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When Cameron signed the marriage contract the clausules were clear enough; in exchange of the money to save her family from bankruptcy she had to give birth to the Ferrer familiy's heir. But what no one knew is she's infertile. Diego Ferrer and Cameron had so much in common. While Cameron lost her twin sister Diego was losing the love of his life, and now they're married under that stupid contract. She was light in a cave. He was a cave with no ray of light. She may be his paradise. He may be her hell. What will happen the day when Diego sees his wife in that table dance, moving her waist in front of all those men who want more? But not only that, what will happen the day when Diego finds out his wife had a son all along and, of course, wasn't his? Maybe, Cameron never lost her twin sister.


Priya Shanti

Review after half of the novel

I am not gonna lie. I am very very much vonflicted by this story. I root gor true love... The love that helps you grow over your traumas like it did for diego. But ace did help cameron through a lot and he genuinly loves her too. He deserve a chance of his happy ever after with her. Especially since diego stole elizah. On the other hand i wish diego can enjoy love too and in its purest form

April 6, 2024

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