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The Seductive Mafia Boss

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Black, a big mafia boss, very handsome, demanding that no woman resist his beauty. He becomes indestructible, a professional killer, he doesn't know the word pity since the death of his wife, he feels guilty for not being able to protect her. But swears on his wife's blood to avenge her death. Only her daughter is her priority. As they say 'we are not masters of our feelings' he fell in love with a D.E.A. And since love is every man's weakness, Can he really continue this revenge? Will he be able to control his feelings to defeat his enemies and the murderer of his wife?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Black J.C.S.

****Black J.C.S.

It's motherfuckers will never be able to track me down, rather die than find myself between four walls for the rest of my life. You're probably wondering what's going on.. So let me tell you that right now I'm in the middle of a chase, trying to escape those f*ck*ng D.E.A. agents. I don't know how they found my hiding place. but now is not the time to think about it. With my daughter next to me I can't drive as I would like, the car is completely blended so despite all the shots we receive we are safe inside. They've been chasing me like a f*ck*ng animal for more than 30 minutes. But now I'm in an ambush, I feel like it's my end, I have no escape. Despite everything, I keep my cool, I stay calm and look at my daughter, she surely smiles to reassure me, but I try to give her back that smile, but I can't because I've lost her reflex for years. elsewhere I don't remember the last time I smiled well I don't think I remember...

--ZÉNA: Black we are surrounded you realize

In fact my daughter stopped calling me dad since she was 5 years old, and it's normal since in this job I do they call me BLACK J.C.S so she had to adapt to it...

--ME: you're going to take the wheel and when I get out you start the car and you're driving flat out you'll have a bit of free rein since they're going to focus almost all their attention on me

--ZÉNA: D*mn if you get out of this car they'll kill you and all the more reason you'll become their not so much better die together but out of the question that I'm leaving without you Black

--ME: I dare to believe that you know me well enough, disobedience I do not tolerate and even less when it comes to you so get busy starting this f*ck*ng car


So without further ado I get out of the car and she executes directly what I said at least there I am more reassured. As soon as I have my feet outside, I see several weapons aimed at me.

--don't complicate things so put down your gun and put your hands up Black you're surrounded it's your end

--ME: if you think that thanks to me we will increase your ranks within the D.E.A, you are wrong, did you say it is my end? I'm well aware of it but it's me who will decide how I will end up and some not you

Without further ado I shoot myself in the head, the person who can dominate me is not yet born. I felt myself draining of my blood lying on the ground the last image I could see is the color of the sky and... And then it's the black hole.....

I barely open my eyes and gasp out a rather frustrating breath

--ME: This f*ck*ng nightmare again

Well if I can call it a nightmare because even death doesn't freak me out anyway my death doesn't scare me but just the idea of ​​losing Zéna literally freezes my blood because she's the only person on this earth who matters for me and in this business having a weak point is disadvantageous because the enemies use it to hurt us and I can't afford to lose it too.

I get out of bed and go down to the large living room where I see my men each at their post and motionless, I like that. I head to the pool to get some fresh air but I see one of my men coming towards me, in fact Mike is my closest henchman..

--ME: what are you still doing here? You should be at the airport by now (I say glaring at him)

--MIKE: that's exactly why I'm here sir, I've just been informed that his flight was delayed so he takes off at 3 p.m.

I take out my gun and point it under his mouth

--ME: I put the private jet at her disposal so why the hell does she have to fly a f*ck*ng plane I had put you in charge of that Mike (I say calmly)

--MIKE: Mr. lower your gun please a shot can go off on its own. You know perfectly well your daughter's temper, she sent me packing when I said the jet would come to pick her up.

This kid is going to drive me crazy, she more than anyone knows that I have to lay low for the moment since for a while I feel that a DEA agent is following me very closely and even suspects where I find myself... I lower my weapon and calmly sit down.

--ME: take 5 men and immediately go and wait for her at the airport and even if it's by force you have to get her into one of our vehicles and you destroy hers no matter what she does will tell you

--MIKE: okay, understood!

--ME: one last thing...

He turns around and gives me a small smile.

--MIKE: don't worry sir, we've already spotted him and will bring him with us today

-- ME: OK!

He understood very quickly who I am talking about so I can now relax and think about my next plan.. I put on my sunglasses and make a call to one of my buyers....


There I am in the basement with some of my men giving the last instructions for the next cargo to be delivered in two days and suddenly I hear rather high-pitched cries coming from above, I remain calm because I noticed the voice.. I continue to give my instructions..

