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The millionaire's ugly secretary

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Demetrio Laureti is the most sought-after millionaire in town. An arrogant, domineering and extremely handsome man, he is used to taking all the women he wants into his bed. When his secretary is fired, he immediately sends for a new one. Confident that they have hired the most beautiful of them all, he decides to make a bet with his best friend and conquer Evangelina Anderson, a woman of grotesque appearance, which is not at all to the taste of the Italian, but, however, manages to drive all his senses crazy. Will Demetrio be able to conquer his secretary? Will Eva be able to forgive Demetrio after this bet?

Chapter 1

Preface Eva looked incredulously at the echo with tears in her eyes. At that moment she didn't know whether to cry from happiness or from pain."Are you sure about what it says here?" she asked the doctor who looked at her with a smile."Yes, they are triplets." Confirmed the doctor and she froze.With the echo in her hand, still in shock, she went out to the waiting room. Her best friend, Santino, sat impatiently waiting for her."What did they tell you?" he asked impatiently."I'm pregnant with triplets," Eva explained, lowering her eyes."F*ck, Eva! Why didn't you take care of yourself, how did you go and get pregnant by your boss?" he exclaimed.... Under the Florida skyscraper, to be exact, at dawn on a spring Monday, stands Evangelina getting ready to report for her first day of work. She looks at herself in the mirror with displeasure and begins to straighten her hair back, not leaving a single strand loose. Her long legs are covered by a hideous faded gray skirt; and her enormous bust, by a black turtleneck sweater that leaves nothing uncovered. Her old-fashioned black heels make her look a little taller than she is, but, in spite of everything, she still looks unpleasant to the eyes of any man who approaches and even from afar you can notice her hideous face and well, that's because she wears old-fashioned glasses and braces, she no longer needs to hide her beautiful teeth. He snorts heavily, he had just graduated in Systems Engineering, but no matter how hard he looked for a job that matched his skills, the doors were closing on him. The excuses were clear; she had no experience or she was too ugly for the job. Until her best friend Santino got her an interview over the Internet at the most multimillionaire company in the country and even in the world, and she was hired immediately, but as executive secretary to CEO Demetrio Laureti, a young womanizer and seducer who has taken many women to bed, simply because of his high society and renown, in addition to his extravagant beauty."Is it possible that today I might meet a man I can fall in love with?" she thinks as she grabs her dark brown handbag and leaves her room.Eva, as everyone calls her, has longed to find her prince charming, that man who gets to love her and drive her crazy, but as long as he does it for who she is, not wanting to change her, regardless of her physical appearance.She took a slice of plain bread for breakfast. She's been living alone since college, it's been expensive, her parents live across town, though sometimes they send her money to help with expenses. She has not wanted to worry them, however, there have been nights when she has eaten very little, causing her to wake up the next day with a severe stomach ache.Her apartment is modest but warm. Eva loves carpets, so she has filled it with them wherever she can, she only has one room and the living room is shared with the kitchen, although it is small, she doesn't complain, as it is what she has to live on.She left her apartment in a hurry, even though there was more than an hour to go, punctuality is Eva's greatest virtue, however, there are days when luck is not on her side. Her old car would not start and taking the bus was not an option, the company was a very considerable distance away and she would lose most of the time, so she started to check her car and after almost half an hour she managed to start it, without wasting any more time she headed towards Remadrobot Laureti, the largest application company in the United States, originally from Italy and where its owner is a young heir.Across town, at the same time, Demetrio gets up heavily after turning off his alarm clock with a bang. The night before left him so tired he can't move, but his father has called him to attention many times for being late for work, so he decides to leave the two beautiful blondes he has in his bed to start getting ready.After a hot shower, he dresses as formal and elegant, as is his personality, from the room with an extraordinary window and a majestic view of the city, to the high bed with cotton sheets where he rests every day.He opens the trunk and puts on one of his many collection watches, adjusts his tie and without avoiding it he looks at himself in the mirror; yes, vanity is one of his qualities and he knows it, in any case, who wouldn't be like that having such attributes. His iris tiles make him look like a Greek god, and his blond hair makes him look more attractive than we can imagine, besides being quite tall, with a slender and toned figure, leaving much to the imagination."Honey, back to bed, yes." One of the girls gets up to try to convince him to stay with them, being a tempting option.Although he thought about it for a few seconds, he sketched a half smile, a very seductive smile, and then replied with total arrogance."Get dressed and pick up your friend, I'll have one of my drivers take them home." His words were so cold, that the girl came to imagine that the previous night had not been entirely pleasurable for him, and to tell the truth, in a way it had been, because to Demetrio no woman had ever made him reach a high degree of pleasure.The blonde protested, but Demetrius shushed her, leaving her alone and speechless.He sat down at the table in the huge twelve-seater glassed-in dining room, where every day only he ate. The table was filled with lots of fruit, cold milk, salads, toast and orange juice. After breakfast he looked at his watch to realize that it was late and he had to hurry.He was getting excited, his executive secretary, with whom he had been in a loving relationship for four years, had moved to another country and it wasn't that Jennifer didn't like him and was happy about it, it was that he couldn't control the excitement he was getting from having his new secretary in his bed, he knew she was pretty, it was the main requirement he demanded from human resources managers to hire his female staff.But what Demetrio didn't count on was that his father, tired of the gossip at work and his son not settling down, had given the strict order that the woman hired to replace