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I am a storyteller, weaving tales in the tapestry of words. Enchanted by the dance of imagination, I explore realms where reality meets fantasy. I find joy in crafting narratives that blur the lines between the ordinary and the extraordinary. My journey into writing began with the whispers of inspiration echoing in childhood libraries, and now, with each story, I invite readers to embark on a shared odyssey through the landscapes of dreams.


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  • Author: MUSI
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"Regardless of your conflicts, I only desire the return of my wife," Hei Guanjie, burdened by intense pressure, lost his composure and shouted loudly. "As far as I know, you have no engagement with Miss Cheng," Matthew smiled as he watched this reserved young man lose control over a woman. It reminded him of his past self. If his beloved hadn't died, he wouldn't have walked this path. Beloved, such an interesting term. He lit another cigar and, amidst the swirling smoke, recalled the sweet appearance of the young couple. It stirred up memories long buried. Perhaps that's why he treated them with special courtesy. "There are orders from above, and I must obtain the virus. Since you haven't brought it, please rest for a while. I will consider how to get hold of the virus." He gave a signal, and two subordinates simultaneously struck the necks of Hei Guanjie and An Ruoxue with the butt of their guns. They fell unconscious. After carrying the unconscious couple from the sofa, Matthew, holding a cigarette, gazed at the sky, on the verge of clearing, with an anticipatory and beautiful dawn. However, that sacred radiance didn't belong to someone like him. Ah! Now is not the time for sentimentality. It's time to carefully consider the next move, to live up to Mr. Yan's expectations. "Are they really here?" An Meiqi, removing the plain mask covering half of her face, asked nervously. Pan Yu, focused on surveying the terrain with binoculars, didn't hear An Meiqi's words. She never expected Auntie Ruoxue to be captured. Now, in that splendid mansion, besides her parents, there are several special agents who are being confined. When she found out that the tracker she had secretly placed on her father suddenly lost signal before dawn, she knew something had happened. Just as she was about to seek help from her online friends, Auntie Meiqi happened to come back. She had to tell her the truth in detail. A day later, on a dark night with a strong wind, An Meiqi, along with a few selected special agents and a little tag-along, arrived at the high-end community on Yangming Mountain. They carefully planned the rescue operation. "Are they really here?" she asked again. "Really. Satellite positioning and the tracker on Dad both show they are here. There won't be any mistakes." Pan Yu, distracted, said. When she realized she was speaking, she put down the binoculars, slowly turned her head, and met the bewildered gaze of An Meiqi. "You, you can speak now?!" After nearly three years, she finally heard Pan Yu speak.


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