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Broken Vow

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Impact
  • Chapters: 48
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 26K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 17


On Margaret's wedding day, she got disapointed because her husband didn't show up for the wedding. This could have led to her death if not for a man that has followed her to the ocean. She discovers that she is pregnant after being r*p*d by some men on her way from work ( the reason Ferdinard didn't show up for the wedding). Her mother left her, leaving her to face her most difficult times alone with a stranger. Margaret determines to bring the rapists to book even after seven years. As the search for the culprit continues, her fiance's mother suspects that Margaret's daughter is her granddaughter. What will happen when everyone knows the truth? Will Margaret allow her fiance to be detained or will she mend her relationship with her first lover?

Chapter 1

Margaret screamed as she pushed her baby out, those times they took advantage of her she remembered as she cried in a loud voice.

I will get back to you!

I will get back to them!!

You'll pay for this you've caused me!!!.

It's okay Miss, the nurse consoled her. You just have to be strong Miss, you still have to push a little harder.

Push........ The nurse screamed as Margaret joined in screaming. she let go of her last strength to show the world the seed that has been planted in her some months ago by whom she didn't even know


Margaret is a smart girl from a very humble background. She is admired by all the young men in town.

Ferdinand who is the governor son tries to woo her but because of her status, she tries to reject his love for her.

Margaret, I understand the difference between the two of us, I'm the son of a governor but you're just a poor girl who is trying to make a living. I have searched the world for true love but I haven't found any. But one thing I know is that the key to my heart is with you. Ferdinand had told her on one of the days he encountered her.

Margaret knows that she loves Ferdinand but the gap between the two of them is just too much.

After a year of continuous wooing, Margaret agreed to start a relationship with the governor's son; Ferdinand.

Ferdinand was so much happy for his dreams of becoming the only man in Margaret's life were almost a reality for him. He threw a party to officially introduce his lover to his family and friends.

Although his father was not happy that his son craves to have a relationship with a mere Street girl but he just had no other reason than to join in the party.

I hope your lover won't bring shame to my family? The governor asked his son.

No my father. She won't.

Is she educated? He asked again.

She is only educated to a level, but that should not be a problem for now. I will ensure she is educated so that she will be fit for our family.

The governor looked at his son, shook his head, and walked away.

Ferdinand wasn't bothered about what his father's actions might be all he cares about was that he now has Margaret, the apple of the young men's eyes.

Margaret's phone rings. She picks it up.

Is that my treasure on the line? Ferdinand asked

The name "treasure" made Margaret smile.

Yes, it's her.

I got confused because you sounded like an Angel. So I decided to ask if it was my treasure or an Angel. Is it an angel talking or my treasure?

Ferdinand, you will need to answer the question yourself. It's Margaret that's talking to you.

If I should answer the question, the answer I will give is that. My treasured Angel is on the line.

That's so sweet of you Ferdinand. Margaret commended.

Please get yourself ready for a date with me tonight.

Margaret opened her wardrobe to search for a good-colored gown that will match her first date.

She selected the purple colored one, that has a touch of pink designs on it.

At 8pm, her door bell rang, behold Ferdinard comes. Dressed in a blue coloured t-shirt on a dark colored Jean. He stretched out his hand to take Margaret to his car.

So where are we heading to? Margaret asked him.

Why not wait till we get there? He asked in response to her question

But we have been driving for almost an hour now. She said again.

Margaret you have to understand that this is our first date, so I want to make it special. Don’t worry yourself, we'll get there soon.

As Ferdinard was about taking a turn to the left route, he discovered that his car was moving so slowly. He stopped to check what the problem was and to his shock; one of his tires got flattened.

He kicked the tires as if it will make it better again.

D*mn this! You ruined my plans for tonight.

Margaret alighted from the car to know what the problem was, on seeing that ferdinard was looking frustrated, she felt bad but nevertheless tried to cheer him up with one of her tricks.

And now that we have a flat tire, what do we do? She asked.

I’m going to put a call across to my home, so that another car can be brought.

It’s okay.

Ferdinard reached for his pocket to get his phone; he discovers that there is no signal.

Margaret, I think there’s no signal here. What do we do now?

Let’s just sit here and wait for a good Samaritan to pass by. Maybe we might get some help from him.

I’m sorry Margaret. Ferdinard apologized.

What are you apologizing for?

For keeping you here,

That’s what you get for wanting to take me to a Faraway place.

Are you trying to tease me?

Come here you, Margaret pulled ferdinard to her side. Even if we don’t go to the place you have prepared for us tonight, we can still have our first date here.

I’m not kidding Margaret. Ferdinard replied.

And I’m not kidding Ferdinard, just come and sit here so that I’ll show you something. Ferdinard walked up to where she was and sitted close to her.

So what are you showing me? Ferdinard asked looking directly at her eyes and placing his hands at the side of her chick.

Have you seen these kind of stars before? Margaret asked as she pointed to the sky.

I haven’t seen them in this manner, Ferdinard replied.

You know what ferdinard? look at the stars and tell me what you feel about them.

Ferdinard turned to look at Margaret’s face without her noticing it.

Margaret the stars are so beautiful, they’re so sparking but not to be compared to how beautiful and sparking as you are. Margaret, all my life, I haven’t seen anyone like you. If there’s another thing that can be compared to the stars, that’s who you are.

