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5 Princes and I

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kiraran
  • Chapters: 45
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 288
  • 7.5
  • 💬 14


"Fine! You're all kings. In fact, we ALL can be kings!" **** She's Rosalie Amber Stan. A simple teenage girl, who made a wish to have a more adventurous life, was a victim of an abduction by the Fae queen to a different realm. She was brought to a castle with 5 supernatural princes, who are fighting for the throne. The queen gave her a task to be the one to choose the future heir to their kingdom. Little did she know that the queen only wanted one thing from her and the princes: Romance. Between a sparkly wizard, a rude obnoxious elf, a flirty vampire, and a couple of twin trouble-making wolf princes; Is there really a right choice? And why is there a wolf spirit, who suddenly awakened upon sensing her arrival, kept stalking her? A romantic-comedy in 'another world' with a quirky-temperamental female heroine learning the culture of this new fantasy world.


The Queen was in the place where the humans in this world would call a mall. You might be thinking why she doesn't call herself a human because she is not. She is a fairy from another world and another kingdom.

Although she is a foreigner from this world, she loves it here. She would always buy books and comics. If she had the time, then she would go out and watch a movie in the theaters. Of all the stories that the humans have created, she loved the romance once. Especially ones that involve stories related to people of different worlds. Fantasy. It's similar to her world.

She would fall in love with the pages and would stick her nose in books. She knows that she is too old for romances and too late since she already found her beloved King. Although she is old enough for that, it doesn't mean that the other princes in their world aren't. Since she and her husband could not conceive a child, they decided to pick one of the youngest Prince from different kingdoms.

They would put them through a test. With five gorgeous Princes in their house, the queen thought of something: their charms would be wasted if they would be stuck here without a teenage girl to admire them. Oh, what a waste! If only there would be at least a single female who is about their age!!

Then it hit her.

She would go to the mortal world, since her world is full of supernatural creatures, and get a single female. But she wanted one who isn't easy to break. That's why she made an illusion about a dating simulation game. When certain females would fall under her trap, they are not eligible for the task. She wanted someone unique to play into her schemes. Someone who wouldn't rely on what they saw playing out in-game and apply it in real life. A girl who can solely depend on herself for her actions.

She was slightly disappointed when only a few of the girls would pass. The illusion was the first test, the second one is more of to test their heart by faking an older woman in need, but they would just walk past her.

She was on the verge of giving up because hours and days had gone with no one appearing eligible. She came to a halt when she noticed a p*ss*d-off girl exiting the shop. She was the girl she witnessed being dragged around the store by her friend.

A small young woman with chest-length ash-blonde hair. She was attractive and appeared uninterested in everything.

With a light yet excited chuckle coming out of her, she decided to approach the young girl.

Chapter 1 Beware of The Old Lady

"It's here! Really here." My friend gasped and shook me back and forth.

I put my hands over my ears and looked around the game store. Girls all over the place were enthralled by a new game called 'Choose Your Prince.' I snorted at the title and game's absurdity. Seriously, what kind of moron would give their game a name like that? It's merely a low-cost dating game.

The more I saw these girls rushing into the store in the hopes of purchasing a copy, the more irritated I became.

Shame on you all! In my head, I screamed. Why would you waste your parents' money on something so useless?

"Do you really have to go, Jen?" I asked. I was annoyed by the screams around us. Any second now and I feel like I would punch the next person to scream in my ear.

"Yes, Rose. I do. If you're a normal teenage girl then you would do the same." she said.

I rolled my eyes and sighed "Yeah. And if you we


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