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When Cameron signed the marriage contract the clausules were clear enough; in exchange of the money to save her family from bankruptcy she had to give birth to the Ferrer familiy's heir. But what no one knew is she's infertile. Diego Ferrer and Cameron had so much in common. While Cameron lost her twin sister Diego was losing the love of his life, and now they're married under that stupid contract. She was light in a cave. He was a cave with no ray of light. She may be his paradise. He may be her hell. What will happen the day when Diego sees his wife in that table dance, moving her waist in front of all those men who want more? But not only that, what will happen the day when Diego finds out his wife had a son all along and, of course, wasn't his? Maybe, Cameron never lost her twin sister.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at nothingness and at the same time, seeing everything at that point where her destiny was, a couple of tears fell. As pure as the silence, that silence that she lived and in which she seemed to live forever because after that, there was nothing. It was done, that which she had come to fear so much, that which she had refused so much was done because more than being for her welfare, it had been for the welfare of her grandfather and all his possessions. The white veil falling to the sides while her black hair was kept perfectly combed as well as her makeup, perfectly adhered to the softness of her young skin. Her small hands still held the bouquet of flowers with which she had entered the house. In her eyes, the sea of emotions that was pounding inside her heart was reflected. She had taken the biggest step and although many people say that the first step is the most difficult, now she realized that it was not so, not always the first step was the most difficult to take, but all the steps she had to take until the end of her days. In her mind, the images of a lifetime passed over and over again. If her parents were still alive as they had always promised to be for her, none of that would be happening, she would not need to see herself as the biggest failure. A life she dreamed of, today was nothing more than a mirage, a damned mirage that made her happy while it lasted. She was only twenty-five years old and her life was already over. The truth is that it was always finished from the moment that unpleasant news knocked on her door that became nothing more than a clear hell in which she was going to live for the rest of her life.

"What did you just say?" Cameron asked, getting up from the armchair, the same place her grandfather had asked her to sit.

"Cameron, I really don't have time to discuss this. I already told you and there is no turning back. This is your destiny whether you want it or not," replied the older man in his sixties across from her. With her legs crossed, smoking a cigarette in front of her, Cameron realized that what her grandfather had told her was just another piece of news. Something that could be as normal for Mr. Federick Milan as asking for the resignation of his employees.

"How can you ask me that, grandfather?"

"So what do you want me to say? What if the company goes bankrupt just because you don't want to help a little bit and more than helping me, help yourself? In the end, it's all going to go to you, Cameron. I don't know what the problem is."

Tears came out of Cameron's eyes at once. She knew her grandfather, she knew he was capable of anything to maintain his position in front of the world that looked up to him but the truth is she never thought he would go to such lengths, even asking him to give up his dreams, his life and all that she truly was.

"This is not a fairy tale where the prince comes looking for his princess, dear Cam. This is real life, take it or leave it, it's as simple as that," said the man getting up from his place.

"I can't do it, grandfather! Where is my life, my dreams, everything?"

"Marry Diego Ferrer and you won't have to worry about your future because after that, you won't have to lift a finger to do anything."

"I don't want to marry a person I don't know!"

"I'm sorry, Cameron, it's the rules of living here."

"Do you think my parents would be okay with what you're doing to me, Granfather?"

"Do you think they care about you wherever they are? You're getting married in a month. The preparations start tomorrow." Said Mr. Federick, caring little for the tears coming from his granddaughter's eyes. His only granddaughter.

How could everything change in a single moment? Even his mind seemed to wander between what had happened and what was about to happen. That had been the price of being born into that family. Her emotions that day had been nothing but a roller coaster.

As soon as she thought she could be happy, she realized that it was all nothing but a sham.

In her mind the humiliation repeated itself over and over again. It was not even ten o'clock in the morning when she was already ready to marry that mysterious being who was going to solve her life completely. Not only hers but also that of her family.

Tears fell when she learned that in a few hours she would be married to Diego Ferrer, the man her grandfather had never stopped talking about. The same man who had a mission to fulfill so that he could be the rightful heir to all that his family had. The Ferrer family. A son was the way out, a son that only Cameron Milan could give him. Without knowing him until that very day when they got married, Cameron spent her life feeling only the need to die, to die and in this way end everything, with the false promises of her parents and with the broken dreams.

For that same day when Cameron most wished to die at the same time that she saw herself in front of the mirror dressed in white, hope came to her once again remembering only one person, remembering that in her heart, her first love was still alive. Bastian Mendez. He said he’d come. She just waited for him to fulfill that promise.

Cameron, blond and long hair, soft skin, little face of angel and at her 5’4 height. Someone whose wings had been torn apart.

