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Lady Boss And Her Vampire Lover

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Anne, a young, beautiful, and successful girl, has succeeded with all her hard work and efforts to make her company one of the leading companies in the world. But as her efficient MD resigns one day, the work pressure on her increases, and she decides to conduct an interview for the post. During the whole process, she finds out not only about her MD but also about her life partner. But she discovers in a couple of years that her life partner is half human and half vampire. She attempts suicide but is saved by her doctor friend Estella. Read for yourself the twists and turns her life takes after she discovers the truth. Discover by reading the story whether she accepts the guy as a vampire in her life or if she finds some solution to her dilemma. Or is it that she herself shifts to the vampire community?

Chapter 1

I felt lonely and depressed as I had to live apart from my love, my husband, who had arrived in my life as an angel, just to make me forget the struggles I had faced throughout my previous life. He had made my life worth living and given me a sense of security, care, and love that any girl in the world would desire from her life partner. But little did I expect that my life would turn out to be what it is today. I was lost in thought when my doctor friend Estella arrived in the room. She had to sprinkle some water over me to get me out of my thoughts.

“It’s time for your injections, Anne. You will have to take them on time to recover from the depression and anxiety you are facing, my dear,” she tried to explain.

‘I am missing him a lot, Estella. I don’t think that I can live without him.” I said, soaked in despair.

“Just chill, Anne! Everything will be alright!” Estella tried to console me as she held my hands to dress up my wrist. It was still hurting like a thousand devils. I groaned out of pain as she dressed it up.

“What was the need for attempting suicide, Estella? Is Ben the only person that matters to you? Have we all now become insignificant for you? At least you should have thought of your company. Don’t you remember your struggle and hard work in establishing it? What is it that made you take such a step? If your maid had not called me on time, then it would have been just impossible to save you.” She simply flooded me with questions.

What else can you expect any lady to do if she discovers suddenly that the person, she married is not a human but a vampire? Exclaimed I.

“You might be mistaken, my dear. How did you know that he was a vampire?” Asked Estella.

“I am not mistaken, Estella! I caught him several times drinking a red liquid, which he called red berry juice. But as my suspicion increased, I sent the bottle for lab inspection, and they confirmed that it was blood.” I exclaimed.

“But if Ben is a vampire, then how did you spend a happy married life with him for the past two years? How was it possible to make a physical relationship with him?” Estella asked, as she was shocked.

“I don’t know how, but I am sure now that he is a vampire and he drinks blood almost every night. Although he eats and drinks like normal human beings at other times, I wondered myself as I tried to recall if he was really a vampire or not.

“Yes! I am a vampire! But I am half human and half vampire. That is why I can eat and drink like normal human beings do.” I could hear the voice of Ben, and I just yelled out.

“Who let him in? Estella, just ask the guards to throw him out! I don’t want to see the face of that cheater ever again in my life. He has taken advantage of my emotions and deceived me.” I tried to be rude, but then I got flooded with emotions, and tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Trust me, Anne; I never intended to deceive you. I just wanted to disclose the truth to you, but then I feared that I would end up breaking your heart. No one ever loved me in my life, and I could not let you dislike me as well. I discovered through my senses that you are my destined mate, and so I left things to my fate.” I could notice that even his eyes got filled as he uttered those words.

“But you should have revealed the truth to me, Ben! I married you, and now it is impossible for me to live without you, so I attempted suicide." I complained.

He came closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips, trying to calm me down, and I was surprised that his proximity made me forget all the grievances that I had against him. His touch simply seemed magical. This is how I got attracted to him and married him without making a proper inquiry about his background.

“I had to lie all my life and conceal my identity out of sheer helplessness. My mother is a human, and my father is a vampire. When my mother gave birth to a half-human, half-vampire like me, the vampire community just banished us, and my father refused to support us. I was born such that when I am filled with emotions, I act like a human, and at times, when I am deprived of emotions, I behave like a vampire. At that moment, I get a craving to drink blood. But trust me, I never drink the blood of the people whom I love.” His speech was disturbed midway as the police knocked at the door.

“Arrest him, inspector! He is the person who has murdered Lily.” My company’s board member, Henry, spoke these words as he instigated the police to arrest Ben. I had suspended him previously on corruption charges.

“Trust me, Anne, I didn’t murder Lily. I love you, Anne, and so I am especially careful not to hurt your sentiments or harm anybody whom you consider significant in your life. I am getting falsely accused; just save me, Anne.” He tried explaining while he was again interrupted by the inspector.

“We have already seen the CCTV footage. There was nobody else other than you in the office at the time of Lily’s death. Our suspicion has proved correct. So, we are arresting you on murder charges, Mr. Ben. You are under arrest.” The inspector extended the handcuff towards Ben. I was awestruck to see him fly towards the ceiling. In the process, his head hit the attic. This was enough to convince me that he was, in fact, a vampire.

Within seconds, he was out of the window and vanished into thin air, as it seemed difficult to locate the direction in which he flew since his flying speed was such that our eyes could hardly see. I wondered how he could fly, as he didn’t possess a wing. Was it that he was not really flying but just jumping high?

I got too puzzled about Ben, and my curiosity for him increased, although staying with him seemed impossible for me anymore. But my emotions for him kept me attracted to him. Perhaps he was right. He was my destined mate, and so I felt attracted to him all the while, despite knowing the truth about him.

Chapter 2

The other day I felt better, and I was discharged from the hospital and returned home, but then my heart was in shambles, and the beautiful bungalow seemed to be all in ruins without Ben’s presence. I hoped against hope that he would return, although I feared him being a vampire.

I just made myself a glass of red wine to reduce my tension. But I was again flabbergasted as I read the headlines in the newspaper: “The MD of Franks Automobile Pvt. Ltd. and the CEO’s husband flies and absconds while trying to be arrested. Is he a supernatural being or a vampire? Would this affect the reputation of the company in the future?” I banged the newspaper on the table in frustration. These media people have no other work but to sneak into others' private lives.

I got worried about my sales going down, but then I remembered that Ben had just helped me make a full-proof plan to make our automobiles available to customers at a lesser rate than any other automobile company was offer


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