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This is a tragic and uplifting story about a young girl's life and how she overcomes every obstacle. She was traumatised at a very young age. She is faced with conspiracies that she isn't aware of. An enemy she isn't aware of but is looking for. When love knocks at her door will she answer? Will she embrace the new alliance when she finds out they have a common enemy? Will her soulmate be able to handle her rage, broken heart, and pain and repair her tortured soul? She holds the power to destroy all that we know or create and save it. She holds the key to disturbing the balance between good and evil or restoring it.


Tragedy struck young Daria Moonwalk’s life long before her memory kicked in, but its effects linger even today.

She had recently been living with her aunt, uncle, and her cousin Mona. Her great aunt Elsa sent her away to live with them, as she wasn’t able to take care of her anymore. Even though Daria was young, she knew better. She knew there was a terrible storm coming and with it came evil.

One day, her aunt, and uncle prepared a welcoming party for her to ensure that she felt at home. About twenty guests were invited, they wanted to avoid overwhelming her.

“Hey baby girl,” said Marlene as she took Daria into her arms and carried her outback to where the party was to meet the guests.

“Hey aunty,” Daria said cutely and laid her head on Marlene’s shoulder.

Marlene noticeably smiled when she saw this, she was touched that Daria felt comfortable enough to lay on her shoulders. Cute she thought.

Marlene was a tall petite woman still in her twenties, she had long dark hair with a pink strip of hair on the right side that flowed flawlessly over her oval-shaped face. Daria admired her aunt so much that she wanted to be like her when she grew up. Daria and Marlene locked eyes as they looked into each other's eyes, Marlene had blue eyes that looked like the deep blue sea. On the other hand, Daria had big dark brown eyes. She had a heart-shaped piercing on her button nose. Which Daria often wondered if it was painful, seeing as she also wanted one. Daria thought her aunt was the most beautiful person in the whole world, from her pinkish full plump lips and a mid-size chest with full breasts. Her beautiful olive brown skin and that looked newly tanned. To lavender crop-top that revealed her belly button and a black leather jacket on top that complimented her hourglass shape. She had on blue torn jeans and black G-star sneakers. Not only that, but she had beautifully soft manicured hands with dazzling violet nail polish.

As they reached the backyard, Nicholas and Mona raced to them. Mona reached them first, and Nicholas purposely lost.

“I won,” said Mona excitedly to her mother.

“I would have won if I hadn’t eaten so much at breakfast and….,” breathed Nicholas as he feigned tiredness.

“Yeah right, dad,” Mona said, clearly not believing her father.

Marlene and Daria giggled and shook their heads at them.

“So, little one, do you like your party?” Nicholas asked as Marlene put Daria down.

Daria looked around at the party and saw different sorts of decorations from her favourite cartoons. There were balloons of Moana, Ghost spider from the series Spider-Man and his amazing friends. A jumping castle that looked just like the fun house from Mickey and The Fun House. Daria never missed an episode of Mickey and The Fun House, she always made sure to finish her break fast to make sure she didn't miss a moment of her favourite show. Kids were playing in the kiddie pool, giggling and splashing each other, there were a couple of entertainers surrounded by an audience full of toddlers and tweens. One was a clown and the others were a magician and musician. There was a table full of presents, they all looked big, Daria secretly prayed that one of those giant presents was a kid's kitchen set she had been dreaming about since she saw the advert on TV. A table with a buffet of every kind of food stood next to the pool, she could see every kind of pastry, cool drink and Juices. A three tier Vampirina Cake and different kinds of snacks and goodie bags. There was a big purple banner intricately written welcome home Daria and a few pictures of Winnie the Pooh eating from his honey pot and Vampirina showing off her toothie smile.

“Yes, uncle Nicky,” said Daria with a big grin on her face. She hugged him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. His cheeks turned red as he blushed at her gesture.

Mona took Daria’s hand and pulled her towards the magician.

“Come on Daria, you have to see this cool trick the magic man does,” she said excitedly and they both waved at Marlene and Nicholas.

