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MAJIKA: School of Magic

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Angelus
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 35
  • 3.0
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After having a face-to-face encounter with 'Truck-Kun', Emily found herself waking up in an unfamiliar world where magic is the way of life. Due to a series of unexpected events, she was sent to a school of magic, and from that point onward, her boring life was about to take a different turn. At that moment, the girl recalled that as she lay in her own pool of blood, she spent her last and dying breath, cursing her wretched luck. "Of all the people, why me? I am not ready to die yet. I mean, I haven't experienced kissing a boy at the very least. Am I destined to die a virgin?" Well, guess what? Worry not because Emily is about to have some adventure while being surrounded by not just one but five hunks!

Angel of Death

“Poor girl, she’s not gonna make it.”

“She seemed to lose a lot of blood already."

“Has anyone called 911 already?”

So... I was hit by a truck…

I thought to myself as if that was not the most obvious thing; I was lying in my own pool of blood. For crying out loud!

Darn luck, am I to die without having a boyfriend?

I mockingly laughed to myself when this thought occurred to me. But in doing so, I only made myself cough out more blood.

“Seriously, that’s your concern right now? You are dying, in case you haven’t noticed.”

My brows furrowed together when I heard a voice inside her head, talking back to me. But later on, I convinced my own person that it was highly likely a part of my mind’s coping mechanism for the eminent death. When this dawned on me, I decided to humor my inner voice.

“Nah, I already accepted my fate long ago. My life was miserable as it it. My only regret is that I will die a virgin. Can you do something about it in my next life? I mean, if reincarnation really does exist.”


“So this is how it feels to die, huh?”

I mumbled to myself as I feel my lids getting heavy by the minute. I could feel the oblivion slowly, but surely taking over me. But in my semi-unconscious state, I heard that same voice again asking me,

"So, would you mind coming to my world?"


I replied shortly thinking that it was the angel of death who come to claim my soul.

“Connection Established…..”

I am not entirely sure what happened but the next thing I knew, I was already rocking; as though I am being carried by something.

"Am I dreaming?"

I thought to myself. But at the same time, I did not have the courage to open my eyes just yet. Well, I clearly remembered being run over by a huge truck and it felt so real that I could hardly believe that I am still alive.

'But what if this was my afterlife?!'

I felt goosebumps crawling on me as soon as this idea crossed my head. This time, I muster up the courage to peek a little at my surroundings, and to my surprise, the first thing that greeted my sight as soon as I opened up my peepers, was the vast sky as well as the passing cloud.

Lingering my eyes around me, it was only then that I found out that I had been lying on a pile of hay while being carried away by a wagon. Likewise, the sun was already making its way to the western horizon and the sunset bathed the rest of the sky with a vermillion hue.

"Where am I?"

That was the next question that popped into my head when another realization dawned on me. As far as my memory was concerned, the place did not look familiar; not at all. Also, from the current look of it, I was traveling to some countryside place.

After contemplating but still coming up with nothing, I finally surrendered. I can't seem to recall how I ended up riding a wagon let alone know what was my intention for coming over to a place like this. Bumpy roads and humid air carrying the smell of horse sh*t were never my cups of tea.


The last thing that I remembered was that I am on my way to school when all of sudden, I got involved in a freak accident. Then I ended up dying in the process.

Well, that’s weird???? Because waking up, I feel totally fine! If anything, I am even reinvigorated.

What if it’s all but a dream, yes?

Yup! That might explain it.

Or so I thought…

It was only after seeing my current plight as well as the state of the clothes that I was wearing did I eventually realize that something was definitely amiss. Rather than wearing a school uniform just like the clothes I was wearing this morning, I was wearing an old Victorian dress!!!

What more was that I never recalled owning this type of dress, to begin with! However, what was more even shocking than that was that the dress was SOAKED. WITH. BLOOD!!!


I inhaled sharply the moment I realized this and I was instantly reminded of my own predicament.

"Does this mean, I survived the hit and run?"

I wondered to myself and the entire situation sent me into another round of confusion.

"But how???"

I asked out loud as I frantically touched every part of my body; surveying and checking for any injury. I still could not bring myself to believe what just happened despite seeing it with my own eyes.

The picture of me lying on my death bed, was still clear in the back of my mind as though it just happened moments ago. I remembered I was cursing my wretched luck back then, complaining how it sucks to die a virgin. In fact, I could still feel the remnant of the excruciating pain that assaulted me during those last minutes on Earth.

There was no way that it could be a dream.

“Okay, Emily, breathe in…. Breathe out….”

I deliberately told myself in an attempt to calm my nerves. Then slowly, I tried to rack my brain forcing myself to remember everything that transpired. I closed my eyes but as soon as I did, a foreign memory flooded my head.

Surprisingly enough, the owner of the body has the same name and face as mine. But this 'Emily' was nowhere like me. In this memory, she was loved by her doting grandfather and she was spoiled by everyone. She was the youngest miss at the House of Cleves. She also had an older brother and this brother of hers was the trusted general of their kingdom. Even the king regarded her brother as his peer and that was why their family enjoyed a high status throughout the entire kingdom.

His brother, Rupert was overly protective of her since she was the only sibling that he had. With an excellent brother that got her back unconditionally, she grew up as a dainty young miss. Often disregarding others and doing as she pleased; brewing trouble one after another.

The kind of life that the other party used to have created a stark contrast to my own pitiful life; and the revelation only made me more confused than ever.

First off, I could hardly understand where those memories came from and how I even acquired them, in the first place?!


Emily observed her surroundings, trying to figure out where on Earth she was. As she was looking around and practically surveying the entire horizon as far as her eyes could reach, a feeling of unease was starting to weigh on her chest. It was not that long yet since she woke up from this unfamiliar land but somehow she could not help but feel like something about the whole arrangement just did not sit right. Everything to her just seemed too outlandish at some point.

First off, one thing she noticed right away was how the place did not look anywhere near her neighborhood so she wondered how did she even get there in the first place. Truth be told, the place did not look promising at all. If anything, it resembled a creepy forest which was usually portrayed in the horror movies she used to watch; that particular one where some masked man holding an axe or chainsaw would suddenly show itself out from the wilderness and would then start hacking his weapon against whatever unfort


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