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There have been stories on how the moon goddess, the goddess of the wolves has provided mates for her servants and creates love in them. But don't you all think she might want to know how it feels? This is the love story of the Demon King and the Moon Goddess. Their love story isn't surely a happy one but it's a story of sacrifice, love, hatred, betrayal, power and desire. An Excerpt: "Did you make this?" Seraphina asked, admiring the necklace. It was beautiful. "Yes, I did. It's pretty, right." He replied to her, proud of his work. He had postponed making the necklace for her but had to do it within a short period of time. He was glad it looked good on her. "Yes, I love it." Seraphina ran her hands over it. The pearl was a rare one and she loved the design he made on it. He was really skilled to have been able to do this. "Don't take it off. It's my gift to you." Seraphina nodded in excitement. "I won't." "Just don't take it off. Ever! And if you want to, make sure you don't toss it away. I will demand it the next time we meet." Kylian was serious in his expression and with his words. "Will we meet again?" Seraphina was confused at his words. Is he planning something? "Don't you want us to meet again?" He asked with a smirk and ran his hands on the necklace. He brought his hands down and looked up at her. "We will meet again." He assured her. "Okay, I won't lose it. I will give it back to you the same way you gave it to me when we meet again." She promised him, excited that they were going to meet again. Note: You would never regret reading and following this story. It will be worth your time.


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