Diego, tan skin, black and slightly curly hair in his muscular body and at his 6’3 height. The Devil’s son Cameron would get to know sooner or later.

“I declare you husband and wife. The groom may kiss the bride.” The man in the black suit said.

It was time to stop crying. Now it was time for her to face that situation.

She never wanted to be a mom. It was going to be easy to give up on her child as soon as it was born and get back to her life. After all, her first love was gonna come back. She believed him.

With that in mind, Cameron was able to smile before kissing the lips of the man any woman would kill to be kissing at that moment. Such a stupid she was for them! How come someone could be wishing someone else when in front of her she had a d*mn Greek god?

And Diego Ferrer, seeing her smile, thinking she was happy knowing she could get away with it he closed his eyes and pulled her wife to his lips and forced her to explore his mouth in a passionate kiss that just revealed Diego was ready to play and submit her under his rules.

They were marrying for a contract, no more than that.

“Don’t enjoy this so much, dear wife. You’ll regret having said ‘yes, I do’” Diego murmured.

Taking her hand in his, Diego smiled at the crown in front of them. They seemed to be happy for them. If only they could that marriage was led by a contract that finished up with two lives full of dreams.

False smiles sparked on their faces while they both walked down the aisle as the guests approached to congratulate her. It was at that moment when, in an abrupt and unmannerly way, he went up to his now wife and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her away from the world that was celebrating the marriage.

"What's wrong with you, Diego?" complained Cameron as soon as he let her go.

"To what do I owe that stupid smile on your face?"

If his incredible physique had amazed her when she had arrived at the altar, now it made her fearful. The veins in his neck showed how annoyed he was.

"What are you talking about?" She asked a little more sure of herself.

"Never forget, Cameron. Never forget these words because you may regret it. Just because you were the first and the one who insisted the most to give me a son, the son I need, by taking the artificial insemination papers to my grandfather, doesn't mean that you may think yourself as my wife. You are nothing, Cameron, you are nothing more than an instrument that will help me to have what I want. This is a marriage contract, nothing more, nothing less, okay? Never forget my words because otherwise, it can hurt you more than anyone else." And without saying anything else, he left, leaving Cameron completely stunned.

The tears in her eyes were the same ones that had not stopped flowing since the moment he humiliated her.

At the door, a couple of knocks. "Come in," Cameron said. The tears had already dried on her face.

"Cameron, the bride and groom's ball! In three minutes they should be there."

"I'm coming." And with no more to say, the woman who had gone to warn her, left without even bothering to ask her what was wrong.

No one seemed to realize that what she needed most was someone to talk to. With nothing else to do, she got up from her place, leaving the bouquet aside. She no longer cared about following tradition, all she wanted was for the show to end.

Outside, in the big house where the celebration had been decided. Everyone seemed genuinely happy.

With a fake smile, Cameron walked to the center while looking for her husband, who was nowhere to be seen. Her heart began to pound from one moment to the next. Diego couldn't leave her there, let her deal with it on her own.

"Dear guests, please have your attention!" they called over the microphone. "The next piece will be danced only by the bride and groom. A round of applause, please!" And without wanting to do it, Cameron looked around and realizing that the world was already watching her, she advanced a couple of steps ready to do it for herself.

Neither Diego was so strong nor she so weak, in the end he had said it well, they were nothing more than a contract.

And suddenly, the lights in the room went out, suddenly her steps went forward and at the end, a person grabbed her waist from behind making her get exalted from one moment to the next.

"Shh, calm down! Follow my steps," said that man very close to Cameron's ear. "No one will notice if they keep the lights off.”

No, that person could not be Diego because the person who had taken her by the waist was an angel who had saved her from that embarrassing moment while Diego was trying to pull her down.

And on the second floor of that big house, Diego Ferrer watched her smile as she danced.

"Who is that dancing with my wife?" Diego asked one of his men.

"We don't know, sir."

A sigh came from deep inside him. Something was not right.

“Find out!” He ordered, leading his glass of wine to his lips.


That wedding was not the typical celebration where the protagonists danced to exhaustion. That wedding was not the typical celebration where the guests could smell the love of the newlyweds a mile away because the truth was that it had not been a typical wedding and much less would it be a typical marriage full of love. As soon as Cameron was taken out of the wedding by her grandfather's men after he found out she had danced with someone who was not her husband, Cameron arrived at the hotel where they were supposed to make people believe they would spend their first wedding night.

The road had only served to fill her with courage against what was in front of her. Maybe her life wasn't going to be the same anymore but she wasn't about to make it any more miserable than it already was.

In the room, there was no sign of her husband. The luxuries of that simple room made her think she was already at home living with him. For that night, only one bed.



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