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Legacy of the Night: The Triad of Shadows

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: AlanDi
  • Chapters: 54
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 524
  • ⭐ 7.5
  • 💬 7


This incredible story tells the tale of a very young couple who went on a business trip and had a plane crash in which they tragically lost their lives, leaving their two daughters under the care of their aunt and uncle. One of the daughters is named Isabella, the eldest, a kind-hearted and shy girl. She went to live with her aunt Sara in New Orleans, who led a quiet life with few friends. Isabella tries to resume her studies and continue with her life as best as possible. The other daughter, Emily, is a highly intelligent and adventurous girl. She went to live with her uncle in Visalia, a respected man in society who was well off financially. Despite being separated, the two sisters remain in contact as they deeply care for each other. However, something unexpected happens that completely changes their lives.

The Beginning Part 1

Chapter 1 - Part 1

A voiceover, Roy's voice, echoed through the air, "For over a century, I lived in hiding; in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now. I am a vampire, and this is my story."

Outside Mystic Falls, a you

ng couple, Justin and Nia, were having a lively conversation as they drove down the road.

-I drove for an hour to listen to that crap, I was barely a guitar player. And another hour on the way back," Justin complained.

-It wasn't so bad," replied Nia.

-It sounded like James Blunt," added Justin.

-And what's wrong with that? -asked Nia.

-There's already a James Blunt, one is enough," replied Justin.

Nia noticed the fog surrounding them.

-Why is it so foggy? -she asked worriedly.

-It will clear up," Justin reassured her.

Suddenly, they hit something on the road, startling them both. Looking back, they saw a person on the ground.

-Are you all right? -Justin asked, concerned.

-We ran over him! What happened? -Nia exclaimed in alarm.

-Call for help," urged Justin.

Justin got out of the car to check the condition of the person who had been hit, leaving Nia inside the car to call for help. Meanwhile, Nia noticed that she had no signal on her cell phone.

-There's no signal. Justin, are you there? -Nia shouted with concern.

Suddenly, Justin's body fell on the hood of the car, his throat bleeding. Nia realized that she had been bitten by the man who had been hit. Panicked, she screamed and ran, but before she could escape, an invisible force lifted her up and threw her into the air.

Nia landed on the ground with a loud thud, feeling intense pain as it coursed through her body. As she lay there, dazed and confused, the figure of the man who had been run over slowly approached her. His face showed a sickly pallor and his eyes glowed with an unearthly intensity.

-What... what are you? -Nia stammered, trying to crawl away on the ground.

The man smiled sinisterly, revealing sharp fangs. His voice was whispery and icy.

-I am a vampire, dear Nia. And you and your friend have had the misfortune to cross my path.

Terror gripped Nia as she realized the chilling truth. Those vampire stories she had considered only myths and legends seemed to come to life before her eyes.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Nia scrambled to her feet and ran through the thick forest nearby. Her lungs burned as she struggled to breathe, and each step became more difficult. She could feel the vampire's presence pursuing her, his silent footsteps echoing in her ears.

The fog thickened around her, making her vision difficult and increasing her sense of vulnerability. Tree branches rustled as she passed, as if the forest itself was conspiring against her.

Nia fought with all her might, but the vampire was relentless. As he moved deeper into the forest, his pursuit became more intense. Nia realized that her hopes of escape were fading.

Finally, the vampire reached Nia and grabbed her tightly, pinning her down. His eyes glittered with bloodlust as he leaned into her neck.

-There is no escape. Your life comes to an end here," the vampire whispered in a voice laden with malice.

Nia closed her eyes, resigned to her fate. The vampire sank his fangs into her neck, drinking her life slowly until her body weakened and her strength faded.

Roy's voiceover continued, "I shouldn't have come home. I know the risks. But I don't have a choice. I need to meet her." Roy, who had been watching the sunrise from the roof of the Auditore house, jumped from several feet to the ground with agility,His feet landed gracefully on the ground, barely making a sound. He looked around, making sure no one was watching him. The light of dawn was beginning to illuminate the landscape, and he knew he had to act fast.

He walked through the deserted streets of Mystic Falls, his gaze fixed on one particular spot. He followed his intuition and reached the outskirts of town, where a small house surrounded by trees stood. He knew she was there, the reason he had returned.

Without hesitation, Roy crept up to the house. Sharpened vampiric instincts allowed him to detect any sign of danger. He slipped through the back door, opening it with ease. Inside reigned a sepulchral silence.

He climbed the stairs cautiously, heading toward the room she was in. He pushed the door ajar and entered without a sound. There she was, sleeping peacefully in her bed, oblivious to his presence.

