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Re:write The Dark Lord Story

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Charlie Eva- a die-hard fan of a fictional character in a novel titled Loving the Crown Prince. Marshall Harridan- the most powerful Duke in the novel, a b*st*rd son of the late Emperor of the Goldton Empire. Because of his cold-hearted demeanor and the fact that he never smiles, he is known as The Dark Lord, the tyrant duke of Harridan. However, this character was sentenced to death because he claimed the throne in order to marry the novel's heroine, Lucielle Brentwood. Charlie is devastated over Marshall's death. Broken-hearted that she can't concentrate on whatever it is that causes her to have an accident, and when she wakes up, she's in a strange place. A place she was familiar with. A place she knows so well. And it was inside the book she was reading, in the body of the woman hated by everyone, the Villainess of the story. "How can I be sure what you say is true, given that you are my mortal enemy?" "Of course, I've read it, sheesh!"



The strong wind swept through the garden, carrying rose petals into the air.

It was as if a shower of vibrant colors fell beneath the scorching sun in the midst of noon. In those moments, it felt like my world stood still.

You slowly walked towards me, captivated by the scene of flower petals raining down.

On that day, you entered my life. You brought light and hope to my existence. You taught me how to be happy and see the world through your eyes, a world I never imagined could be so vivid and beautiful.

But little did I know that you would also be the cause of my downfall in this position where a large hammer loomed over my head and neck.

Once again, I looked into your mesmerizing eyes, seeking answers to my questions and pleading that you would see me, not the man holding your hand.

"Any last words you wish to say?" asked the priest who would pray over the body I would leave behind. I turned to you once more and saw you bowing your head while tears streamed down your face.

I glanced at all the people witnessing my execution, my gruesome end. I smiled in the final moments of my life, a smile you brought forth along with the escape of my tears, for you were the reason behind both.

"I will follow you even in the afterlife."

And as my gaze gradually fell, it flipped upside down, and now I clearly saw the full moon in the dark night.

C H A P T E R: 01

C H A P T E R: 1 Don't answer the call.


Charlie couldn't hold back her tears as she read the update on her favorite story. Her beloved character had been sentenced to death, and his heart felt like it was being torn apart as he read the novel's final chapters.

The story "Loving the Crown Prince" has become incredibly popular among readers due to its captivating narrative and connection to the historical monarchy of olden times. One of the characters in the book was Marshall Harridan, one of the most powerful Dukes within the Goldton Empire. He had fallen in love with Arugus McAllister, his cousin and the Crown Prince, who served as the male lead in the story.

Within the book, Marshall Harridan, a formidable Duke in the esteemed Goldton Empire, falls irrevocably in love with a woman who also held the affection of his cousin, Arugus McAllister, the Crown Prince and primary male protagonist of the tale.

Marshall was the illegitimate child of the late Emperor Marvin McAllister a


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