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Forever mine

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Blurb Emma was kidnapped by human traffickers alongside her friend on their way to work. Displayed to be auctioned off, her luck shines when she catches the attention of a rich and handsome young man Martel Godfrey, who is also a vampire. Things spiral out of control when Martel suddenly finds himself taken by men of the dreaded vampire Lancelot, aka the vampire slayer, the drug trafficker. Unable to meet his demands, Lancelot directs his goons to snatch Emma, as motivation for Martel to find his partner, who is indebted to Lancelot. Things get tricky when Martel returns and finds Emma fighting for her life and needing his vampire blood for survival. Martel is torn between letting Emma die or saving her and making her a vampire.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

Emma woke up in what felt like a moving vehicle, she felt dizzy as she tried to stand up. She looked around trying to find out where she was, but everywhere was dark. She tried to scream, but no words came out of her mouth. She covered her eyes with her hands as someone pointed a torch directly at her face. “ She’s awake, she is not supposed to be awake yet,” a man screamed out loud. The next thing she remembered was her body hitting the floor hard. 

Maybe it was just a bad dream, she thought. She panicked as she woke up to see a strange-looking man holding a gun staring at her. ” It's about time,” he said as he walked closer to her. He pointed the gun at her with a smirk on his face. She froze with fear, her heart was beating fast. No one has ever pointed a gun at her before. ”Get moving and join the other girls in the queue,” The man screamed at her. He used his gun to direct her, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her to join the girls in a long queue. 

She was trying to wrap her head around what she was doing here, and how she got here. She remembered walking home from work with her friend Martha when a car pulled up and parked in front of them, a man came down to ask them for directions. She remembered dragging Martha’s hand in a bid to stop her from talking to the strange-looking man, but she didn’t listen. The next thing she remembered was waking up in a moving truck feeling dizzy. While in the queue someone hugged Emma from behind, and she turned around to see Martha. ”Emma,” Martha whispered her name, with tears rolling down her eyes. They hugged each other crying, not knowing how to console each other. "I don’t know how we got here, but I know that I shouldn’t have spoken to those men, i should have listened to you when you tried to stop me,” she said while both of them were still hugging. ”I’ve asked around and from the information I got, we have been kidnapped by human traffickers or organ harvesters.” She looked around scared for her life “Next!!!.” They heard a man scream out loud. 

Two men came out and dragged two ladies inside the building they were queued in front of, it went on like that for over thirty minutes until it got to Emma’s turn, she was dragged in and pushed down almost falling face down. There she saw a man sitting with two tall armed men standing beside him. “ I know you are wondering why you are here,” the man said. As Emma was about to speak he held his finger to his lips signaling her not to say a word. “All you need to know is that you will be working for me as my call girl for two years before gaining your freedom.” He opened his book. “Your name, age, and where you are from?.” He asked with anger in his voice. She moved forward a bit, “My name is Emma, I am twenty years old from Detroit,” she said with a shaky voice. He looked at her from her head down to her toes nodding his head, he signaled for her to turn around which she did with tears rolling down her eyes and her legs shaking. 

The man knew she was the kind of girl his customers would pay handsomely for. Emma was of average height of five feet seven, she had blond hair and she was a very petite girl with full succulent lips. “ I like what I see, I am sure my clients would pay me a lot of money just to have you,” He said licking his lips. He signaled a man at the far end of the room. “Take her to Miss K, tell her she will be joining her team, she knows what to do.” 

Emma followed the man into a hallway, they stopped in front of a door with Miss K boldly written on it, he knocked and a red-haired lady opened the door and ushered her in without asking any questions. It was a spacious room with not less than twelve girls lying down on the beds on the floor. They were all staring at Emma with pitiful eyes, the man she followed handed Miss K a file and left. “Welcome Miss Emma,” Miss K said looking at the file. She looked too nice and calm to be working with this kind of people, Emma thought. 

