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Promised to a vampire

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Have you ever... Have you ever imagined yourself in a fairy tale? Imagined yourself living a beautiful story? Imagined yourself having incredible magical powers?  Me too.... Before the tragedies happened... My story was not even close to a fairy tale, not even close to such a cute story...., my story is stained with blood, blood of several lives, among them, lives of the people I loved. And this story involves vampires, wolves, very powerful witches, and the darkest magic. Time showed me that fairies don't exist, but witches and wizards do, it showed me that princes charming don't exist, but vampires do, it showed me that talking animals don't exist, but werewolves do, it showed me that sleep spells don't exist, but curses that can kill, it showed me that tales are tales, and real life will never be something fictitious. I didn't have a happy ending, I had a period followed by a continuation... Love at first sight doesn't exist, real love often comes out of hatred. But if there is something that short stories and real life have in common, it is that love always prevails. Sorry if I made it sound so gloomy! It's often not that bad, my story is not 100% like that.... Blame it on that d*mn vampire.... Well... Mine too... Maybe wishing for powers wasn't such a good idea. But well, you are confused right?.... Let's start... from the beginning....

1. Noelly, the human

Noelly Emmily Crane, that is how I am known around here, I am the daughter of a wizard and a human, but I have no hope of having powers, just like many, I know that there are descendants of wizards around town and even around the world (Proof from experience hahaha). Anyway! My father Vladmir Crane locks me in my room since the death of my mother Marillen Crane. I never really understood the reason, but I accepted on the condition that I could leave at eighteen ... However, I obviously had some escapades and today, after years, I am going out with my secret crush and best friend: Lucas Norton♡.

I will tell you how it all happened.

I was wearing a blue dress showing my shoulders, my hair was tied up and a light make up, I spent the whole afternoon getting ready, looking anxiously at the clock on my wall, my father was out, so that would be THE night. As soon as I heard the door, I answered it and there was Lucas all dressed up in a suit.

We went to the most expensive restaurant in town

We went to the most expensive restaurant in town, the famous The Romantic's day, it was magical, we shared a plate of spaghetti like in the movies, it was my dream, and so he did more for me. After we ate the food, he asks me

"It's been a long time since I've been here," Lucas says, stretching in his chair "Hey! Emmy!"


“Want to go for a walk in the woods? There's a beautiful lake nearby!"

"Sure, why not?"

We played catch like children in the forest until we were tired and leaned against a tree trunk to talk and reminisce about the times in the past when he invaded my room through the window, until... Lucas hesitated twice and came closer and closer to me, when we were ten centimeters apart he asked

"May I?"

I knew what it was and nodded, he slowly came closer and that's when he kissed me, it was very good, his affectionate way enchanted me, I hoped to have this with me forever, this moment might never end, until he knelt down and asked me:

“I know this is the first time that

you've spent your life seeing me on the sly, but these moments have meant a lot to me and since tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday, we can finally be happy without hiding, so..." he closed his eyes "EMMY WANTS TO DATE ME?"

I have known him long enough to answer


He kisses me again, I wanted to jump for happiness, that moment had everything to be perfect, a new chapter in my life without prisons would begin and this made me so happy.

But as all good things are short-lived, soon I heard a squeak and then a wild growl full of hate coming from somewhere in the forest, sounds similar to footsteps started coming towards us, a horrible feeling took over me, I turned to Lucas and said:

"Lucas, I don't think I feel well, we should go in…"

Then I fainted, and there began my true story...

The next morning


“Hi Dad, what happened?"

I had a date, if I am not mistaken, on the sly, with Lucas...

"You fainted"


My father sighed

"Again... You knew the rules".

"But it's my birthday today, so give me a break, Dad! But tell me, who brought me?

What happened?"

"Your friend is fine, he brought you yesterday.

"Huh? How did he bring me here? I weigh at least 60 kilos, well, when I weighed myself I was 60 kilos… I guess a few months ago... or years... I don't know," I whispered to myself

"Oh Emmy, what am I going to do with you... But anyway, congratulations daughter…" he said with bitterness and a very sad look, today I turn 18, that is, my father can no longer hold me.

"Thank you"

He leaves and my cell phone rings (you know that song from Star vs. the Forces of Evil? Space by Unicorn, yes that's my ringtone), it was my best friend Chloe.

"Me: Hello?

Chloe: B*tch, come here! Let's go to the mall and spend your father's savings!

Me: Chloe, he'll kill me!

Chloe: Just come on girl".

It's time to party baby!

