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Life is a bitch

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Red
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Since there are not many TVD/arrows and some teen wolf also some marvel out there. Please don't hate me for having DC and MARVAL mixed. Just think about it this way its the Multiverse, that could have lots of possibilities. For the last 5 years I have lived in hell. It all started when I went with my friend Oliver, his father, and Oliver's girlfriends sister Sara, on a yacht when a storm hits us and it sinks. Oliver and I was the only survivors. Now after 5 years we are found and it's time to go home. While Oliver is going to star city I must go back to mystic falls to be with my family. My name is Alicia Gilbert and its time I go home.

Chapter 1

Oliver and I are in a hospital standing by the window, they are keeping me with him till they can get a hold of my parents. But honestly I don't mind ollie and I have gotten close over the years. We can hear the doctors talking about us.

" 20 percent of Oliver's body is covered in scar tissue. He has second degree burns on his back and arms. X-rays show at least 12 fractures that never healed properly." the doctor says to ollie mother.

"And Alicia, what is wrong with her." his mother asked.

"25 percent of her body is covered in scar tissue. She also has second degree burns on her back. And the X-rays show 10 fractures that never healed properly. We got a hold of her aunt it seems her parents passed away last year in a car accident." he tells her.

Oliver looks over at me so I know he has heard what I did. When he saw that I was looking back at him he mouth "I'm sorry" and put his arm around me.

"Oliver? Alicia? " his mother said walking in to the room.


" Mrs, Queen"

"Oh, my beautiful boy" she said and hugged him. I was standing back to let them have there moment. When they pulled away she turned to me. " dear we have some news we got a hold of your aunt Jenna she is on her way to us now with your brother Jeremy. You will be coming with us till they get here. If that is alright?"

"It is mother" ollie answered for me.

" right let's go shall we" she said.


When we got to their home, more like mansion. The butlers tried to take our stuff for us but we got there before them.

"Your room is exactly as you left it, and Alicia if you would follow her she will show you where you can stay." his mother said.

"Put her in a room close to mine." Oliver said she nodded and motioned for me to follow her. As we were walking she would point things out to me like the different rooms, a bathroom a library and a office.

" so what is with you and mister queen, why did he want you in a room close to his." she asked me.

"I get these nightmares about the stuff that has or could have happened to us, he always is the one to calm me down and I him." I tell her as we make it to a door.

"Oliver's room is right here and this is your room" she said pointing to the door next door to his. I node in thinks and walk in to put my things down. I then follow her back to the entrance of the house to see Thea and ollie hugging.

After getting ready for diner me and Oliver head down the stairs. Oliver stops to look at a picture.

" what did I tell you? yachts s*ck." some one says when we turn around we see a guy with dark hair.

"Tommy Merlyn." ollie said

"I missed you buddy, and who is this"

" this is Alicia, she has been our friend for a very long time, come Ali you can sit by me." Thea said.

"She's also my girlfriend" Ollie told them.

As we were sitting at the table they were talking about all the things we missed. And the one thing that i really care about is that I missed my parents funeral. The more I thought about is the more it got hard to breath. I zoned back in when Thea asked what it was like . Oliver looked at me and could kinda see that the question was heard for both of us.

"Cold" he said getting up and coming to my side. " if it's too much we can go to my room" he whispered

"No you stay i'm gonna go up." I whispered back they were all looking at us by now.

"Are you sure"

" yes i'm sure"

"OK" he said getting up kissing my temple

"I'm um gonna go, thinks for dinner." I said standing up and walking toward the door

"OK dear" mrs.queen said "oh and Alicia I talked to your aunt she will be here tomorrow."

"OK thinks and goodnight."I say finely leaving the room. When I got to the room I'm to be staying in i got me some clothes and went to shower.

After my shower I went to see if ollie was in his room, I was so used to sleeping with Oliver I don't know how im going to make it when aunt Jenna comes. When I get to his room he was just getting out of the shower to, He was just putting on his shirt.

"So my aunt is coming here tomorrow, and I was thinking how in the hell are we going to be able to sleep with you being here in California and me being in Virginia?" I ask him not really knowing what to say to him.

"We will figure it out I believe you all are staying here for a few days so we have some time." he said walking toward me and putting his hand on my cheek.

"I'm going to miss this" I said as he leaned down to kiss me. Over the last 5 years we grew closer and closer. We never really said we were together but we would act like a couple when around people we know. We never really said we were dating but I guess in a way to some people it look that way.

"Me to." he said pulling a way.

"Ollie I'm gonna try to sleep in the other room, but I most likely end up in here." I tell him. He nodes " night ollie."

"Night Ali." he said kissing my head. I turn around and go back to the room i'm staying in. when I get in I go straight to bed and lay down. In no time I'm a sleep.


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