Miss K stood in front of Emma, staring at her from head down to toe like she was trying to analyze and strip her naked with her eyes. “Are you pure?” Miss K asked. Emma was confused by her question, wondering what she meant. “ Do not keep me waiting girl, are you a virgin or not?.” She screamed. Emma was not surprised by her question knowing she was kidnapped by human traffickers, she felt awkward about it anyway. She turned around to look at the other girls who were giggling with their eyes wide waiting for her answer to the question. “Don’t be shy my girl, answer my question,” Miss K said in a calm, but yet commanding voice. “Yes ma’am, I am a virgin,” Emma said looking at the floor wishing everything would turn into a bad dream, and she would be back home on her bed, but this wasn’t a dream, it was her reality. 

She couldn’t believe that her virginity would be taken away by a man or a guy she didn’t know after trying to keep her virginity for the right one. She wished she was more understanding with her mom, she hated that the last thing she said to her was that she hated her and wished she was an orphan after they fought that morning before she left for work. She wished she could take back those words and every other hurtful words she had said to her. Emma was working in a cafe to support her struggling mom with the bills before she was kidnapped. Her mom had been the only one taking care of her and her younger brother, Steven ever since their dad abandoned them to be with another woman. She wondered how they would take the news of her disappearance. 

“Hey girl,” Miss K said snapping her fingers in front of Emma’s face to get her attention. “Take this,” She said handing her folded clothes and, a towel, with a shaving stick and cream on top. “Make sure you shave down there neat because I will check if you are well shaved or not, I know you won’t be comfortable with that, or with me doing the shaving for you.” She pointed the direction of the bathroom to her. 

While in the bathroom Emma kept staring at the mirror crying in the shower, she spent over thirty minutes trying in the the bathroom. Miss K stood up as Emma walked back into the room. “Get on the bed and spread your legs,” she said with a calm voice. Emma hesitated a bit, thinking she wasn’t serious, but Miss K wasn’t having it. Feeling awkward Emma did as she was told, all she got was a nod from Miss K. Emma had never felt so exposed all her life in front of someone she knew, not to talk of in a room full of strangers.

It's been a week since the kidnap with little or no hope of being rescued, her hope of being rescued by the police died after she saw three policemen drinking with the boss when she went with Miss K to deliver a file to him. She knew there and then that the police were involved in the act. She wondered if her mom thought she ran away from home because of the fight they had on the day she was kidnapped or if she was kidnapped.

Emma and the other girls were all tested for infections and diseases, only a few tested positive for infections and they were given treatments. They watched porn videos and live sex sessions for practice, they were all taught how to pleasure both male and female potential clients. After dinner, the girls were all directed into a hall with chairs and a big TV up on the wall. there were a lot of whispers and murmuring all over the room. The door opened and everyone went quiet when they saw the man who interviewed them walk into the hall with two tall men holding guns behind him. 

“ I know you all didn’t wish for a life like this and I’m not sorry this is happening to you, a man has got to do what he has to do to survive in this cruel world,” he said with no emotion on his face. “ By eleven p.m. tonight, vehicles will be available to take you all to different locations in your groups, I expect every one of you to be prepared before then. Anyone who tries anything funny will be killed immediately and so will their families be wiped out. You are all going to make me money for two years and if after that you decide to stay back with me you are free to and you will be rewarded handsomely before you go,” he said. He dropped the microphone and walked out of the hall. The big TV screen came on with slides of pictures of them and the families showing one after the other, the sound of crying and wailing filled the hall as they were all directed back to their rooms to prepare for the journey.

Chapter 2

At exactly ten forty-five p.m. they were told to go outside, and they queued in front of the buses assigned to their mistresses. They were finally allowed into the buses after standing for over fifteen minutes out in the cold. Their mistresses and drivers wore oxygen masks before entering the vehicles, the girls were too scared to ask questions or to complain. The sound of the bell woke Emma and the rest of the girls up at the same time, the first thing Emma did was to look at the time on her wristwatch, it was twelve p.m already. She wondered how they all slept all through the night until twelve p.m. the next day when she remembered seeing Miss K and the driver putting on oxygen masks before entering the bus, it dawned on her that she and the girls drugged to sleep immediately after they entered the vehicle last night. Miss K ordered them to get out of the vehicle, they saw themselves in front of a beautiful house with a large gate that was locked with two armed security men guardi


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