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Those Moments I Fell For Her!

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Dua Imtiaz is your ordinary girl with a lot of struggles. She is an orphan, cast out by her family, and fighting for her dead sister's kid's custody and at the moment she is on verge of losing her job, Everything is messed up for her. Don't you feel pity for her? Everyone feels the same for her! Loving such a girl would be a headache, wouldn't be? Ibrahim sikandar is a perfectionist. He hates people with flaws. What will happen when he have to live under same roof with not so perfect girl. What fate has kept for him?

Chapter 1. Fired!

Dua woke up with a jerk. Her body was covered with sweat as her chest raised and fall because of heavy breathing.

She looked around, then sighed and wiped the sweat from her face.

"bad dream..." Dua whispered to herself.

She looked at the wall clock. The small hand of it was at five. She sighed,tied her long black hair in a bun, which was reaching to her waist.

Dua did ablution and prayed Fajr prayer, then started cleaning the house, set the breakfast table, and glanced over the wall clock. It struck half-past six. She went to the kid's room. A smile appeared on her lips just looking at them. She sat beside a 7-year-old boy.

"wake up Sunny," Dua said and caressed his forehead.

"let me sleep..." sunny murmured in sleep.

"Wake up, otherwise you will get late for school," She said and made him sit gently. Sunny made faces and went toward the washroom.

Dua moved toward another bed of a small girl of 3 years who was sleeping peacefully, covering herself in a pink blanket. Dua placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Pari wake up..."

Pari opened her eyes with a smile and jumped into her lap.

"good morning anty..." Pari said in her sweet melodious voice.

"Morning, now get down, we have to hurry"

She picked her up in her arms and took her to her room. Dua bathed her, made her wear clothes, tied her hair in a ponytail, and made her run outside.

"Sunny... come fast, how much time will you take?" Dua shouted while going back to the kitchen.

Sunny came there running. She watched him and giggled. He was standing with messy hair and his shirt was in his hand.

"Help!..." He gave her puppy dog eyes. Dua made him wear the shirt and combed his hair.

"You are a big boy now... Still can't wear a shirt."

"Anty... I am trying to learn how to wear this shirt... trust me, I will learn it soon." Sunny said in an assuring tone. She laughed a little and pulled his cheek.

"Now finish your breakfast,"

She gave him toasted bread and a full glass of milk, and then made Pari eat breakfast with her hands.

"come fast....bus came, "

She made them wear bags and put water bottles around their necks.

"Sunny, finish your lunch today," Dua said and kissed him on the cheek.

"Anty! don't kiss me. It's a girly thing," Sunny said in an irritated voice and rubbed the place where she kissed.

Dua shook her head, then kissed Pari. She kissed her back, and both ran outside after holding each other hands.Dua looked at the clock and hit her palm on her forehead.

"Oh, God!.. it's past 7,"

She ran toward her room, hurriedly, opened her bun, made simple bread, and put a dupatta around her neck... Picked up some files, keys, mobile, and purse and rushed outside, locked the house, and walked toward the main road.


Dua stepped out of a taxi in front of her office and looked at the sky-tall building. She saw a shining title at the top of it 'Chaudary Industry'. She sighed and went inside.

"Good morning Miss rose, "Dua greeted a lady in her 60s.

"Morning Dua!"

"Sir came?"

"Not yet,"

"Thank God," Dua muttered and walked toward the elevator.

After reaching the top floor, she stepped out and directly went to her boss' office, opened the door, put files on the giant glass table, arranged the things in order, opened the curtains, and went toward her office which was right beside it.


A man stepped out of the car, in front of the building. His gaze was fixed on his mobile as he walked through a long corridor without looking at anyone. Everyone stood up from their seats as he passed. He went to his office, sat on his chair, then moved his eyes off from his phone and looked at the table scanning everything, then looked at the curtains and a satisfied look appeared on his face. He picked up a file from the table and started going through it.

After Some Time

Dua knocked on the door. "Come in," Ibrahim said in a stern voice.

