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DESTINED TO THE KING OF HELL. LUCIFERS HALFSIDE Long time ago, when Lucifer was banished from heaven, he felt a pinch of regret but was soon overcome by pride. He began scheming with his minions on how to take over heaven and earth. During one of his schemes, he came across a prophesy that said he had to use the blood of the wife of a god to make him more powerful. His right hand man, Dracula and the elders all tried to change his mind but he ignored them hell bent on doing it as the greed for power consumed him. Killing the wife of Zeus, the god of war. Using her blood made him more powerful. When Zeus found out he waged war against him but was killed in the process. With his last breath he cursed, "I CURSE YOU WITH THE BLOOD BLOOD OF MY WIFE!!! YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE AN HALFSIDE NOR A DESCENDANT!!! THIS CURSE SHALL REMAIN UNBREAKABLE UNTIL the gods DECIDES TO HAVE MERCY ON YOU!!!". He was hated by the gods so he knew there was no hope for him. Thousands of years later still without an halfside, Lucifer became more grumpy,strict and a blood sucking monster!. Do you think Lucifer would be forgiven? Do you think he'd find his half side? Find out in this pulse raising suspense filled story!


DESTINED TO THE KING OF HELLLUCIFER'S HALFSIDEChapter 1In the deepest part of hell, seated on a magnificent throne is the king if hell himself, grumbling and scolding a set of guardsAt his right hand side is Dracula, a powerful demon who sat quietly with a hard face.On his left is Rezel, his mistress. The most powerful female demon aside the seven sins ." I heard some reports against you all, can someone explain to me what happened?" Lucifer's voice thundered in the hall making everyone shiver in fear. The guards s*ck*d in thier breath as they await the worse. Seventeen guards could be seen shivering, they were on duty yesterday when they caught the mistress having s*x with 2 of the council elders, she had threatened them and they had no choice but to give in and now it got leakedNo one knows who leaked the information but the rumour spread overnight much to thier despair.They all enquired from themselves if anyone of them had leaked it out but they all knew nothing about it leaving them worried.They got ready to resume duty only for them to be summoned to the hall.They hurried over there to find out that they have been framed by the mistress.She accused them of trying to r*p* her, when she escaped they had spread those rumors about herOne of the guards looked up to find a smug look on her face"These bastards are wasting my time, throw them in the hot oil" Lucifer announced as he disappeared to his roomThey all dispersed as the minions were looking at them with pity as they cried out in tears while being pulled away' If only you had adhered to the warning I gave you guys yesterday, you wouldn't have found yourself in this position' Rezel thought with a smirk in her faceShe stood up gracefully and walked down the hall heading to Lucifer's roomShe would have disappeared but Lucifer hates it when she appears out if nowhere in front of himHe claims it is disrespectfulLucifer stood with his back facing the door, arms folded at his back as he looked out the window.His room sooth his charisma, the whole room was painted black in color, a big comfy looking bed was placed in the middle of the room, the mattress black in color, tall black curtains were hung around the room, a nightstand and 2 comfy chairs with a glass table in the middle.There was no source of light giving it a scary vibe.They were all used to the darkness and so was not bothered.His palms were folded into a fist as he looks sad, he was the type of person that does not show his emotions but he was loosing it.Not being able to lift the curse that had been placed in him million years ago made him more heartless and unforgiving.He had tried to look for the solution but it was futile.He was always told the same thing, " he'll never have a half side!"It's painful seeing the rest of the demons falling in love amongst themselves and getting married, giving birth while he can't.His personal maid soon knocked thrice on the door and came in " My Lord" she said as she handed him his blood drink in a wine glass with her head bowedHe collected it from her and she left while blushing hardShe has a thing for Lucifer, I mean who wouldn't?He was so beautiful and charming despite not always smiling' what if he smiled' she thought as she went awayLucifer snarled as he heard her thoughtHe sip the blood drink and sigh as a million thoughts ran through his mindHe took another sip savouring the taste The door opened and Rezel stepped in, she cat walked towards him swaying her hips both sidesShe had a smile on her faceLucifer didn't bother to find out who was in his room as he knewWrapping her hands around him, her skin began to burnShe screamed bringing her hands to herself while caressing it trying to numb the pain she's feelingShe raised her head up to meet Lucifer's deadly lookHis eyes were blazing red as he stared down at herRezel hurriedly went on her knees with her head bowed" I'm so sorry my Lord" she said as she bit her lips in regretShe has thought that since he helped her punish those guards he was beginning to like her, she thought wrongShe shivered in fear as her heart raced"Get out !" His voice thundered"B.bbut..."She was interrupted with a slap on her face as she felt her whole body burningHe didn't even lift a fingerShe didn't need to be told again before she stood up and ran out screaming in painTaking a sip from his drink he furrowed his brows as he stared out helplessly'will I ever have a halfside?''what would she be like?'' would I ever get to meet her?'' would she like me?'' would she want to be?'A million thoughts that he doesn't have any answers to ran through his mindDracula stepped in and bowed" My Lord,we need to leave now" he said" We'll leave but not yet" he replied" My Lord, we need to get back now or the maids would be suspicious. It's 7am in the morning" Dracula said trying to persuade him" You know that I don't care if they find out, I'll just wipe out thier memories" he replied with a snarl" B.bbut my Lord...""Silence!!!" Lucifer's voice thundered as he interrupted Dracula" You can leave now" he told Dracula who sighed and bowed down before leavingLucifer folded his fist tightly as he walked around his room in thoughtsTBC


DESTINED TO THE KING OF HELLLUCIFER'S HALF SIDECHAPTER 2 New York cityA figure could be seen sprawled out on the bed snoring like there's no tomorrow.Her alarm had rung countless times but she flinged it away making the poor thing crash to the wall then continued her precious sleep muttering sweet nonsense.Her name is Rihanna Lopez, a beautiful young lady with curves at the right placesHer hips are killing, sky blue eyes with a red hair, she's the definition of a beauty with brain, robust and firm ass, beautiful baby face with smooth skin.She draws attention wherever she goes and she hates it. She has three best friends, 2 guys and a girl.Lucas Siento: cute, tall and handsome, annoying as hell, a big time play boy, with just a wink he could get your panties wet, he changes girls like he changes clothes, breaking thier heart is like drinking his favorite wine


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