Roy approached her slowly, contemplating her calm face. A whirlwind of emotions swept over him: love, desire, but also fear. He knew that getting involved with her was dangerous, that his presence could put her at risk. Yet he could not resist the attraction he felt.

He reached out a trembling hand and gently caressed her cheek, feeling the warmth of her skin beneath his fingers. A sigh escaped his lips as he fought the internal struggle that consumed him.

"I found you," Roy whispered in a barely audible tone. He knew that his life was about to change, that the world he had lived in hiding would no longer be the same. But he was willing to risk everything for her, even if it meant facing his own demons and the dangers that surrounded them.

Roy stood there beside his beloved, watching her devotedly as the first rays of sunlight filtered through the window. He knew it would not be easy, that they would have to face unimaginable challenges, but he was determined to protect her, even if it meant facing his own dark nature.

Minutes later at the Thomson house, Isabella was sitting in her room, writing in her diary, "Dear diary, today will be a different day. It has to be. I will smile and be convincing. My smile will say, 'I'm fine, thank you. 'Yes, I feel much better.' I will stop being the sad girl who lost her parents. I'll start fresh, I'll be a new person. It's the only way to get ahead."

Downstairs, Isabella's aunt Sara offered to make breakfast for her and her brother Mason before leaving for a meeting at the university. Isabella tried to talk to Mason, but he wasn't receptive.

-Isabella, would you like some toast? -Aunt Sara asked.

-Coffee is best, Aunt Sara," Isabella replied.

-Is there any coffee? -Mason asked.

-It's her first day of school and I'm not ready for your lunch," Sara joked.

-Thank you! -Isabella thanked him.

-Anything else? Pencil number two? What am I missing?" asked Aunt Sara.

-Didn't you have to make a presentation," reminded Sara. -You need to see your thesis advisor.... Right now! D*mn it!

-Go, we'll be fine," assured Isabella.

-What about you? Are you okay? - Isabella asked Mason.

-Don't start," he replied.

Isabella stood in the doorway, watching Mason walk away to his first day of school. A lump formed in her throat as she thought of the loneliness she would feel without her brother by her side. However, she was determined to make that day a turning point in her life.

She closed the door softly and made her way to her room. She sat at her desk, staring at the open journal in front of her. She picked up a pen and began to write with determination.

"Today is the day I leave the pain and sadness behind. Even though I miss Mom and Dad every day, I know they wouldn't want me to be stuck in the dark. It's time to find my own way, to become the brave and strong person I know I can be."

Isabella continued to write, letting her thoughts flow onto the paper. She expressed her hopes, her dreams and her determination to build a new life filled with happiness and self-improvement. Each word she wrote was a step forward, an affirmation that she would not allow the pain to consume her.

After finishing the entry, Isabella gently closed her journal and tucked it away in her desk drawer. She stood up and looked around her room, determined to make changes that reflected her new mindset. She decided that she would clean and organize every corner, getting rid of painful memories and creating a space filled with light and positivity.

With renewed determination, Isabella began to transform her room. She opened the curtains, allowing sunlight to illuminate every corner. She tidied up her books, placed fresh flowers in a vase and changed the sheets on her bed for more colorful and cheerful ones.

As the room transformed, Isabella could feel a new energy in the air. Each carefully placed object was a symbol of her resilience and her willingness to find happiness even in the midst of adversity.

When she finished, she stood in the center of her room and looked around contentedly. She knew this was just the beginning of her journey to a new life, but she was ready to face every challenge with a smile on her face and a heart full of hope.

"Today, my journey to overcoming begins. I am ready to embrace happiness and build a bright future. Mom and dad will always be in my heart, but I know they are watching me from somewhere, proud of the person I am becoming."

The Beginning Part 2

Chapter 1 part 2

On the car ride to school, Ava told Isabella that she thought she was psychic, but realized Isabella wasn't listening.

-Grandma says I'm psychic. Our ancestors were from Salem, witches and all. It's crazy, but she goes on and on about it. I think she should be put in an asylum. However, I started to think that I predicted Obama, I predicted Harry Styles...and I still think Florida will break up into little islands. Isabella, come back to reality! - Ava exclaimed.

-I did it again, didn't I? Sorry, Ava... You were saying...? -Isabella replied distractedly.

-That I'm psychic now," Ava reminded her.

-Yes, of course. Tell me a prediction about me," Isabella asked.

-I think... Ah," Ava suddenly exclaimed.

Suddenly, a large crow hit the windshield of the car, startling both girls. Ava looked at Isabella with concern because of her past history, but Isabella told her that she couldn't be


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