"Allah! he is always angry, please help me," she entered inside after shaking her head.

"Good morning sir, your medicines," Dua said in a steady voice.

Ibrahim nodded without looking at her and took the medicines. She was about to turn, but Ibrahim stopped her.

"Miss Dua!" Ibrahim said in his usual stern voice. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and turned around.

"Yes, sir!.."

"Find a rented house for me to shift today,"

"Any problem, sir?" Dua said in a concerned voice.

Ibrahim finally looked up at her face with heated eyes. He crossed his arms around his chest.

"Do I need to give you an explanation, miss Dua?" Sanskar said in a heated tone. Dua felt her throat drying out because of his stony gaze.

"Sorry, sir,"

"It's the time when I lose my job...." Dua cried in mind. Ibrahim narrowed his eyes at her.

"Do I need to give you the invitation to leave my cabin?" he said in a sharp tone.


"Get back to work," Ibrahim said in a annoyed tone.

Dua nodded vigorously and escaped from there quickly and the first thing she did after entering her cabin was to drink a full glass of water to make her throat wet.

"This fear of getting fired will take my life one day," Dua hit herself on the head, sat on the chair, and started doing her work.


She contacted almost every company to arrange a house, but they were not ready to give her a luxury house at this short period.

"Another rejection," Dua muttered and put the receiver on her forehead. Ibrahim entered her cabin. Dua hurried to get up, after seeing him and hit her knee on desk.

"Ah! " She stopped a small squeal by bitting her lips firmly.

"Have you arranged the house?" Ibrahim asked, without moving sight from the screen.

"Sir one is ready to give house?" Dua said, stammering nervously.

Ibrahim looked at her with a jerk. Dua wondered why his neck didn't break.

"Is arranging a house tough job, Miss Imtiaz? "

"Sir it's a festival season, therefore hotels and houses are...." Dua said, feeling bad for herself at his taunt.

"I don't want to listen to your lame excuses, just arrange a house in 15 minutes, otherwise type a resignation letter. I don't want a useless person in my office," Ibrahim said after stopping her from speaking with his raised hand and left from there.


"Last choice!" Dua picked up the receiver with a shivering hand and dialed the number.

"Allah, please save my job," Dua pleaded.


"This is Bahria real estate... How can I help you?" A masculine voice touched her ear.

"Hello! I want to book a five-star house,"

"Sure, miss... Can you please tell me the date when you want the house ready and for how long?"

"Today and for a month,"

" ma'am, I am sorry but houses are full because of seasonal festivals in the city. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but all five-star houses are booked months before. Sorry!" the manager said in a professional voice and cut the call.

Dua looked at the receiver with hopeless eyes, then put it back and started typing the resignation letter with teary eyes and walked toward Ibrahim's Cabin.

She looked at her cabin, where she worked for almost eight months. She took a deep breath... Rubbed her tears and walked inside, after knocking.

Ibrahim was sitting in his chair. He glanced at her, then at the letter in her hands. His face turned dark due to anger.

"Sir! this letter."

"Keep it on the table...."

To Be Continued.....

Chapter 2. Second Chance!

"Miss Dua, stop," Ibrahim said after staring at the letter for a second.

Hope rose in Dua's mind, but she quickly dismissed it, knowing that Ibrahim never gave second chances. She turned around to see his poker face.

"Yes, sir?" she replied.

"Where do you live?" he asked.

"Huh... near Johar Town," she said in a confused tone.

"Do you have a vacant room?" he asked, twisting his eyebrows.

"Yes, sir," she nodded after a brief moment.

"My house is under renovation, and I need a place to stay. Do you want to save your job?" Ibrahim said, standing up, grabbing his coat from the chair.

"Yes, yes, sir," she replied hastily.

"Then book it for one month. Take your resignation letter back," he ordered in an authoritative tone. Dua's face lit up, and she quickly retrieved the letter.

"Miss Dua, I am giving you another chan


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