…" Queen Elizabeth was about stopping him but held herself back. "Tch…" She always seems to forget that she didn't give birth to an ordinary child. He talks like a mature one at his young age. She walked towards her husband with his ally of guards. They looked stressed out. "Dear." She whispered and hugged him happily. "I'm glad you guys are safe.""Yes we are. Thanks to Kylian. Where is he?" King Arthur looked behind her and saw no sight of him."He demands to take a rest. Sometimes I forget he is no longer a baby or maybe he is." Queen Elizabeth shrugged and turned her gaze to Alpha Alfred. "I'm glad you guys were able to solve the treachery. The judgment passed on has spread like wildfire around." "Yes. They've been directed to form up their new cities with their supporters. The Dark Moon pack has been signed in for them by the councils. Their new pack has been accepted." Alpha Alfred explains to her. They are the only Royal Families on the Moon Shine pack now with no rivalries. Alfred thought that would be better. Their greediness is eating a whole lot of them. "But that doesn't mean they wouldn't be regarded as an outcast. Some of their rights were ripped off them. They can't walk around other cities without being suspected. What were they thinking? Didn't they know things like this can cause them to lose their respect? And humility" King Arthur said in anger as he walked towards the throne room. "It's been sorted now. Lives were taken and it can't be reversed." Elizabeth said when they were stopped by a group of maids. A little warm being is carried on a male maid's shoulder and they move towards the Queen."Yes, Elizabeth. That little girl was rescued by Kylian in the war. She has been unconscious since then. It seems she was triggered by something and fainted." King Arthur said to his wife as the girl was brought closer. Elizabeth carried the child from their arms and lay her on her shoulder."A witch?!" She shrieked and her eyes widened at her smell."Yes. Take care of her. She is little and unharmed." King Arthur ordered. Elizabeth nodded at him and patted the girl's hair. Such an innocent little child. She must have witnessed a horrible scene at the war. "Where is Seraphina and my wife?" Alpha Alfred asked her as she was about leaving."Luna should be in her room. Seraphina is in the garden." Queen Elizabeth left instantly with the little girl in her arms. Maids followed behind her and she walked towards the upper chamber. "Call for a doctor. She should attend." She ordered. "Yes, Her majesty." The maids bowed and ran off. "Alfred, come over. Let's talk." Arthur said to him after watching the queen retreating figures. "Don't tell me you missed your family already and want to run over to them." Arthur teased him."Thanks to Kylian, the war was resolved. His decision was the best one." Alfred said in admiration. "I never knew he was that powerful." "Yes. Everyone at the war stopped and feared him when he tore Sabrina apart. You don't know how happy I am that the witch is finally dead. I hate seeing her old face." Arthur lips form into a smirk. Her old face irritates him everytime he sets his eyes on her. But what does he expect? She is the oldest witch alive. "The witch will announce a new leader soon after getting the news that Sabrina is dead. I hope they don't hold a grudge on this." Alfred was worried. The witches can be unpredictable and cunning. Arthur stopped walking and turned to look at him. "And why would they? They were part of the problem that caused the war and she got on Kylians nerve. She was obviously at fault." He scoffed in annoyance. "The gut!" The garden had different trees planted at the edge which prevented the sun from casting its full shade on them. It was full of different flowers which were pleasing to the eyes. The garden is located at the far end of the palace, big and vast. Seraphina sat on the greenfield in the garden with her maid, Alicia who was the same age as her. Alicia was her companion and a maid to her. "Do you think dad and the other warriors are safe?" Seraphina asked worriedly while making some little noises with her feet. "They will be. Didn't you hear, that little scary boy followed them." Alicia replied to her with a scary face and tone. "Is he that scary? I haven't seen him yet." Seraphina glanced back at her friend and nodded at her. "Why are you giving me that pitiful look?" She whined at her. "You shouldn't be going around believing what people are saying." Seraphina picked the flowers and arranged them accordingly on the ground."You can't blame me. They talked about him in a scary manner and painted him bad." Alicia shrugged and stood up immediately. "I'm thirsty. I will bring some water for you too." She said and walked away. Seraphina was arranging the flowers according to their color and species. The rose flowers were more common than the other flowers, then the lily flower goes next. "You've gathered so many flowers. What are you going to use them for?" Someone said behind her and she jumped up in fright. Why wasn't she able to detect any scent? "You frightened me." Seraphina gritted her teeth and turned towards the stranger. She was taken aback at the young boy's looks. His eyes were blue, so enchanting. His face…? His facial features are different. "Gentle, girl. Don't tear me apart." The boy said with his hands up like someone been caught in an ungodly act. He grinned at her and walked towards the bench to take a seat. The aura and grace, they were not from an ordinary person. Who is he? He looked unfamiliar and she hasn't seen him in her three days of staying here. "Don't you have a scent?" Seraphina glanced at him and watched him sit on the bench with his eyes on the flowers. "They look pretty." He commented, ignoring her questions. The different colors of the flowers makes it unique when put together."Yes, I know." Seraphina smiled and bent down to keep on arranging it. "What are you going to use them to do?" He asked her again, glancing at her face."I want my dad to weave a crown or necklace from them when he gets back." Seraphina replied with her tiny voice and imagined the pretty crown the flowers are going to produce when her dad weaves it out for her. "Mm.." The young boy hummed at her words. "You should learn it yourself if you like it instead of waiting for your father." Seraphina stopped what she was doing and turned to look at him. Her brows creased up, she doesn't know him and he is scentless. Is she in danger? The young boy stared back at her with his sharp gaze, more like he was judging her entire existence while looking at her. "Who are you? What's your name?" Seraphina asked, unwavered by his judging stare. "I'm Kylian and what about you, baby girl? What's your name?" Kylian reaches for her hair and runs his hands over it. "I love your hair." He whispered with a light smile dancing on his lips. "Kylian?" Seraphina said in a low tone and gasped loudly. Isn't that the name of the deadly young crown prince who is rumored to be the reborn Demon King? The one who Alicia was talking about earlier. Just like her sense of smell was waiting for the revelation, his dominating aura filled the air and she could smell him as a demon. So it was true, he is really the demon king. *I like him already.* Tina, her wolf, jumped up excitedly.

Chapter 2: The Witch's Granddaughter

"Zoey, you have to go over for your training." A middle aged woman shouted at the young girl as she ran around with her. "Leave me alone. I am not going anywhere. I am not interested in that training. Can't you let me enjoy my childhood in peace? I want to live like other childrens?" Zoey whined as she dived away from her. Her speed couldn't match the woman and she mocked her. "You can't stand on your feet well. You should stop already." Zoey said with a wicked grin. "Don't you get it? You are the next in line after your Grandmother. You should get trained and be strong from your childhood. You hardly know ten spells. You are different from other children. The responsibility is on you…." "I know." Zoey cuts her off. "I've heard that so many times. Can you please stop repeating it? I just want to enjoy today. My friends are waiting for me.""If you don'


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