Jennifer should not be very attractive, as little as possible.He left the elevator in a hurry, the doors of the emblematic company should already be opening at that time and he didn't want to be late, the minutes in the elevator of his building to get to the parking lot were taking forever, besides, he wasted time, like anyone else, debating which car he was going to use that day. He ended up choosing one at random and instructed Ramiro, his driver, to drive, since the hangover he had in his head from Sunday's drinks did not let him concentrate on the road.While his chauffeur waited at a traffic light and he scheduled a meeting via a phone call, he noticed that in the rickety old car next to him was a nasty looking woman.I would never be with such an ungraceful woman; he thinks as he looks at her with disgust.He overtakes the car and, in a few minutes, they are at the company.Evangelina, diverts her gaze from the front to the adjacent side, managing to observe that the person next to her is making a bad gesture. She knows that her appearance is unpleasant for many men, however, she does not stop dreaming about the man who one day will look at her in a very special way."With this man I would be willing to lose my virginity," she smiles as she blushes at her own boldness.When the Italian arrived at the company, the first thing he asked his friend Antonio, who is his co-worker, as well as the company's international director; is about the new secretary just hired, wanting to interview her right away and take the opportunity to give her the eye, at the same time preparing the ground."Has my new mistress arrived yet?", Demetrio smiles as he opens wide Antonio's office."No, not yet, I'm dying to meet her too, maybe the girl will fall in love with me before you," Antonio wants to tease him, he knows Demetrio hates to lose a conquest."Don't make me laugh, bro, we both know women prefer me," Demetrio winks at him as he leans back on the couch in Antonio's huge office.Although Demetrio might be the most handsome man in that company or maybe in the whole city, Antonio was no slouch, his six feet tall, plus his dark eyes gave him the intimidating touch that any woman would want, plus he was quite an athletic man, so much so that his pecs looked like they were going to pop out of the tight blue-water shirt he was wearing that morning."Don't believe it, bro," Antonio puts his hands on the table. "I've heard around that the new secretary is so pretty that it's very hard to take her to bed," he muses sarcastically, as he's already seen the picture of the new employee, when he went to Human Resources earlier, and she's definitely not to the Italian's taste "There is no woman who can resist my charms," Demetrio points out wryly."I wouldn't be so sure," Antonio scoffs internally."How much do you want to bet that in less than a month I'll have her eating out of the palm of my hand and in my bed, brother?" the Italian smiles broadly, exposing his perfect teeth."Let's bet that you don't take her to bed." inquires Antonio amused, knowing that his friend upon seeing her was going to give up that bet."I'll give you my sports car if I lose, but if I win, you'll give me your watch collection," Demetrio indicates self-assured."Okay, it's a deal," They both shook hands and he left for his office, anxious to see his secretary.Eva arrived at her new job, she was very surprised by the huge building where she was going to work; it was a building with more than one hundred and fifty floors; it also had an indoor park and a private parking lot where she parked her old car.She left almost running towards the offices, when she arrived an employee who was at the reception desk attended her while looking at her strangely."Hello, how can I help you?" she smiled trying not to show her surprise as she looked at her.Eva didn't flinch, she was used to being teased and attacked for her physique since she was a child, so she greeted her in good humor."Hello, I am Mr. Demetrio's new secretary, tell me which is your office so I can put myself at your orders," Eva answered politely."Are you the boss's secretary?" the red-haired woman could not help but open her mouth wide in surprise.All the female employees in that company had a genuine slender figure and a fine, beautiful face. And to look at her and know that she was the Italian's secretary was something very surprising."Yes, it's me, I looked, I received this mail a few days ago, today I must attend my first day of work.""Are you Evangelina Anderson?" the receptionist looked in her notebook, as she had been waiting for her for a few minutes."Yes, that's me," Eva smiled politely as she fixed her glasses."Okay, sorry if I've inconvenienced you," the receptionist indicated sincerely. "Sir's office is on the one hundred and forty-fifth floor.""Thank you," Eva replied to walk away.She looked for the elevator with her eyes, one said private and the other public, so she took without thinking about it the public one, it seemed to her that the company was very big, besides it was also extremely luxurious. There were infinite rooms, plus you could see the sky, it had no walls and instead there were semi-dark glass, and only the elevator was closed.When he reached the indicated floor there were three boxes with secretaries in each of them. He asked the one closest to him and although the girl was surprised to see her, she announced Demetrio, who was immediately enthusiastic and looked seriously from his window at some pigeons passing by.Come in, Miss Evangelina, the boss has been waiting for you for more than half an hour.Eva walked nervously, although she was confident in her abilities and intellectuality, she could not help but feel nervous on her first day of work.When she entered the office, Demetrio turned smiling, but his smile was erased from his angelic face when he looked at the young woman in front of him.

Chapter 2

Demetrio's eyes went wide as he looked at the woman in front of him; the smile on his face was turning into a grimace, as he realized how ungraceful she was."You, who are you?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, causing Eve to clench her fists behind her back."How do you do, sir, my name is Evangelina Anderson, I'm your new executive secretary," Eva smiled, showing her teeth clamped into the wires of her braces, as Demetrio blinked in amazement.My grandfather is going to hear me, he thought."May I have your identification, please?", Demetrio asked, still incredulous at what was happening. Definitely, the plans to take the woman to bed had gone down the drain at that moment.Eva nervously opened her old-fashioned handbag, under the gaze of the Italian, who was detailing her from head to toe.Evangelina's body trembled, the man in front of her was so beautiful that he made her


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