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Ugly and insecure

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From the moment she was born, Elena has lived a miserable life amidst her own family members. However she has one person who truly cares about her , that is her brother , Vincent. She is the only hope that she has. He is the only one who sees her like a human being. Many times she keeps on wondering why they hate her so much . Why every one blames her for everything that happens . She has been so miserable and wonders how to over come it. With all the misery that she is going through, something more terrible happens to her. Unfortunately , Vincent dies in a terrible accident leaving her helpless . After a series of torture and suffering she gets away landing into hands of Some one she least expects. Some one whom she is so afraid due to so many reasons . Will he save her or discouraged and break her completely. Will he act like the way all the rest have been doing all this time .Read the book, “ Ugly and Insecure " and find out about so many things that will leave you hooked to the book for ever. Thanks so much

Unending misery

Elena pov

"Get up you b*tch " I am woken from sleep by the usual way that my mom does. It is hardly even three hours that I have slept and I am already up. That is my life. I even think that four hours are to many for me. Most cases I go sleep gkr about two hours. Every one will be wondering how I manage to cope with this. The thing is I my self can't tell as well .Things simply just happen the way they want. 

I at first remain in bed for about two more minutes with hope that maybe she has gone back to her bed since it is only three in the morning.

"You b*tch!" She shouts and then it is followed by a hot punch right onto my head which drives me staggering falling on to the floor just at her foot.

"Stop your nosense and stand up Already. The cows need to be fed and you need to milk the cows before you give the poultry feeds while collecting the eggs for sell. " she said making me realise I have to stand up quickly. I can feel my head spinning a bit but have to stop that and head out for my daily activjtes of the day. 

Every one will be wondering who I am. I will begin by giving you a simple introduction about my self. I am Elena Martins aged 19years of age. I am of medium size with black curly Long hair, green eyes . I have big breasts with n*ppl*s that can be seen easily in any coth that I wear. 

I have huge hips which make many girls and woman envy me in the whole neighbour hood. It is only because I hide them in my big dirty old skirts that I wear..those that my siblings have got tired of. 

I live with my mother  and father. Three elder sisters , one elder brother , my little twin sister and brother as well as my big cousin brother. Yes...our family is a bog one and our main source of income is farming. We have a big plantation of bananas which dad Sells to the big city..where I have never been before.

We Also have cattle and horse s on our farm as well as poultry. Generally our family is rich and we live at the ranch in the country side. However none of those benefit me at all.. I just dy know why. I am the 5th born of seven children.. I practically take the second last position since the last one are twins. I just don't know why amongst all my people, it is only Vincent whom I  follow who likes me. My life is just a living hell. Let me take you back, I think you now know who I am fully. For more about me , you are yet to find out.

The woman, who is my mom then goes out back to her bedroom leaving me all one to go and begin . I quickly lift my old torn matters away from the store which also happens to be my bedroom. I adjust my big shabby dress tying my hair in a ponytail before going out. It is still  so dark and any one could get afraid .Remember we are at the extreme end since our farm is so  big.  At first I used to cry whenever I was told to wake up but I got used to every thing. 

All my sisters and brothers don't do anything at the farm and it is me who does along with five workers. Mom gave me the specified work above. I just can't tell why they despise me a lot. 

I ended studying in the 4th grade and mom said that I needed to begin helping with the farm work. Each one of my siblings has a bedroom room of their own. It is like I am just a maid here. I at first thought that maybe I was adopted or something but later came to know that these are truly my parents. Every one around me hates me with passion but I don't know why ?

I go out deciding to first remove all the eggs since any broken egg always earns me a serious beating most times.

Collecting eggs usually takes me about one hour . About thirty minutes into my work , I hear some one call me from behind.

"Elena " it comes more of a bit whisper since it is now about four and if mom found any one helping me. All the punishment would go straight to me.

I turn back to be met by my brother Vincent. He usually does this every day to come and help me even when I refuse him.


Here we go. This is a story got from my personal experience though I have added a few from fiction. Read and follow..

Unlucky morning.

Elena pov

"Vince , I have told you several times to stop doing this" I tell him in a whisper not wanting any other person to perhaps hear us.

"Come on Elena , I am just tired of all this. Why are you treated Like this ?" He says angrily trying as much as he can to control his anger. He has always confronted each person who tries to treat me bad. He is my saviour and at the same time best friend. Whenever he is around, I feel abit protected and he happens to be my parent's favorite child. They love him so much.

" I know, but you just need to disappear before any one can find you here " I go on to tell him in a whisper as I collect the last eggs. Vince being vince, he never goes by what I tell him. He always insists and in the end he doesn't go away even if I  to send him off. I then see that all my attempts are rather fruitless so the best thing is leave him and go back to doing my work. We together collect the remaining eggs


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