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Genius Reborn as Wealthy Tycoon's Stepmother

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: MUSI
  • Chapters: 22
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 104
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


Renowned academic prodigy Jiang Mingzhi, a national treasure in intellect, found herself transmigrated into the role of a meek and deferential stepmother within the confines of an aristocratic household. Her husband, engrossed in expanding his commercial empire, was seldom present at home for extended periods. Her sixteen-year-old son, sporting a flamboyant array of multicolored locks, insolently tossed a stack of exam papers with single-digit scores in front of her, demanding parental endorsement. Having just traversed into this perplexing situation, Jiang Mingzhi instinctively completed and corrected the papers upon seeing them. The final physics question showcased a mastery of nine distinct solution methods. The household steward routinely reported the domestic affairs to the master: "Young Master's mid-term exam results have been disclosed, and not a single subject scored below ninety-five, achieving a total of one hundred and five points." Huo Zheng pinched his brow in contemplation, striving to maintain a composed demeanor. "Is there anything else?" The steward continued, "Madam... The school principal personally visited our residence, expressing a desire for Madam to assume a role as a distinguished teacher, with an annual salary reaching seven figures."

Chapter 1

"The young lady who recently arrived at bed 2 is truly captivating." "Yes, even in such dire straits of illness, she appears akin to a television star." Within the nurse station permeated with the scent of disinfectant, several nurses engaged in casual conversation. One nurse lowered her voice, "I wonder if the occupant of bed 2 is a celebrity or perhaps the daughter of one?" Another nurse, more seasoned, dismissed with a disdainful expression, "This isn't a place where celebrities can reside, is it? I'd say the young lady in bed 2 surely hails from an illustrious family." Indeed, in the prime location of the capital, this serene rehabilitation center mainly houses 'distinguished individuals' rather than 'affluent ones.' In essence, wealth alone does not secure a place here. The previously speculating young nurse found the senior's words reasonable, yet she remained puzzled, "However, the young lady in bed 2 has been here for almost a week, and her family has not visited. To send her here without companionship, could she come from such a... family?" "Yes, even if not particularly close to her daughter, someone should come to take care, inquire about her health, don't you think?" The answer to this question remained unknown to all. At this moment, reclining on the luxurious bed, leaning against the window, enjoying watermelon, Jiang Mingzhi was oblivious to the fact that she had become the subject of the nurses' discussions. If she knew, she would surely recline further, hands behind her head, and laugh, saying, "Sisters, stop guessing. I'm an orphan, raised in an orphanage since childhood. As for why I can live here, the reason will be revealed to the public after I pass away in some time." Jiang Mingzhi has been suffering from a rare disease since childhood, and no one afflicted with it has lived past the age of eighteen. However, her determination was remarkably steadfast. She never gave up on herself. If she could endure until it snowed this year, past her twentieth birthday, she would set a new record for the lifespan of those with this disease. Unfortunately, the disease is merciless. This year, Jiang Mingzhi ultimately did not witness the beautiful scene of heavy snow bending the branches. On the night she passed away, a feather-like snowfall graced Yanjing, swiftly adorning the entire city in silver. Simultaneously, the name 'Jiang Mingzhi' dominated all media worldwide— 【The true identity of 'Code Z,' the genius mathematician, physicist, and astronomer from the Huaxia Nation, is Jiang Mingzhi, who is only nineteen years old!】 【The beautiful girl who has been battling the disease turns out to be 'Code Z'!】 【The demise of 'Code Z,' a huge loss for the scientific community in the 21st century!】 Inside the sanatorium, watching the military personnel, dressed in crisp uniforms, collecting the belongings of the young lady in bed 2, the nurse sisters were utterly shocked. They hadn't yet processed this earth-shattering news. —The young lady in bed 2, without parents to accompany her, yet capturing the unwavering attention of the director who examined her twice a day, turned out to be 'Code Z'! It turns out, the young lady in bed 2 truly lacks a prominent background and family lineage; It turns out, her reluctance to have anyone accompany her is her unwillingness to waste others' energy; It turns out, falling ill can make someone the highest-level state secret... When passing on Jiang Mingzhi's medical case, a torn piece of paper suddenly floated out from a stack of documents, with eight sharply written characters— 'In search of a resurrection scroll.'

Jiang Mingzhi never imagined that her half-joking remark would come true. Yes, she resurrected. Resurrected in a girl named 'Jiang Mingzhi.' In this world, Jiang Mingzhi is a third-tier minor celebrity who recently participated in a major variety show. Unexpectedly, on the first day of filming, she was replaced. Overwhelmed by immense anger and shock, she accidentally stepped into the air while going upstairs and fell down the stairs. This gave the current Jiang Mingzhi the opportunity for a 'resurrection.' Supporting herself on the railing, she slowly moved to the sofa, feeling some relief in her body. Her phone in her pocket kept ringing. She took it out and opened the chat interface. Agent Huangzi: [Mingzhi, don't be sad. If this variety show doesn't work out, we'll look for another one. Don't cry, don't cry.]

