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Epic Game Battle

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An unemployed person who no longer has a life suddenly has the desire to become a great player in a game. A life that is too full of suffering makes him lose hope that in life he can be able to do many different things, but until now he still has to find it, finally he chooses to become a game player who is then interested in winning prizes in a game that will hopefully change his destiny. Here is the beginning story of a character named Takuya, 20 years old who doesn't have a very good life. Both of his deceased parents left him a home and several million in savings, but this is still not enough to sustain him. In this difficult modern era, it is difficult for Takuya to find work. He has repeatedly applied for jobs, but to no avail. He used to work, but it was only a few months. Furthermore, his life is full of things that are not very pleasant. Luckily he was able to save money left by his parents to survive, but before that he also often bought some useless things, such as a new PC and other computer equipment.

How To Change Your Life

Games are great entertainment, but for some people it's a time to get on with life.

Takuya is a 24 year old unemployed man who lives alone in a shabby apartment.

But, it was not paid because he had paid in full for 10 years, he was willing to spend the money left by his deceased parents to stay alive there.

Since he was 20 his parents had died, and he no longer had anyone, others his family didn't want to accept him.

He previously worked in a restaurant, but he was fired because he was not considered a skilled person.

Takuya sat while staring at his computer monitor screen.

“Huh… don't I have anything else to do? Why is life so boring? Am I not going to have a life like a normal person?”

He likes watching anime and playing games, but during these 3 years his parents' remaining savings have been running low, before he was able to support himself a little bit, but that is already a story of the past.

Forgetting a thing he couldn't do.

Since school, he was a child who always had a bitter life. Nobody cares about him.

Only the game world is considered capable of giving a feeling of joy when facing the complications of this life.

He wants to stop blaming conditions and start giving himself a belief that life is full of fun things, even though it's not easy, but still he will believe that this life isn't bad at all.

"Maybe it's time for me to no longer have a life!"

And, that thought suddenly popped up in his head as if to tell him that this life had already ended and there was nothing else to do.

Takuya stepped towards the kitchen, he headed straight towards the pile of objects, and he took a knife. His hand shook when he held the knife.


His face became chills as he imagined how the blood from his neck being sl*t.


Takuya suddenly stabbed into the wood, then he returned to his seat.

Playing games is often, as well as watching anime. It felt like his heart and whole body had experienced a very high level of boredom that he was confused about what to do for now.

“Life really sucks, can I still continue this life? Why is it so hard just to live like a normal person?” He hoped that his current complaints would be heard by the creator.

He realizes that just complaining won't change his current condition, he starts moving his mouse around to find job vacancies.

Having no skills whatsoever, and not having high intentions, Takuya doesn't really expect there will be a job vacancy will accept him.

All the work on the internet pages didn't interest him at all.

A normal ad on the page appears suddenly, and when you press the X the ad still appears until it makes him enter a certain page.

"Hah? Why is this ad so annoying!”

When he was about to close, the ad showed a glimpse of a game filled with a fantasy world.

There was one knight whose hand rested on a large sword.

"Play this game to get a million yen prize..." Takuya's eyes widened. "But, if I play a game that's giving gifts, surely a lot of people will play it too!"

Takuya doesn't have much choice, he remembers that if it continues like this he will definitely kill himself.

Start him registering an account, and entering his email. In the email he was led to another page.

There are rules regarding the information of the game to be played.

“To play this game you have to order a set of special glasses that will bring the atmosphere like the game world! After that, you can take part in the prizes have been offered, the link is at the bottom…”

Clicked on Takuya, and all turned into one page showing glasses for playing this thing.

“Unh... so I have to buy this device? It's obvious this game actually just wants to trick people in it into making forced purchases!”

Takuya clenched his fists.

Actually the price of the glasses is 2600 yen, but due to the current condition which is not very good, of course there will be great difficulty.

This is a very high problem for him.

Takuya only has savings for a few months, he even has to fast to save expenses, and if his savings are used then everything will only last 1 to 2 months.

“Huh... what should I do? Even though I want to earn money in a fast way, but I still won't be able to do anything! It sucks to have follow this desire! But, if I don't do it, will I still be able to continue this life? Everything feels very difficult to do, I hope that ease will come, but it feels impossible because someone like me can't possibly get ease! It's fine, if I lose everything later, I'll just have to drink poison…”

Pressed by Takuya to order the glasses, and orders made must wait for 2 days.

The time came for the package that he wanted, for these two days even Takuya had to eat one loaf a day.

"Huh... now I bought one pair of glasses used for games!" Regret of course was a natural thing, he remembered his needs right now were very much, he should save money from this, and he shouldn't be like someone who wouldn't be able to do anything.

Starting from Takuya opening the box containing the glasses he wanted, the glasses were like VR in today's world.

Takuya slowly use it, and were like ordinary glasses. He saw as if he were in a different state, but it was still the same as buying glasses at the store.

“What's so special about these expensive glasses? Better I use to eat that money! That's right, these glasses were used for that game!”

Takuya opened the web from the previous game, and he read the page seriously.

“I see, after I register and create an account, I have to activate the button inside these glasses!”

Takuya then registered and completed all the requirements, it took him 12 minutes to do this, and when everything was done, he started activating the glasses.

__To Be Continued__

Body Inside Memorry

Once activated, he began to stare into the glasses, his gaze to be fixed on the monitor that was showing a white light.

Slowly a strange feeling appeared, Takuya's body seemed to be pulled into a different dimension.

And, suddenly he was in a quite strange location, there was a view from a height that could not be measured.

“W-Why am I here? Why am I have to feel this? Don't worry, this is probably the effect of game in question! Hooh… then this is the start of the game I will be playing…”

Right in front of Takuya's eyes was a text asking him to enter his name, adjust his posture, choose a hairstyle, choose a role, and various other options.

“This is probably a game character creation! I have to do it...” First he put his name into Unknown to sound cool.

Next he chose a hairstyle, he noticed that there was a glass that had appeared out of nowhere. The mirror reflects his face which looks different, everything seems real, but still f


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