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Wedding bet

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Ashley is a teenager who prepares to enter college when she receives the news that her father, Ethan bet her on a game of chance and lost her. Now she will be forced to marry Oliver, an arrogant man and Ethan’s former partner. After they marry, Ashley becomes pregnant and discovers that Oliver has a mistress, and that this woman is his best friend’s wife. Stefany, the mante tries in every way to end Oliver’s fake marriage and even tries to kill Ashley. Ashley has a mission to hide the pregnancy so that Oliver doesn’t find it. When the two years of the contract is fulfilled, Ashley breaks up and tries to go on living taking care of the son that Oliver does not even know. Until life put them face to face again and reconnect them. In the end, Ashley stays with Oliver. And Oliver discovers the true meaning of love.

Chapter 1

It was a busy night in the city of Las Vegas. Ethan hurriedly put on his coat and left the house before Ashley arrived. Sometimes he had to sneak away so that his daughter wouldn’t see him. She always got upset because she knew Ethan would spend what he no longer had on gambling.

He entered the casino with hurried steps. His blood boiled as much as his mouth watered when he thought about the amount of money he could win that night. Ethan was addicted, and he knew it. He had lost his wife and almost all of his fortune. He was a nearly bankrupt man, but he bet daily that luck would be on his side.

He bought some chips, sat down at a table with four other guys, and just as the game was about to start, a man Ethan knew well sat down, joining them.

“What are you going to bet tonight, Ethan?” Oliver, his former business partner who had stolen a large portion of his fortune, sat in front of him, wearing a mocking smile.

"Are you here to steal from me again because you didn’t succeed the first time?” Ethan didn’t look him in the eye.

“We’re in a casino,” Oliver spread his arms, “come on, make your bet.”

Ethan thought about it. If he bet on something highly valuable, he would have a chance to recover much of what Oliver had stolen from him. The problem was that Ethan didn’t think about the consequences.

“I bet my house,” he said.

Oliver laughed. He was one of the richest men in Las Vegas. Properties were something he had all over the state of California.

“I want a significant bet,” Oliver shouted. “come on, raise the stakes. I bet every part you say I stole.”

But Ethan had nothing of value to bet except the house and the car. He also couldn’t let this big chance slip away from his hands so easily.

“What do you think about your daughter?” Oliver suggested, “how old is she? Eighteen, nineteen?”

“I would never bet my daughter,” Ethan stood up, agitated, “not to a man like you.”

“Think about it, Ethan,” Oliver insisted. “if you win, you can reclaim your inheritance. If you lose, your daughter will marry me, and you’ll have a reasonably good life again.”

It seemed like a good deal, Ethan thought. Because deep down, he was already tired of living that life. He was getting old, and Ashley wouldn’t be by his side forever.

“Are you going to marry Ashley?” Ethan couldn’t think straight anymore.

“And that would make her very happy,” he said with great certainty, “in this bet, you have nothing to lose.”

Oliver used all his weapons to convince Ethan that this was the best choice.

“I accept,” he said, feeling his legs tremble, “if you win, promise me you’ll give my daughter a decent life.”

“She will have a princess’s life,” Oliver said, but Ethan didn’t know if he could trust him.

Then they started the first round. Ethan sweated, trying not to lose concentration. Every time he sat there, he played his games, believing he would win. Ethan rarely won a game, and he hoped that this time luck would be on his side. The players were showing their hands, and Ethan’s hope was ignited every time a card was revealed. But Oliver would be the last; Ethan would only be fortunate if he had the best hand. He showed his cards and observed his opponent’s face, but he couldn’t decipher it. When Oliver revealed his cards, a cry of joy filled the casino.

Ethan could hardly believe it; he had lost the bet, and now Ashley would have to marry Oliver.

“Today is my lucky day,” Oliver shouted. “I have a wife.”

But Ethan didn’t seem happy. Sadness invaded his heart, and he immediately thought about undoing the agreement.

“Bet canceled,” he stood up, ready to leave. “I don’t want my daughter to marry you.”

“Don’t be foolish, Ethan,” two men surrounded him, preventing him from escaping, “go home and tell Ashley to prepare for our wedding. Tomorrow, I’ll come to pick her up.”

“Tomorrow?” Ethan seemed incredulous. “Why would a man like you, capable of having any woman he wants, marry an eighteen-year-old girl?”

“As you said yourself, it’s my desire.”

“But...” he tried to convince Oliver that it seemed like a dirty deal.

“Do as I ask,” Oliver interrupted, “tomorrow I will marry your daughter.”

Ethan left the casino, regretting his decision almost entirely. He bet because he genuinely believed he would win that bet. Like every other time, Ethan was mistaken; he always lost.

He arrived home and saw Ashley at the door, sitting on the stairs. She had a worried expression on her face, and as soon as she saw her father, she ran towards him.

“Don’t tell me you were at that casino again,” Ethan didn’t say anything. “When will this end, Dad?”

“It’s over,” she whispered, seeking strength within him to tell Ashley the truth.

“You always say that,” Ashley said, “and the next day, you’re there again, spending what little you have left. This way, we’ll end up homeless.”

“I have already lost everything I had,” Ethan said as he walked back to the house.

Ashley had to run after him.

“How did you lose everything you had?” she walked behind him, her heart pounding in her chest, “please don’t tell me you bet our house, Dad.”

She was afraid of what she would hear from his mouth. He was afraid to tell her the truth. Ethan stopped, still on the stairs, took a deep breath, and turned to look into his daughter’s eyes.

“I bet I did,” he finally confessed.

“What?” a smile of disbelief formed on her lips.

“I bet on you, and I lost,” he confessed again.

“You can’t be serious.” Ashley, at first, didn’t believe it, but when she saw the desperation on her father’s face, she began to tremble.

“You’ll have to marry Oliver White,” he revealed at last. “He’ll come to get you tomorrow.”

“That’s illegal.” Ashley was nervous.

“It’s not, Ashley,” Ethan shouted. “If I don’t give you to him, we’ll lose everything.”

“Then we’ll lose,” she shouted too, “because I won’t marry him.”

Ashley entered the house, slamming the door behind her. The next day, before the sun rose, Oliver was already at Ethan’s door to pick up his future wife.

Chapter 2

Ashley felt as if her body were on fire. She entered her room and slammed the door, a scream of despair echoing in her throat. This could only be a nightmare, she thought. Just as Ashley was getting ready to go to college, to get a good job and be happy, her father gambled on her and her happiness with a man like Oliver.

Ashley knew Oliver well. He was her father’s partner when Ethan still had a company, but she despised him because he was arrogant and felt like he owned the world. If Ashley could choose someone to marry someday, it certainly wouldn’t be Oliver White.

She thought about running away and even rehearsed an escape, hiding her clothes in a suitcase, but she gave up minutes later when she thought about her father. As irresponsible as Ethan was, he didn’t deserve to live on the streets. It took a while for her to fall asleep, but when she woke up, the sun hadn’t even risen yet. A knock on the door made Ashley jump out of bed, her heart pounding uncontrollably i

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