--ME: Ok, I think everything is ready for the next delivery. I've already set everything up with the leader of the North cartel so these men will be waiting for you at the usual place so be close and above all stay suspicious because we are being followed and you know it

--uh Mr the usual passage has been blocked by the D.E.A so we are going to take another route I have already spoken about it to the rest of the group

I didn't know that, my he infiltrated within the DEA didn't tell me about it and I need to know why.

--ME: you know very well that we must take less risk but if TJ reassures me that your route is reliable then I would also like to inform the cartel of the North so that they warn these men

--okey sir!

I get up from the office and leave the room, barely set foot outside I was a little surprised because I no longer heard any cries, she had to calm down, well, good. I arrive in the large living room and I see Zéna above one of my men strangling her with a rope, they cannot answer because I have forbidden them to put their hand on her, I sigh a moment and advances me closer to them, she raises her eyes and sees me but that does not prevent her from continuing her massacre..

--ME: drop that rope and get up (I say staring at it)

--ZENA: F*ck you!

I look at Mike and by that he understands what he has to do. He approaches Zena and snatches the rope from her hands, she screams again like crazy and asks Mike to let go of her, something that he does not do. Seeing that I don't react, she calms down and punches Mike in the face, he doesn't react and leaves the room with the other men, she gives a cold look

--ZÉNA: first you make me send your f*ck*ng jet without bothering to inform me, then you ask your puppets to bring me by force with them in their car and since that's not enough already for the almighty BLACK J.C.S you totally order that we screw up my car YET IT'S NOT TWO DAYS SINCE I BUY IT

I don't answer her and head for the stairs, she kept screaming but still I don't say anything


--ME: when you're calmer, come find me in my room and we can talk!

I continue on my way and go straight into my room, if I let her do this kid will turn into a completely different person and I won't bear it. I take off my clothes and go into the bathroom I need to take a good cold bath Zéna has changed my mood..


I come out of the shower and find her lying on my bed, touching her phone..

--ME: I guess you're calmer

--ZENA: yes

--ME: How old are you?

--ZÉNA: puff if it's still to call me a capricious kid I don't...

--ME: answer me!

--ZENA: 18 years old

--ME: and at 18 you want to become a murderer, right?

--ZÉNA: no black it's just that I was angry but I didn't intend to kill him I assure you

--ME: you strangled him

--ZÉNA: yes, but I don't...


She jumps and those eyes water up. Despite the job I do I don't want her to follow the same path as me, for her I want the best, that she be a good woman and even if I have to be hard on her I will be...

--ZENA: man, I'm sorry! (she says wiping away those tears)

--ME: listen to Zéna plus I know that I'm not a very good example for you that's why I'm always tough on you, you're my daughter and I want another lifestyle for you, I don't want not that you turn into a murderer otherwise you will lose all your value in my eyes so never again I say never again you will try to take the life of a man. Am I clear?

--ZÉNA: yes never again I will do it I give you my word but never say again that you are a bad example for me because it is false!

--ME: OK! don't worry about your car tomorrow you will go with Mike to buy another one, I had to have the old one destroyed because it had surely been put on surveillance by the D.E.A so I had no choice

--ZÉNA: okay I understand and I don't blame you anymore I just ask you that in the future before making a decision concerning me inform me first please

--ME: we'll see, you know my character

--ZÉNA: By the way, when we came Mike and your men caught a very beautiful woman, who is she?

--ME: I know it's a D.E.A agent she's been following us for a while now

--ZÉNA: what are you going to do with her?

--ME: I never talk to you about my business and it's not going to start today

--ZENA: puff it's always the same with you

--ME: I hope you prepare well for the exams and that your studies are progressing well

-- ZÉNA: Yes yes within two months I will be able to announce the success of my baccalaureate so don't worry

--ME: okay if you succeed I'll give you what you want

--ZENA: Is that a promise?

--I do ! Well I have to make a call so go to bed

--ZENA: good night!

As soon as she sets foot outside I call her bodyguard to check if she is telling me the truth about these studies and he answers in the affirmative. Good because after his exam I'm going to have to take him away from me, from this world full of danger, I couldn't protect his mother but she I'll put everything in place. She's not even aware that I stuck her with a close protection officer.


Here I am lying on my bed thinking about the next move I'm preparing with Mike next doing research on his computer for me.

--MIKE: Sir since you told me about this plan I keep believing that it's a suicide mission we can't...

He stops when we hear one of the crazy men on the other side of the door Mike gets up and goes to open it...

--Heuu Mr sorry to disturb you, infact our autage has just woken up and asks to see you.

--ME: bring her here!