Margaret wake up! There’s a tricycle coming our way.

Wao! Margaret, you’re so smart. You have almost kept our night going smoothly until the tricycle came our way.

But I slept off without me knowing and you couldn’t even wake me up.

I just wanted you to rest my love. Ferdinard smiled at her.

In less than an hour they were at the beach.

Wao! This is beautiful, Margaret exclaimed as she tried to explore her new land. I have never been in this place all my life, I have wished for a better life Ferdinard. While I was in college, my mates usually told me that they were always on a vacation. And their vacation was either at the beach, or they visited a mail, a zoo or they went for a picnic.

My parents never took me out, even on my birthday. I’m so happy ferdinard. She said as she hugged him.

Ferdinard just stood as he looked at how happy she was. Ferdinard held her hands as they both walked to sit on one of the seats. He turned to look at her closely.

“Never in my life have I accepted to be with a woman until I met you. I mean, I have never accepted to be with any woman until I found you. I have been in a relationship before, but it wasn’t as happy as this one. I hope that this love lasts forever Margaret. I hope we don’t get to a path where we have to go our separate ways. I love you now and forever Margaret.

Tears dropped down Margaret’s eyes as she began talking “ I never dreamt this would ever come ferdinard, I thought the differences in our status will never make us cross paths. But here I am today with you. Ferdinand, I want to let you know that I have never fallen in love before, so I don’t know what love taste likes. I don’t know how it feels to be in love. Ferdinand dear, please be careful with my heart.

Yes my love, I will be careful with your heart, I promise not to leave you, I will always stay by you no matter what happens. Our status is not a barrier, and it will never be a barrier, not even our parents can separate us from the love we share. I love you now and forever. Come let’s go to the place I prepared for us.

I have to walk behind you. Ferdinand told her. He used his hands to blindfold her eyes and they he said now!

Margaret opened her eyes to behold a beautiful decorations with “I love you” inscription everywhere.

What’s this Ferd? Margaret asked. Isn’t this too much?

No, it isn’t too much. This is our first date. So, it has to be special and memorable.

Thanks dear. Margaret said.

Let’s seat and eat before our food gets cold.

Where the hell are you coming from by this time? Margaret’s mother who has been worried asked her.

The sight of Ferdinand made her keep cool.

She’s been with me. We went out on a date but on way, we got a flat tire. That’s we're late. I’m sorry ma'am.

It’s okay, she managed to day.

Goodnight and take care of yourself Margaret.

Mrs Smith watched him drove off and she walked in to scold her daughter.

I’m not in agreement with your relationship with governor’s son.

Why mom?

It’s because of our status. We are no match for them, his a governor’s son. We’re just a poor farmer trying to feed. Margaret I want you to end whatever relationship you’re having with him please!

But Mom, we're in love with each other. She tried to protest.

What do you know about love?

That’s not what matters Mom, I love him, I have never felt this way towards a man before. I just feel so special whenever I’m with him.

I have already told you what I have to say. You have to leave him. Mrs Smith told her and walked away leaving her in the cold outside.


It seems you want an escort, the governor said the moment he saw his son walking in.

Why Dad? Ferdinand asked his father.

Why did you choose to return this late?

I had a flat tire, he replied.

Then why didn’t you send for another? His father queried.

There was no signal at the place I was.

Whom were you with? I Know it’s that Margaret of a girl. I don’t even know what has come over you Ferdinand. You left Lisa, just because of a poor farmer's daughter? Don’t you think? Lisa is the councilors daughter, they’re rich and they’re first class citizens.

Enough Dad! Ferdinand cut in, you were the same person who told me that you got married to my mother as the daughter of a cattle rearer, here you are trying to defame someone.

It’s up to you son. You can go whichever way you like. I’m not even the one in love here. Good luck son, but don’t forget that you must never drag my name to the mud.

Ferdinand thought it was over, he entered into his room to meet his mother, already seated waiting to talk some senses into his head.

Ferdinard I can see that you're already growing wings, but no matter how high you fly or how tall you grow, I remain your mother and you must always bend to look at talking. I am your mother, I had watched you grow from childhood till now but you haven't acted this way before.

You're becoming so stubborn and no longer listen to me nor your

Mum! Enough of your sermon. You watched me grow since childhood, that's your responsibility. I Know you're bringing all of these because of Margaret. Mum, Ferdinard is an adult now, he can choose what he likes now. Who ever I want to spend the rest of my life with is none of your business.

Chapter 2

"I just feel like we should go our separate ways Ferdinand"

Is it because of our status?

Yes, the pressure on me is so much. my doesn't want to let me be.

But you're not the only one in this Margaret, I also receive queries too from my parents. We're in this together. We're not leaving each other, no matter what happens, no matter what our parents say or do, we remain together forever.

Ferdinand hugged Margaret immediately saying those words. He dropped her at the entrance of her street so that she could Walk down to the house.

She met a friend of hers as she walked home in silence.

Hi Beatrice, Margaret greeted her.

Hi Marg, how's it been with you?

I'm pretty good and you?

I'm fine.

You what Margaret?

No, she replied. Eager to know what Beatrice wanted to say.

They got distracted by a couple who seems to be displaying their love for each other as they walked down t


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