Marlene looked around at the happy faces and back at her husband. Who smiled as if the world had finally achieved peace. Nicholas was a very tall man who towered over most people at about 6ft (1.83 m).8inc. He had sandy blonde shaggy hair and green eyes. A long pointed nose and pink thin lips,

fair light skin. He had a naturally lean medium build and wide, broad shoulders. He wore a white t-shirt that showcased his six-pack underneath, topped with a dark blue denim jacket, and wore blue skinny jeans that revealed his toned legs, paired with grey Adidas sneakers. It was a beautiful day and the Capetonian sun shined brighter than ever. Seagulls flew by as they sang their melodies. South Africa was a beautiful place to be in summer. The ocean air smelt grand as it caressed your skin. As the DJ started a song, Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Nicholas took Marlene's hand, and they started to dance to the song. There was a sudden boom and the music stopped, people looked towards where the DJ was and saw that his equipment had been burnt. A man in a black cloak stood next to the burnt equipment, holding the DJ's head and guests screamed in horror when they saw the head. Stormy clouds started to form, the sunny day turned dark

as if a curse had been cast. The once blue sky now looked grey and dull, casting a hinge of gloominess on the atmosphere.

Everyone at the party felt uneasy because this didn’t look like any normal storm. Shadowy figures began to emerge from within the dark clouds.

Daria’s uncle Nicolas’s eyes widened because he knew that, WHAT THEY CALLED, THE COMING STORM HAD ARRIVED. He screeched the words run!!!!.

“Marlene! Take the kids and hide them in a safe place!” Said Nicholas in a grave yet worried tone.

“Noooo w-what about y-you, I can’t leave you,” Marlene stuttered.

“We don’t have time to argue we have to protect Daria and Mona too, we can’t fail Daria, I-I can’t fail my little sister I made a promise to her that I’d protect Daria,” he says with teary eyes

“OK I’ll go but promise me you’ll come to find us and that you won’t die on me,” Marlene said knowing that this might be the last time they would see each other.

She carried Daria and took Mona’s hand and rushed to their emergency bunker. The bunker was in the middle of

the forest in a very secluded place where a canopy of trees and shrubs covered the underlying entrance to the bunker. When they reached it, she pried open the door with shaky hands, seconds later a loud explosion could be heard and with it came the screams of the guests at the party. She immediately took the kids and went

in, she looked around frantically for something to barricade the door.

“Are you kids okay?” asked Marlene breathlessly

“Yeah, we are fine,” Mona said, looking paler than a ghost.

“Are we going to die?” Daria asked plainly.

Marlene found herself speechless and didn’t know how to reply. Both children looked at her pointedly as they

stood there waiting for her answer.

“No one will die, I promise,” she told them and tried putting on a smile for assurance.

There was a loud boom which blasted the door wide open and Marlene and the kids had managed to take cover. When Marlene looked around the room full of dust and smoke, she saw a figure laying on the floor. When she crept towards it, she saw that it was a person laying there and guessed that the invaders had used his body to slam the door open. When she turned the person over, what she saw would forever haunt her, her eyes became wide, and

as she recognized the person and screamed.

“Nicolas!” Marlene wailed when she saw how bad his condition was.


Marlene's POV

After I had barricaded the doors and windows I was certain that nothing was going to get in, but

in my heart, I knew this wasn't good enough to stop the Pride Of Blood Lust. These guys

were brutal, I guess the embankment gave me a sense of security. When I turned around and

saw how terrified the two little beings in front of me were, well, Mona was the one who looked

scared, Daria, on the other hand, looked indifferent, it scared me.

"Are you guys OK?" I asked

them worriedly.

"Y-yeah, I think we are OK," stuttered Mona in a whisper.

What got me tongue-tied for a few minutes was what Daria inquired.

"Are we going to die?" Daria asked plainly.

I was stunned for almost a minute before my mind could register what I was just asked. The

truth is, I knew we were going to die. Heck, I didn't even know how we had survived this long.

But I couldn't say


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