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A Prostitute's Rise From Ashes!

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Ling ended up at the brothel at the tender age 3 and becomes a servant boy. When he turned 14 years old, he unfortunately encountered a lecherous man who suggested something that ruined his life for the next 3 years. This man's advise to the brothel's madam caused him to become a prostitute against his will. From morning till night, he has to serve men, women and beasts after learning the needed skills. As much as he resisted, he could not free himself from this kind of life. One day, the satisfied madam gave him a day off to tour the city and return before midnight. He met up with someone who would change his life forever. Read to find out more.

Chapter 1


Smut scene in chapter!

"Ling'er, calm down, it won't hurt. I promise it'd be a wonderful experience," said the plus-size elderly man with black hair as he pinned a nude, handsome young lad to the bed.

The teen struggled with all his might but was still overpowered by the elderly man. He spread the youth's legs wide open and hung them on his shoulders.

"Now, my dear boy, please scream for me!" the man ordered as he entered inside the youth.

What resulted later was pitiful cries and hard slapping of skin.

"Spare me, sir. Please stop!" cried the black-haired youth in despair but his pleas fell on deaf ears. There were three other men in the room all stark naked.

"Bro, better hurry up. I'm sure he'd scream louder if it was me," said one of the three men who had a snake's tattoo on his waist.

"Bro Feng, we didn't make a bet," said the man who was thrusting fast inside the poor youth who was still screaming in great pain.

The one called Feng, walked to the entangled two on the bed and put his shaft into the screaming youth's mouth.

"Tell me, does it taste good?" Feng asked.

The youth wanted to get the foreign object from his mouth but his hands were already tied above his head. Tears flowed down his face.

The other two men yawned and decided to join in the 'fun'. One of them started caressing the youth's important part while the other ordered the youth to caress his shaft. The youth wanted to die from all the work done by both him and the four heavily built elderly men.

This was the start of his nightmare!

He's been serving men and women day and night from the age of 14 in a brothel. All he gets in return, is a roof over his head and food.

Since then, he doesn't know what it feels like to clothed for a whole day as the manager of the brothel told him that he had to be available even in his sleep.

There was even a time he had to forgo sleep for a week due to numerous customers he had to serve from morning till night.

He is a slave sold into "All happiness" brothel at the age of three. He served as a cleaner and often encountered dirty scenes in the prostitutes' chambers which he hated.

One day, a man noticed him and smacked his hips.

"You look good in bed," the man said.

And so the manager thought of a so-called brilliant idea to make him available for both men and women to enjoy.

The youth named Ling had no choice but to obey.


That was 3 years ago, now he was no longer that helpless screaming youth.

He was much stronger and sometimes he could even resist some of his customers.

Although sometimes eventually, he gets fu*ked until he loses consciousness many times.

He isn't happy with what he does every day but then, he feels content to have quality food and a roof over his head. What he considers coverings are blankets since he wears nothing.

Unlike that screaming petite youth, he's heavily built with large muscles and biceps. Though, the fact that he's always the one at the bottom never changes.

Today, he finally gets a day off to explore the world!

For 3 years, he's never been able to step out of the brothel; so this holiday though short seems like a blessing. It takes him a very long time to dress up like a decent young man.

As he stared at himself in the mirror after tying the ribbon on his forehead, he sighed. Could there be a time when he'll be freely able to dress like this every day?

Chapter 2

Ling made sure to greet the manager before leaving the brothel. A lot of prostitutes and men who had slept with him stared at him with weird expressions but he didn't mind.

Just let him enjoy life today! In the pouch given to him by the manager, wereto 30 silver coins enough for him to spend.

Outside the brothel, Ling was greeted by sunlight that he hadn't been able to admire for 3 years. The street was way busier than it was 3 years ago.

Sigh! He's really missed out on a lot of things.

Ling walked along the street and admired lots of new things, food and even toys that had been invented. It felt really good to see people again without the thought that they'd sleep with him.

He strolled around the area and finally landed at the market which was really an eye-opener for him. He could also see a commotion at his right. Ever curious by nature, Ling walked to the spot of the commotion and saw that it was all because of 3 youths from a cu


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