"Alas, I am truly vexed; Su A Mian is nothing short of a pronounced opportunist, shamelessly resorting to cross-dressing for the sake of participating in this coed variety show!" "He is inherently covetous, refraining from preying upon those with influential backing but opting to torment us. Truly shameless." Jiang Mingzhi scrolled through her agent's messages, realizing that she had diligently prepared for this variety show, enduring considerable criticism even during the official announcement. She believed that if she could participate in the show and it aired successfully, she would surely garner some positive reviews, even if just one. However, on the day the show was set to commence, Jiang Mingzhi was replaced. The person replacing her was Su A Mian, a rising star in the entertainment industry known for his controversial image. Her agent escorted Jiang Mingzhi back home, witnessing her desolation as she ascended the stairs. He promptly sent messages to console her, expressing hope that she would remain resilient, and they would strive for new roles. Yet, the entertainment industry is both ruthless and glamorous, witnessing both top-tier figures falling and countless newcomers vying for a breakthrough. For this variety show, Jiang Mingzhi had refrained from taking any engagements for a full three months, dedicating herself to daily physical exercises to enhance her endurance, all to deliver an outstanding performance in an outdoor variety show. If she could gain attention through this show, she anticipated a continuous influx of opportunities. Conversely, without success, she feared she might not secure any roles or variety show appearances for three to five years. Reading through the chat records since her arrival, Jiang Mingzhi discovered a crucial timeline—three months ago, she got married. The twenty-year-old Jiang Mingzhi, just past the legal age for marriage, married a mysterious wealthy man. She vaguely mentioned her husband's identity to her agent, hinting at his considerable wealth and a sixteen-year-old son, noting that she might move in with him. The agent, marginalized in the entertainment industry with only Jiang Mingzhi under his wing, immediately offered financial assistance and cautioned her against being deceived by older men. Even through the screen, one could sense the agent's hysterical tone. However, after the agent came to the 'new home' to pick up Jiang Mingzhi once, the conversation tone shifted. The agent praised the 'old man,' expressing admiration for his wealth and the convenience of not needing to have more children, asserting the marvels of life. "Mingzhi, persevere, outlast him. You'll be a billionaire, and there will be no shortage of young men!" This timeframe coincided precisely with the timestamp of the original host's pinned chat records—three months ago. Husband: [You don't need to worry too much about the child; you can continue pursuing your career.] Jiang Mingzhi: [Yes, I will fulfill my responsibilities as a mother.] Husband: [Huo Bo is going through a rebellious phase right now, but he understands boundaries. Do you need my help with your career?] Jiang Mingzhi: [No need, Mr. Huo. Thank you. I can manage on my own.] The original host had very few friends in her contacts, not even enough for a full screen. Still, she pinned the conversation with this 'Mr. Huo,' with whom she exchanged only four sentences. That afternoon, the agent joyfully shared a tremendous piece of news with Jiang Mingzhi— [Mingzhi, Mingzhi, our fortunes are turning! Huo's entertainment company, under the Huo Group, is currently developing the second season of a reality show! Last year's show topped the ratings, and the recent celebrities who gained popularity all came from this reality show! Guess what? The director specifically chose you! Ah ah ah, it must be your beauty that impressed the director, preparing to propel you as the next-generation star!] [I feel your marriage is going quite well. We are both turning the tide! It's said that when in ill fortune, one should change their lifestyle or move to a new place. Ancient wisdom holds true.] While the agent didn't see anything out of the ordinary, Jiang Mingzhi quickly understood whose hand was behind this—her husband had played a small role in helping her. "The original host probably admired, or more accurately, idolized her husband. She diligently prepared for the reality show, hoping for an outstanding performance to justify Mr. Huo's help. Yet, her role was rudely interrupted by Su A Mian." Contemplating, she thought, "If your wish is to become a shining star, perhaps I can fulfill it for you. I wonder if you're still around..." Just as she pondered this, Jiang Mingzhi suddenly felt a profound sense of tranquility. As if this was her true body, her true home. She picked up her phone to reply to her agent Huangzi: [I'm fine, don't worry. Is there any variety show or role available recently? It doesn't have to be a big production, just something to get on quickly.] Agent Huangzi: [Wait a moment, let me check.] In her past life, as a mere vessel for medications, Jiang Mingzhi attached great importance to her physical well-being. Just as she was about to visit the hospital for a checkup to ensure there were no injuries from the fall, a teenager with brightly colored, wild hair suddenly entered the room. Jiang Mingzhi instinctively quipped, "Which zoo left its cage open?" The teenager glared, "What did you say?" Jiang Mingzhi's exceptional intelligence diffused the tense atmosphere at this moment—this youth, appearing to be around sixteen or seventeen, combined with his audacious demeanor, was likely Huo Bo, as she concluded. Jiang Mingzhi: "Huo Bo?" "Humph, it's not the first time we've met. Why pretend not to recognize me?" Huo Bo tossed a stack of papers in front of Jiang Mingzhi, "You did so well; the teacher wants parents to sign it, stepmother." The last three words were dripping with disdain. Without looking at Jiang Mingzhi's expression, Huo Bo stomped upstairs. Jiang Mingzhi thought to herself, "Being a stepmother these days is no easy task, especially in wealthy families. The biological son always fears the stepmother is a schemer, intending to compete for the family inheritance. Thus, the atmosphere between stepmothers and stepsons is perpetually tense." However, she had no time to dwell on this now. She grabbed a ride-sharing car with her phone before leaving, taking Huo Bo's 'excellent performance' test paper along to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

Chapter 2

In the hospital, after a series of examinations confirming her excellent health, Jiang Mingzhi, who only had a slight ankle sprain, sat on the hospital bed, raised the tabletop, and unfolded the test paper she had grabbed before leaving.

The nurse who was changing the dressing noticed the prominent "Midterm Chemistry Exam of Grade One" on the test paper and thoughtfully brought a pen to Jiang Mingzhi.

Before leaving, she said, "Little sister, you are really diligent in your studies. Keep up the good work!"

Jiang Mingzhi smiled faintly, "Thank you."

The nurse was momentarily captivated by her smile.

If Jiang Mingzhi were to look in the mirror now, she would be surprised to find that the current Jiang Mingzhi not only shared the same name and surname but also looked exactly the same as her.

However, Jiang Mingzhi's attention was focused on the bright red "2" at the top of the test paper.

—Scoring a


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