--MIKE: Okay!

Usually when I spot these f*ck*ng agents I ask my men to kill them but this time I have other plans for this one and that's good because Zéna finds her beautiful.. She will be for me useful.

Still in my room, I open a secret door where there is a room, this is where I keep all my masks and some valuables, no one is aware of the existence of this room just me. I take one of my masks and put it on my face, I close the room and leave. Well you should know that I never show my real face to people from the outside the only one who can see it is Zéna, it prevents me from being easily spotted when I appear publicly because I am not a man very well known in society so I have to take care of my image. Even the initials of my nickname BLACK J.C.S people don't know the correct meaning Zéna since she has the same name finally she has the initials C.S the letter J is my first name... I made her promise never to talk about it and...

--MIKE: Mr open up!

Mike had just said behind my bedroom door, suddenly I press the remote control and the door opens automatically. I listen to the ringtone of my phone, I look on the screen and the name that appears changes my mood, I've been waiting for this call for a while so I hurry to pick up

--ME: in 30min I'll call you back I'm a little busy

--OK !

I couldn't speak with this agent behind me. I drop the phone and turn to them, I was surprised to see who was there, I was wrong, d*mn it's not agents..

-- my very black I told you that I was going to find you because no one escapes me (she said, sketching a small smile on the corner of her lips) so you don't take me in your arms?

--ME: Mike leave us alone!

He releases her arm and turns towards the exit. I walk over to my mini bar and shake a glass of whiskey, then I sit on the sofa in my room sipping my glass.

--ME: I was wrong to underestimate you

-- I'm not telling you, now you know what we have to do...

She comes closer to me, takes my glass from my hands and pours the content on her chest, leaving the shape of these breasts which are already tight .. I just watch her and say nothing

-- you know why I'm here, and I also know that you always keep your promises

I still say nothing. She goes back a step, stands in front of me and begins to take off her clothes sensually, there she is naked in front of me, she looks at me and smiles slightly, I get up and pour myself another glass, when I turn around without realizing it, she traps my lips in hers, I don't answer, she directs me towards the bed and pushes violently on it

--ME: you won't get what you want Ximena so you better stop

--XIMENA: you're not going to dare to do the trick to me again from the last time, I tell you that you promised me that if I manage to find you you were going to f*ck me like never before and you can imagine that I'm here to that.

Without letting me place another word that I already feel my d*ck in her face, this girl is a n'imphomaniac for sure. Her body and the curves she has can make any man at her mercy and under her power and she is aware of it, so she surely feels frustrated that every time I push her away EF it's again what i'm going to do today is not that i don't want it on the contrary i want it but sleeping with her would be like breaking one of my principles. Before pushing her away I first take advantage of the fellatio she is doing to me, it calms me down and also I like to put her in this state...

--ME: finish your blowjob you get up CAF I'm not going to f*ck you today

She suddenly gets up from me and glares at me, pufff I don't care

--XIMENA: black you won't dare to do the same thing to me again

--ME: you know I never talk for nothing

--XIMENA: You don't f*ck*ng like me or what? I desperately want to feel you inside me, no man pushes me away and you know it

--ME: if you still yell at me when I talk to you, I'll kill you.

She goes to pour a glass of whiskey and vacuums it then sits on the bed

--XIMENA: Black tell me what to do to have you on my bed please, I'll do whatever you want, anything I assure you. I'm completely obsessed with you, I want you!

--ME: are you sure you can do anything?

--XIMENA: of course

I get out of bed and pour myself another drink, sit down and think for a while.

--ME: I will give you a mission for me and if you succeed I will make you mine

--XIMENA: So I'm in!

I'm going to use her for the project I was telling Mike about earlier, and now more than ever I know it's going to work. She has the perfect assets for this mission and I will take advantage of it but the only concern is that she will still be so enthusiastic when she finds out what it is in reality......

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Suicide Mission

****Ximena Smith

To have this man in my bed I'm ready to do anything and when I say everything... it's in every sense of the word... It's been a while since he came out of the room, probably to retrieve the documents concerning the mission. I still don't know what it is and knowing Black it must be a pretty dodgy thing.. I come out of my thoughts when I see the door open on him...

--BLACK: get dressed! (he says curtly)

--ME: it makes you feel to see me naked, there you can't deny it

--BLACK: you talk too much. Mike and my men won't take long to come in so if you want to be subdued then don't be shy, you can stay like this I don't really care

Without answering him, I get out of bed and put on my clothes quickly well done, barely finished I see these men entered...


--BLACK: you accepted to do this mission, didn't you? (h


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