My first time out and I need to enjoy the world I lost. It was time and I went to the club with Chloe and our other friends: Susi and Bella. I remember that I saw my friends making out non-stop, at first I decided to keep to myself at first, but later in the night, I drank too much and found myself kissing a person named Kevin. I felt guilty as hell and that's when I realized that my glass smelled funny… When I looked for Kevin to ask for an explanation I found him dead with a stab in the chest (the knife was still there...) and no sign of blood on the body. I was getting tired of that party, so I stayed a little longer with my friends just to not give up the night, I went dancing still thinking about what had happened, but I was too drunk to worry, and around 2:00 a.m. I bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going girl," was a boy who looked very handsome. I don't know how to describe it because it was too dark, but his eyes, green, were full of hate and anger.

"Thick…" I said in the same tone

"Watch what you say, you b*tch"

"You called me ...." I muttered.

However, as soon as I blinked he had disappeared into the crowd.

After that, I told Chloe I was leaving and stumbled back home, very lucky not to be mugged on the way.

At dawn

I woke up with a headache.... When I remember the night before I feel a little bad, I think I've had too many drinks...

I pick up my cell phone, seeing several "I love you" messages from Lucas, I smile while answering, still with a certain feeling of guilt for having kissed another. As I was finally eighteen, I would be able to see him at night and then everything would be solved.

I throw myself back on the bed until I hear my father call.

"NNNOOOEEEEELLLYYYY" shouts my father

"HANGOVER! LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm in a bad mood".


For God's sake...

I got ready and went downstairs when I reached the last step, I saw my father talking to two people, how nice, visitors.

"No one deserves…" I whisper and turn to go up the stairs, but my father calls me.

"Noelly Emmily Crane, come here right now"

I crawl to my father's side and see it was an old man and HOLY SH*T IT WAS THE THICK ONE FROM YESTERDAY! It was dark but those green eyes gave him away.

"Dear, these are the Whartons and…"

"Hello, I am Sergio Wharton and you are the bride of my son Dylan," said the satisfied old man


"You were sold to me when you were five years old, since then you are my betrothed" says Dylan simply and then opens a psychopathic smile "It's a pleasure to see you again, b*tch"

"LOOK HOW YOU TALK ABOUT MY DAUGHTER!" my father exploded with hatred, starting a fight, but Sergio intervened.

“I don't know what connections these two

However, what was done in the past is done. I don't care! House Wharton needs a Lady Wharton!"

Seriously, did those people really use old terms? "House Wharton", it's not Red Queen here no, Oh my God, I needed to get away, I needed to end it.

"I have a right to my life now and I choose not to marry this disgusting man, I already have someone I love and my life is already decided, Lucas Norton, HE IS THE ONE I WANT TO MARRY!"

When the Whartons heard this they were shocked Dylan turned shock into rage luckily his father held him back otherwise he would have flown at my neck.

"You let her out?” asked Sergio angrily.

"I...I…" my father says

"MISERABLE! WE HAD AN AGREEMENT!" having said this, he pulled out a pistol and shot my father right through his chest.

At that moment everything flashed before me, the history I had with my parents, my mother smiling, my father forbidding me to go out, my friends talking to me through the window, all those years, even in jail I was happy and now... My father had also been killed in front of me... As if, it was nothing.

"Father…" I whispered, my eyes filling with tears

"Noelly... I will die here... And I ask only one thing from you".

"No.... Dad, you can't go…"

"Noelly, calm down…" he says making me stay silent


"Marry... Dylan, carry on your mother's legacy... Become different," he says as he hands me a diary, an old diary I knew very well.

"Mom's diary…?"

"Go…" my father, says, before closing his eyes and dying.

"Can you hurry up there? I have a full agenda," Sergio says without caring.

I stared at him with hatred

"HOW COULD YOU?" I shouted

"Listen to me girl, do as he says and stop being a rebel, or his friends will go with him".

I looked at the green-eyed boy, who was fiddling with his cell phone, ignoring everything. I gritted my teeth and went up the stairs to get some clothes, I threw the blouses into a bag while crying non-stop.


I squeezed my mother's diary tightly against my chest, trying to feel something, some trace of that happiness and after much reluctance. I went downstairs, where a team was removing my father’s body. Sergio and Dylan were waiting beside a black Limousine, I sighed still swallowing the cry and got into the Limousine without saying anything, watching everything I had lived until then die too.

2. Wharton

My marriage was a simple and boring thing, I got ready anyway, I refused the help of the house cleaners, and I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

“Do you take Noelly Emmily Crane willingly as your lawful wedded wife?" the priest says

"Yes" he said

"And do you, Noelly, take Dylan Gabriel Wharton?"

"No! ...." I let it slip but then spoke with a weary sigh, "I mean... yes".

“Then, under the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride".


However, I interrupted by a deep and burning kiss from my "husband", I heard the audience applauding, I didn't know how to react to that, I felt a strange sensation with that forced kiss and tried to let go, but Dylan just squeezed me tighter.

After the ceremony, I decided to go straight to the Wharton


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