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Beast Taming Studio

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The silver moonlight bathes the earth, while mist lingers around the poisonous pool. Five night travelers stand silently by, when suddenly, the water churns violently. A divine beast, the dragon, emerges from the water with a deafening roar, signaling the imminent battle! In Gaolao Village, Yi Tian possesses a dragon pill and relies on his beast companion Dahei. Diligently practicing the family's martial arts technique "Nine Turns and Eighteen Bends," he coincidentally tames various beasts including the Small Black Tortoise, Little Green Snake, and the Phoenix-like creature. Subsequently, the naive Yi Tian ventures out of his hometown for the first time and arrives at Pegasus City, where he experiences numerous adventures: engaging in a fierce battle against heavily armed guards at the Interstellar Bank, training tirelessly with "Shadowless" Mei Wuying, summoning the "Sorrow of Frost" sword spirit Nine-Tailed Ice Fox, and mastering the "Solid Earth" divine sword... Yi Tian's remarkable talent flourishes under the Li family's guidance, but at this moment, a sinister figure in the shadows is cultivating exotic beasts in a secret chamber, posing an imminent danger to the world!

Chapter 1

Chapter 01 Dragon-Slaying Dad (Part 1)

In the quiet night, silver moonlight bathed the earth. Despite it being early summer, a chill lingered in the air. The faint mist made the forest appear eerie, but occasional chirping and bird calls helped alleviate some of the unsettling atmosphere.

Mixing with the scent of earth, moss, and decaying wood, the ground was covered with twisted roots and scattered rocks. Several people moved swiftly and stealthily in this challenging terrain, as if they were natural creatures of the night, skillfully navigating through.

As they ventured further into the woods, they were surprised to find that the forest was not as small as it initially seemed. The entire forest resembled a gourd, with the entrance like the mouth of the gourd. Upon exiting, the view opened up infinitely to both sides, much larger than anticipated. Looking into the distance, it seemed like an unfathomable tunnel with deep shadows.

However, these travelers were evidently familiar with the environment, showing no hesitation or surprise as they swiftly moved through the forest.

After about an hour of this swift pace, they all suddenly stopped as if telepathically connected.

A voice broke the silence of the night, "Big brother, are we going to force it out directly?"

The man addressed as the big brother had a resolute face with the marks of weathering, aged around forty. Standing there straight as a statue, he turned to face the speaker with a glint in his eyes and chuckled, "Don't be impatient, little brother. It's not the right time yet."

As he finished speaking, he looked up at the sky. The full moon was just beginning to rise, muttering to himself as if in contemplation or about to explain to the others why it wasn't the right time.

"The monster won't come out until the full moon has risen."

Following his gaze, they unexpectedly discovered a large open space not far away. In the center of the clearing, a deep and dark pool of water appeared, reflecting the faint moonlight, sending chills and prickling sensations across their scalps.

The surroundings were deathly silent. Even the faint sounds of insects were now absent, leaving an unsettling calm. The mist gradually thickened, shrouding the entire forest. The mist above the pool was particularly dense, slow, and eerie, rhythmically undulating.

In such an abnormal setting, those with weaker spirits would have fled in fear, hoping to escape far and never return. Yet, the travelers remained unmoved, silently watching the strange scene before them, seemingly unfazed. Surprisingly, a force seemed to repel the mist around them, causing their clothes to billow without any wind. It was evident that the travelers' inner strength was not as calm as their outward appearance.

Although they were all quite confident in their abilities, they had never encountered such a formidable opponent before. One wrong move could easily lead to their demise.

The mist grew thicker, gradually obscuring their vision. In the distance, the pool was enveloped in mist, barely visible. The middle-aged man, referred to as the leader, furrowed his brow slightly, channeling his energy into his eyes. His gaze pierced through the mist, barely able to observe the situation at the pool.

The others followed suit, exchanging glances. Their eyes emitted two golden beams, tightly fixed on the nearby pool.

The pool and the full moon stood opposed, appearing lonely and aloof under the faint silver light.

Amidst the thin mist, the mist above the pool suddenly surged up and down, churning from the inside out. The once tranquil water surface was now disturbed, with concentric ripples spreading from the center, growing faster and larger.

Suddenly, a tremor reverberated from the ground, as if the entire earth was shaking. The onlookers' expressions turned solemn as their hands involuntarily clenched into fists, watching the mysterious changes before them with deep concern.

The water churned violently, splashing water continuously from the pool. In a matter of moments, the mist surrounding the pool was engulfed by the splashing water, revealing the profound black pool. As the initial tremor subsided, another, more intense wave of vibration spread outward from the pool.

Wave after wave of tremors continued for an unknown period before gradually subsiding, leaving the forest in silence once again.

A tense and oppressive atmosphere filled the air. Observing the five nocturnal travelers, each struggled to conceal their nervousness, anxiously fixed on the pool before them.

Even the previously composed big brother now displayed a fearful expression, which quickly shifted to a firm gaze.

One of the men, around thirty years old, suddenly spoke, "Big brother, I think it's about to come out." His expression revealed a mixture of fear, excitement, and anticipation.

Looking at the others, each person's expression mirrored his. The conflicting emotions of fear and anticipation were perfectly blended on their faces.

Although these individuals were outstanding figures in their time, both in literary and military aspects, facing something only heard of in legends inevitably bred fear. However, upon the man's words, they all calmed down. The man addressed as the "third brother" was momentarily surprised, then relaxed with a wry smile, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead. He said, "Five brother, you guessed it. I was a little nervous just now. It's all because of this troublesome creature. It didn't need to make us all jittery before the time." The others found his remark amusing and joined in laughter. The previously heavy atmosphere dissipated, replaced by high spirits and relaxed banter.

An unexpectedly deep and guttural roar suddenly reverberated, seemingly from the depths of the earth or right beside them, causing everyone to shudder with fear, their hair standing on end.

Chapter 2

Chapter 02 Dragon-Slaying Dad (Part 2)

The group immediately ceased their banter, vigilantly watching the turbulent waves in the bottomless dark pool ahead.

The eldest, deserving of the title "big brother," was the most knowledgeable among them. His expression turned serious as he spoke slowly, "Something seems a bit off. None of us have ever witnessed such a thing. Although we have observed it for half a year and deduced that it would emerge on this month's full moon night, and when the moon reaches its highest point, it would leap out of the poisonous pool to absorb the essence of the sun and moon, and undergo its final shedding. However, these are just our conjectures. No one can guarantee whether reality will unfold as we expect. Therefore, we should prioritize safety."

As he spoke, a sharp sword was already in his hand, emitting a dazzling radiance. In the misty black night forest, it seemed to be an artificial moon illuminating the fo


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