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Her Lost King

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19 year old Freya Bale, daughter of the 3rd warlord of the underworld, is the perfect combination of beauty and fearlessness, and she never hesitates to speak her mind. When she attends a royal ball hosted by the ruthless king of the underworld, she meets an enigmatic man and a fire of love and lust sparks between them. Little does she know that he is none other than King Adrien himself, the formidable King of the underworld. Despite her father's opposition, she falls in love with, and begs his permission to marry when Adrien asks for her hand. Her world crumbles though when Adrien abruptly vanishes after the birth of their son, leaving the underworld without its ruler and Freya without her King. After 5 years, she finds him spelled, and on earth and unable to remember her or his life as king. As Freya struggles to remind and reclaim her lost king, a looming evil responsible for his disappearance threatens them all. She fights not only for her love, but to uncover the body behind this evil while keeping her family safe. Her fight for family takes her down roads she least expects and she uncovers secrets that threaten everything she has believed in. Love, lust, pain and betrayal clash and in the end, is love really enough?

Chapter 1

Freya's POV

“Quit fiddling with your gown Freya, or it'll become rumpled” My stepmother's voice carried a hint of irritation. You would think I was much younger than my nineteen years. Rolling my eyes, I let go of the portion of my dress I had clenched in my fists. I was nervous, so I assumed she was too. It wasn't every day we were invited to the palace for grand balls, and It was my first time ever. Father had allowed me to accompany him and my stepmom, Helena, this time, but my sister Hella who was just twelve wasn't allowed to come.

My father was the warlord of third hell and our home was impressive in its own right, but nothing compared to the King of the underworld's palace. I had heard stories of the King's ruthlessness and scary nature, from Dalia, the head of the servants at home. It was said that he annihilated his siblings, their households, and everyone loyal to them when they tried to dethrone him. It was also said that he killed at will based on his moods. Not exactly someone I wanted to come in contact with.

I decided to focus on the windows of the horse-drawn carriage instead and tried to watch the scenery and landscape as we sped past. But it was a waste to try. Demon horses were as swift as the wind, making it nearly impossible to focus on anything else.

Moments later, we arrived at the palace gates. It was huge! and several other guests were getting down from carriages as well. My father and stepmother exited with me in tow and we made our way into the palace. The grandeur was breathtaking with a sweet smell in the air. It probably came from the meticulously planted flowers adorning the surroundings.

We followed other guests to the grand banquet hall. A massive chandelier hung from the sky, it seemed and guests from all over the underworld mingled, moving around in their elegant gowns and coats. Laughter and different talking voices filled the air as well as the enchanting melodies of musicians tucked in an alcove. The music beckoned guests to the dancefloor where a few couples had begun swaying already. It was still early evening but the ball was already in full swing. I wondered when the King of hell would show his face, or if he was already here.

This was like a coming-out ball for me, and as my father and Helena escorted me into the hall, I could feel the weight of many curious gazes on me. After all, Lord Bale's daughters were only ever heard of and never seen. Father did not have a male child yet, so any suitor would be a potential heir.

Hence, many of these demons were simply fortune-seeking beings, akin to predators, motivated by the reward of feasting on my father’s wealth and status, and I would simply be a key—a very beautiful one.

Dalia took special care to prepare me for this evening; my long white hair was twisted up artfully, and I donned a set of my late mother's jewelry. I knew I looked beautiful in my handmade black gown. Its black hue complimented my fair skin nicely and the blue jewelry set drew attention to my striking blue eyes.

“Will I have to fight off wolves tonight?” My father laughed lightly as we walked farther into the hall.

“I can handle them Father.” I replied with confidence which earned a hearty laugh from him.

“Of course little one.” He chuckled.

“Lord Bale” a handsome man with captivating green eyes, approached my father. He was tall and his brown hair brushed his collar slightly as he walked with grace and poise towards us.

“Lord Lucian, a pleasure to meet you outside official circumstances.” my father greeted him warmly and they shook hands.

“Lady Helena” he greeted my stepmom briefly before turning to me “and Lady Freya, you must be.” Smiling, I curtsied. That was all the attention he spared me before turning back to my father. I felt slighted. I was beautiful enough, so why wasn't he looking?

As the evening wore on, I remained at my father's side, feeling like a mere ornament. I didn't put in an effort just to be an accessory so when I could, when my father was deeply engrossed in a conversation beyond my understanding, I discreetly slipped away.

I'd had enough of the banquet hall and its guests so I went outside instead. Away from the many eyes, I could finally breathe in some fresh air. It was dark already but the light from the numerous lightfly lanterns banished most of the darkness. I walked around for a bit, before locating one of the gardens. This one had a little bench, and I sighed happily as I deposited myself in it.

“I doubt anyone has been that happy to see a chair before.” A voice said from the darkness, making me jump out of my seat. The strange man chuckled as he emerged from the darkness. Oh, he was quite tall, easily towering above me. “There's no need to be frightened” he said as he sat down on my seat. “I'm merely trying to escape the ball for a while as well.” He tapped the space beside him, asking me to sit.

He wouldn't harm me; we were in the palace, and I was the daughter of a warlord after all. So I sat, careful to put enough space between us. I coughed a little before speaking.

“Who are you? and why do you think it's normal to hide in the shadows and try to scare people?” I said trying and failing to hide the irritation clouding my voice.

“I wasn't hiding, Snow, you just failed to look.” He laughed, the darned man. “I'm sorry if I scared you.” There wasn't an ounce of remorse in his voice.

“I wasn't scared” I declared and sat up straight. “Just startled.”

“Well I'm sorry for startling you, that wasn't my intention, but I enjoyed your reaction a little too much.” He smirked. Somehow, he seemed close despite the space I had tried to put between us.

I could see his face clearly now; he was a devilishly handsome man with sharp features. I couldn't ascertain the color of his eyes in the darkness but there was a depth to his gaze and long lashes heightened the look. His dark hair looked lush and it called for my hands. I'd never felt that way towards a man before, not that I had come in contact with many. There was an air of dominance and confidence around this one; it drew me in like a moth to a flame.

If I tried to put any more space between us, I'd fall off the bench, so I settled for leaning away slightly. “That answers the second question, who are you then?” I asked again.

“I am Adrien, who are you, Snow?”

“Stop calling me that. I am Freya Bale and I have spent too much time away from my father.” I answered as I stood up and dusted my gown. “I had better return to his side. A pleasure to meet you Mr Adrien.” Then I turned to leave.

“May I have this dance before you leave then my lady?” He said and stretched his hand out to me. I looked from his outstretched palm to his face which was now partly hidden in the darkness. I couldn't understand the magnetic pull I felt towards this man. The musicians were starting up a new number and I could hear the sound of people from the hall. One dance wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

I tentatively put a hand in his, It was warm to touch. He stood and he pulled me closer to him, resting a hand on my waist. Goosebumps scattered across my skin when he did that, and I was grateful for the long sleeves of my dress in that instance. Every other thing faded into the background and I could only think of that hand touching me. What were these feelings?

Gently, we began to sway to the sound of the music. With Adrien looking down at me, and me staring at the captivating man in return.

“You're an interesting woman, Freya Bale and I'm having quite the evening.” Adrien said, never breaking eye contact as we swayed around.

“And you are a confusing man Mr Adrien.” A smile stretched his lips when I spoke. We danced for a while, just staring at each other and moving to the music until the number ended. “I have to go back in now, I've been away for too long.” I said as I stepped away from him. He nodded and let go of my hand.

“Why were you out here in the dark Freya?” Adrien asked.

“That's for me to know, and for you to wonder about.” I answered and made my way out of the garden and away from Adrien. Father must be looking for me already, he would be p*ss*d if he found out I was alone with a strange man.

“Will I see you again, Snow?” He called after my retreating form.

Without answering that, I kept on walking. I couldn't shake the feeling that this meeting wasn't a mere coincidence and it meant something more for my future but there was no way we would meet again. The guests at this ball were from all over the underworld and there was no need to pursue something that couldn't be.

I quickly walked back to the banquet hall. My father was still deeply engrossed in his conversation and seemed not to notice my brief absence. I sighed in relief. Helena asked where I had been though, and I told her I was briefly outside to get some air. She seemed satisfied with the explanation but stayed beside me nonetheless.

It was getting late and the ball hadn't ended so Father decided it was best for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and headed to our carriage. The ride back home was faster than the ride there because I was lost in my thoughts.

I wondered if there was a possibility of seeing Adrien again. His face lingered in my mind, as did the feelings he evoked in me. When we got home, I went straight to bed.

The days after the ball went by swiftly, but Adrien stayed on my mind still, intruding on my thoughts and refusing to go away. I gave up on trying and decided it was best to let it run its course; I would forget him after a while.

“We're having a guest, Freya” Dalia said as she entered my room, the woman never knocked. It was a week after the ball, and I was making Hella's hair into braids. “The Lord and Lady have asked for you to be in attendance.” She was already going through my closet for a suitable dress.

“Who's the guest, Dalia?” I asked.

“And why aren't I going?” Hella piped in.

“The Lord and Lady asked only for Freya and as for the guest, I do not know who he is.” She said while going through my clothes. “You're to go down as soon as possible, Freya, so let's get you dressed.” She picked out a blue dress; it was nice and it emphasized my best features.

I quickly dressed up and was on my way to the sunroom. It was where we received important guests. I wondered if it was a suitor, I had been getting some of those since the ball and my father had turned most of them down. If this was a suitor, it meant Father considered him worthy. I would not know until I reached the room though, so I hurried.

I knocked when I got to the room, and I heard my father's voice, granting me permission to enter. I did, and my eyebrows almost disappeared into my hair when I noticed who was sitting in the room with my parents. It was Adrien, immaculately dressed and looking as handsome as ever.

Adrien's voice filled the room “Hello, Freya.” he said calmly.

“How are you here!” I exclaimed, surprised.

“Freya!” Helena scolded. “That's no way to address the King.”

As her words sank in, I froze.

Chapter 2

Freya's POVKing! What did she mean by the King? Surely she must be mistaken.I pointed in his direction “That's the King? the King of the underworld?” I asked in shock, “But the king is old and ugly.”“Freya!” It was my father this time. “Sit down.” His voice was cutting and commanding.Immediately, I sat down. Adrien was the King? How was he the King? And why was this happening to me? Panic bubbled up inside of me. Was he here to punish me or my family for how I addressed him? His presence in our residence was utterly unexpected. The swirl of thoughts continued to dance around in my head, each one vying for attention.I sneaked a glance at Adrien, and the man was hiding a smile. His dark ruly hair framed his chiselled face and his aura exuded both power and allure. I glared at him, making him smile openly and I so wanted to slap the stupid smile off his face.“I'm sorry about that, King Adrie


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